Planning: CCHR Traveling Roadshow August 17-30, 2013

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Spork Derpner, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. I think we did pretty well and had a lot to be proud of. See you soon...
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  2. TorontosRoot, thanks so much for your pics from today's protest.

    I also want to thank IrishGal for her fliers, and Toronto Police's 14 Division for their help and protection.

    I hope to see protesters in front of 788 each day until the 30th.

    Here are my pics, via public Google+ posts, from today.

    Anti-Scientology FRIENDS:

    Scientologist FOES:

    We're winning the war so far. Many times more people wanted to listen to us than walk into the CCHR's "exhibit."
  3. TorontosRoot Member

    Heeeeeere's the video!!
    There's some extras, I did catch the stress test table at 696 Yonge street and checked out the 77 peter street morgue prior to that. I didn't approach them masked, so they didn't even know it was anonymous. I did remain slightly critical and wish the damn camera was ON during the time I was starting to talk to the old folk running the "churches" and mission on broadview ave. I missed the dox (damn you for forgetting!!!) he mentioned for the malvern mission, but he said to call him for the EXACT location. :D

    mobile devices:
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  4. Irishgal55 Member

    Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 070.JPG Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 067.JPG Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 060.JPG Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 059.JPG Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 044.JPG Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 030.JPG Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 025.JPG Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 070.JPG Anon Toronto protest Aug 17 2013 070.JPG Moar pics. TorontosRoots you are a brave soul
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  5. TorontosRoot- thanks for your video. I'd recognize that Yonge Street "Org" marble anywhere.

    Fuck, they DO look desperate. Never in the times I passed the building in the past few months were they doing anything outside. I wonder if their "auditing" outside of 696 Yonge has anything to do with us?

    IrishGal, thanks for sharing your photos!

    I'm pretty sure IrishGal and husband won't be able to attend today, but I wonder if anyone else can? Please let me know in this thread. I still have all the fliers that IrishGal gave me.

    We made amazing progress yesterday. Sadly, I cannot share everything I know on the Internet. It's safe to assume whenever one posts something on WWP or ANYWHERE else online, the Sea Org could be watching.

    If I already recognize you, meet you in person, and away from Scilions, I can be candid.

    But I also keep in mind the British propaganda my father was exposed to throughout his WWII London childhood- "loose lips sink ships."
  6. Anonymous Member

    Nice sign on chair tech. They really went all out! Well done anons!
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  7. I was at a protest yesterday, of the Psychiatry: Industry of Death display in the west end of Toronto. It was my first protest since the Anonymous ones diminished perhaps four years ago.
    There were about ten of us, some with masks. The display was in a store-for-rent which was next to another store for rent. Short term, they probably got the space for a song. It was in an area with moderate, definitely not high, pedestrian traffic. They advertised that there was a free seminar on alternatives to psychiatric medication at noon. When we showed up they changed it to 2:00 perhaps because of our presence, perhaps because no one had come in by noon. In fact, I cannot swear that any walk in traffic appeared there for 2:00, or, in fact, for 3:30 when we split. There were very few Scientologists there, as a matter of fact.
    Call me a stickler for neatness but the sign that they used to attract people to the seminar was ratty. It was below the quality of signs of the protesters. It sat on a folding chair at a tilt.
    Their other signs were very well designed, mentioning CCHR only once, but never mentioning Scientology. What we did effectively was let people know that CCHR was Scientology. We talked to several people, had many honks from passing traffic and had a group picture taken by an older couple from Alberta who had heard about Anonymous and were excited to see us.
    We got hassled a bit. They accused one of our number of blocking the sidewalk with his bicycle which was ridiculous. It wasn't blocking anything. They also told us to stay off their property which was splitting hairs; someone may have inadvertently placed a foot on their turf, maybe not.
    One Scientologist came over and told us that he had been in the Sea Org (he didn't look a billion years old though) and that we were "cutting our own throats" by not letting them help get people off drugs. As we let the entheta fly, he ran.
    That was about it. We did what we set out to do. Critics at cause, once again.
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  8. Great video, TorontoRoot. I loved it. I think the word is out on Yonge Street. I can't imagine anyone now coming to the big city and saying, "Jeepers, a free stress test! And they said you couldn't get anything free in Toronto. This looks like fun!" The zombie who says that he has led every cult office in Canada hasn't done much of a job. Scientologists are all but extinct here. I was once asked to read a book and did. Big trouble. My response now is, "I wouldn't waste my time". But I do continue to read the books. I underline every line of demonstrable baloney. You know, you can get many of them for as little as a penny on Amazon and that is only one cent more than they are worth.
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  9. TorontosRoot Member

    And they denied david miscavige was the header, denied xenu, denied about them being on the internet. Hahahahaha. I sure exposed them. The dianetics dvd kit they gave me? I dropped it in the 24 hour news box and left. Epic lulz. Mario didn't even know it was me!! XD I was thinking of calling him by name, but didn't wanna confuse him. Lol. He did take a photo of me in a running stance, I admired it. He did look cheerful though, or maybe it was faked.
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  10. Korgo and Irishgal, email me at <removed>, prove to me it's really you (which is easy, as we now met IRL), and I'll tell you about something.

