Planning: CCHR Traveling Roadshow derail about press releases

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Kimberly Crawley, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Whenever someone says "no offense," they always plan on following those words with something offensive.

    Did you notice the quotes in my previous post around the words "press release?" It was my pre-written social media post manuscript. I widely released it via Facebook and Google+. I Aldo widely released a tweet that hyperlinked to this very thread.

    I have a professional writing background. My father is a very prolific novelist. I currently write (and EDIT) for the InfoSec Institute. And my secret shame is I've written a few REAL press releases for TSX traded companies.

    I write published non-fiction according to American Press guidelines. I write social media posts in the style of... a social media post! To an astute reader, the quotes around "press release" would have been inferred and interpreted as "this is figurative."

    I commend you on your well written official press release. Did you circulate it? Because I circulated what I wrote to tens of thousands of people already.

    What brought Occupy Toronto down was petty squabbles. Like Occupy Wall Street, we could have done months of continued good work after our park eviction, but we didn't because of loads of petty infighting.

    Let's focus on making life unpleasant for the Co$ and informing the general public. Insulting my writing is a VERY EASY way to hurt my feelings, because it's one of the only things I'm good at. :-(
  2. "Aldo" in my previous post was my stupid smartphone autocorrecting "also." I guess I'm such a pathetic writer for posting on social media in the style of social media, and posting on the web with a smartphone with an occasionally annoying autocorrect function.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I followed up with a "proper " press release.

    Yes, your "press release" was ok for social media and tweens. If you are going to circulate something to mainstream media and politicians to take notice, that wasn't going to cut it.

    Nobody cares what your background is. You stand or fall on your merits here. Actually, I expected better writing from you. I commend you on your enthusiasm and initiative here though.

    Feel free to circulate it. I don't have time today nor do I have social/mainstream/policos media contacts. I don't own it - anyone can circulate it.

    This isn't Occupy Toronto. We wouldn't still be here after 5 years if we didn't have thicker skin or couldn't take criticism.

    I did it for the lulz. Anonymous is not your friend. Grow thicker skin - see above. You aren't going to survive facing teh Church of Scientology if you can't.
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  4. You missed my point entirely! There were quotes around "press release!" It was my social media posting. I have 1,200 Twitter followers, 2,300 FB friends and 26,000 Google+ followers. With proper hashtagging, I can get a social media post read by a lot of people. And it all hyperlinks HERE, where we're doing our (the public side, anyway) planning.

    It was not a commercial press release. I USED THE TERM "PRESS RELEASE" FIGURATIVELY.

    I also know that no one person can speak for Anonymous, or even Chanology.

    Dissing a supposed ally for doing some useful work?

    If you REALLY felt you had to offer some useful advice, you could have worded it as constructive criticism.

    And then I would have calmly responded by saying I was calling a social media post a "press release" in the figurative sense. Hence the quotes around the words "press release." Hence it being written in the style of a social media post.

    Press releases never say "share this post, share this post!"

    I'm in an excellent position to help with and guide the 788 King Street West protest.

    I was the one to initially spot it. I live LITERALLY a five minute walk away. (Posting my exact address publicly online is a bad idea.) I'M helping the RCMP gather intel about the CCHR. Because of me (via my husband), plainclothes and uniformed cops will be there with the objective of protecting US from "fair game."

    I've had a number of really traumatic experiences in the past few years. As a consequence, my psychiatrist has diagnosed me with chronic depression and PTSD. I'm taking an antidepressant and I get two appointments per month with my psychiatrist.

    The little bit of money I make writing and editing freelance for the InfoSec Institute is the only way I can make money right now, and it's the only reason right now I have to feel pride.

    I'm not going to have a "thick skin" about someone attacking my writing. Certainly, any editor I've dealt with in the past few years has been gentle and polite.

    But you're going to insult a young woman with depression and PTSD "for the LULZ."
  5. OTeleventy Member

    I think you're probably a good egg. But you need to do what everybody here does. Get the fuck over yourself. If you don't care for the rough-and-tumble, find a hug box. I can give you directions, if you want. Otherwise, fight the fight.

    You're depressed? So am I sister. I don't come here for the candy ass kid gloves you seem to be searching for. And I don't whine about it either.