    Korgo- Thanks for sharing all of that info here. It's a lot of work to type up- I'm exhausted now! :)

    We ARE winning.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Mod note: Don't post email addresses out in public. Register an account and share it via pm.

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  12. Anonymous, I am trying to figure out how to pm (private mail?) but it is beyond me. Can you help me out here?
  13. TorontosRoot Member

    Top of the screen, click your username and then you should see PM/Private Messages. Or click the username of the one you want to PM and click Send Message (I think it works that way).
  14. Anonymous Member

    Double Click the username, or single click the Avatar of the WWP member and something like this will popup:

    toronto's root avatar panel.png

    Click on "Start a Conversation" at this point, and the PM process is activated.
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  15. TorontosRoot Member

    I forgot about that. I guess I still forget the old style forums are long gone. :p
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  16. Thanks very much night owl. And thanks for your attention, too, TorontoRoot. Kimberley, all the other names and avatars seem to be hot buttons but yours isn't (at least from this machine). Can you turn it into a hot button?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, and I forgot that not everyone is using the Classic interface style. Many are now using Mobile, but I'm not. :confused:
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Kimberley has GUEST status. Therefore, no PMs.

    If you PM me, I'll give Kimberley's E-mail Address to you.
  19. <3 !!!!!

    I friend who spoke fluent french tried to teach me some phrases, which applied in the the right circumstances would probably get me jailed as quickly as someone using Monty Python's Hungarian Phrasebook.

    One translated meant roughly, "Come and taste my poutine, big boy,"
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  20. Not able to edit, not 'I' but 'A'...
  21. TorontosRoot Member

    Those phrases would be hilarious to say to a english-only scientologist at a stress test table. XD
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  22. Ya know, when I found that poutine did NOT involve bizzarely aged fish ala lutefisk, I relaxed somewhat. It's no weirder than that flyover delight, the 'Horseshoe' Sandwich, really.
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  23. I wish I could remember them. Not like I could even pronounce them. I tried at foreign languages but got discouraged early on. I had to have speech therapy as a kid just to speak english, but I've made up by typing it like a motherfucker. :D
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  24. TorontosRoot Member

    Typing it can be quite fun too. :D
  25. Random guy Member

    Reading the reports is so 2009, quite strange and very heartening. I don't know how the cult thought they would get away with old school obfuscation, very good to see anons strike back with old school sunshine disinfectant!
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    Sorry I couldn't make it. Well done!

    It's interesting that they're still using 696 Young. I guess Mario is kind of glued to that location.

    Cutting me own throat Dibbler... tisk tisk!
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  27. Sorry about posting my OWN email address? (I work in IT security so I'm not naive. I can port scan, etc. but I wouldn't reveal anything sensitive to an email address I'm not certain about, spoofing etc.)

    And I do have limited web features here. I'm running a mobile web engine and I didn't properly register this account.

    This I can talk about with the Sea Org, anyone in the general public reading:

    The CCHR "exhibit" was only open from 12:00 to 14:00 today. A source I won't identify told also told me that:

    - An SUV one of the Scillons drives was illegally blocking the driveway of 788, so it was towed at great expense to the Co$. TorontosRoot will be glad to know he was parking his bike LEGALLY, so the cops ignored the Scillons' complaint.

    - Two Guy Fawkes masked allies were at the spot (neither one is my source), handing out lots of fliers.

    - NO member of the general public walked into the "exhibit" for the two brief hours they were open!

    - The CCHR Scillons are PARANOID!

    - The 788 King Street West retail spot has been vacant for at least two years. The Co$ are being gouged like crazy for that spot, far beyond what typical retail rent is in that particular area.

    And that's just what I can say publicly online with the Sea Org possibly reading. Everything else I know confirms that we're winning the war BIG TIME.
  28. TorontosRoot Member

    Towed... Hahahahahahaha!!!! Legally parking my bike? KNEW IT! :)

    Good work anons, neighborhood critics, exes and public witnesses!! ROCK ON UNTIL THEY END! :D

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  29. TorontosRoot- It'd be good to meet up with you again IRL and out of earshot of the Co$. You may even wear your mask. You may find the experience worthwhile. :) P.S. I love the Linux kernel, too.
  30. TorontosRoot Member

    I might do attend without the mask. I don't care if the old scientologist sees my face, he could care less if he's too busy with the "upkeep". I'll have the mask on my shoulder, or the back of my head. I remember some toronto anons did that back a few years ago. :)
  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. TorontosRoot Member

    Indeed, yes. :)
    A fellow critic posted that. A vocal one at that.
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  33. Awww shucks, folks.

    Root- email me for my phone number.
  34. TorontosRoot Member

    Once at a computer. :)

  35. All that stuff is just plain wonderful. Here we are... common garden variety WOGS, and suppressives at that. We are to clears what the institutionalized are to us (L.Ron said so, so it must be true). Yet you send out the word and ten people are at a protest the next day. They rent a building and nobody comes. They complain about how a bike gets parked while one of their vehicles gets towed. They should have been using OT power, what else can I say? I'm smiling and I think I will be smiling for quite a bit longer.
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  36. HellRazor Member

    Great job on Saturday guise!
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  37. TorontosRoot Member

    There is quite possibly much more to come... :D
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Rock ON, Toronto! <3
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