    Keep up the fight but toughen up. Seriously. Not trying to hurt your feelers, just sayin.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Awesome work in organizing. It's great to have you here.
    WWP can get rough, be very uncouth, and above all anons are blunt. Do not take anything personally. Just look at it like you're in the marines training with some insensitive sergeants on you and everybody else's case the minute they spot anything even slightly awry. It works well here; keeps things on track and results in great anti-cult moves.
    Many here, like most people, have suffered a great deal at one time in their lives. The good news is, after a while you will see how great and dedicated even the most abrasive anons are in fighting scilontology and how much knowledge, ability, resources and experience they share. On top of that, you'll get to laugh and laugh and laugh, as anons are a silly and very creative bunch with >9000 inside jokes. I think you'll find WWP rather therapeutic in its own way. Just let the punches roll off you, be blunt, and have fun lulz.
    //end hug box
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I was born without any arms, legs or head, you insensitive clod!
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  8. did you not notice that Kimberly had written a figurative press release? there is no need to criticize her 'lousy press release'. [Does wikihow also teach one how to do major dental surgery? ]

    Given she's been writing professional corporate press releases as part of her paid work, I suspect she may have the advantage on you in terms of raw frontline experience.

    Just a thought.

  9. IrishGal- I looked at the PDF you attached, and it's awesome!

    Please, please print those fliers, as many as you can, and have them ready for noon on Saturday. I'm so grateful for your help, I could hug you.

    BTW, I would NOT piss off Battle Scarred Tanker. He's my husband, and he's the man with the rank of Sargent in the RCMP who is doing so much work behind the scenes to help us with the cops, the bodyguards, and to gather intel about the CCHR/Co$ for the RCMP.

    If you're skeptical of his Sargent rank, I'll introduce you to my husband on Saturday, and a uniformed Toronto cop can confirm my husband's rank for you.

    The RCMP outranks every police force in Canada. My husband also has extensive military, intelligence, IT and digital forensics experience.

    Lose me, and you lose him.

    Obviously, subtle nuance is beyond the "WikiHow" poster, and doesn't understand how a social media post is a figurative "press release." I do know how to write a professional, real press release and it's one of the very few things I do professionally well. ANYONE can write for "WikiHow" and that does NOT lend them credibility.

    Being deliberately hurtful toward a woman facing deep depression and PTSD "for the LULZ" is counter-productive when we should focus ALL of our energy on our real enemy- the Co$.
  10. Asheera Member

    Yeah....I've seen this story before.....and it doesn't end well....
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  11. Anonymous Member

    This is new! I don't see it ending well either. But first, lets protest!
  12. Irishgal55 Member

    Hi Kim there is two of them on the pdf, will print as many as I can for Sat! ps I don't usually piss anyone off as a rule!
  13. Anonymous Member

    I suggest you read this mod's post, if you haven't already, regarding Kimberly's butthurt rant before you start getting flamed or trolled.

    Kimberly's post stated she sent her figurative "press release" to politicians and mainstream media. Why would she send a "figurative press release" instead of a professionally-worded one to professionals?

    Maybe Anon also writes professional press releases. Maybe Anon is a dentist. Maybe Anon doesn't give a fuck what you two do for a living.
  14. The medium was social media! REAL press releases are posted as dedicated webpages, as email attachments and in print. Not even a huge corporation like Apple starts a post on their official FB and Google+ presences with:

    Saturday, August 17th, 2013

    Apple Corp. (NYSE: APPLE) announces the release of their highly anticipated iPhone 66 smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). After many months of research and development...

    No, a social media post from a big corporation would look like:

    Get your iPhone 66 ahead of the crowd! #iphone66 #thinkdifferent

    Now THAT'S out of the way...

    IrishGal, you're obviously a very nice person. I wasn't addressing you when I wrote that my husband isn't someone to piss off.

    Thanks for much for your hard work and help!
  15. Anonymous Member

    Why can't the wife of an RCMP sargeant come up with 20 bucks to make photocopies? Don't they make $90k+ a year? Just sayin'
  16. Anonymous Member

    LOL -LOFL in fact - that Kimberly Crawley comes to Anons/Chanology looking for "nice" people. Not that there aren't any here, but SRSLY? THEN she threatens that we better be nice to her supposed RCMP husband, or ELSE 111!!! 1!+!! 1. E-peen, much?

    Kimberly: Head to ESMB if you're looking for "nice."

    I smell fish.

    Otherwise, keep taking down the cult and stop ego fagging all over the place.

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