Planning: CCHR Traveling Roadshow August 17-30, 2013

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Spork Derpner, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Anyone think about putting up posters about the protest, around CAMH at 1001 Queen Street West?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Here's some cchr lulz from 2008, Quebec City:

    In the PDF, promotion, presentation and exhibit production costs are quoted at $22,343.00.

    It could be asked what the 2013 costs are in relation to the 2008 costs.

    Also, the promotion agenda is interesting.

    Here's some leaked internal data from that date and place:

    Denis Côté <>
    Objet: Re: Panels Au Francais and CCDH in general
    Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 11:25:50 -0500
    Répondre: CC: <>

    Dear Angela,

    Thanks for your comm.

    We've made some decisions here and we'll stick by them:

    1) As it is NONSENSE to have those panels shipped to us from France and then shipped back (at our cost) and as I haven't got ANY valid help regarding the doingness of that cycle of action, I've just dropped that idea. We will not ask the panels from France.

    2) CCHR Int made in the past french panels for us (North America). They were then damaged and never re-created. So at a point there were 2 sets of french panels. The outpoint is that they were not re-created. The correct action is to create brand new ones. And it's easy! You have in Toronto the CD that contains all the artwork in french to have the printings for those panels. And you even have in Toronto a public, Don Whitmore, that could create those panels. Then there's Karine that has told me that CCHR Int has approved my CSW about funding the creation of those panels. So all is needed now is to get the final IAS grant needed to pay for the building of those panels. Nothing complicated about it. I've done my job on this. I've written a CSW I tought would give all the data and would show the urgency of doing it. I suggest ANY Q&A on this ends right away and that the final IAS grant comes without any further delay. I believe it's OSA Can's duty to put out all the tone 40 intention needed to get that done.

    3) We have the perfect venue for the exhibit. It's available in april. The guy that rents it called me again yesterday and I had, again, to hide the fact that I had no idea if we could really have the exhibit or not. So I will NOT book the venue unless the money to build the panels is IN and the contract with Mr. Whitmore or another is signed and that I have the guarantee that we'll have them for sure. That's the way I work: I deliver what I promised and I don't promise or engage in something I'm not sure I will deliver.

    Now please get this: Mr. Gordon Bain, the VIP that has borrowed us the money to buy the DVDs is a very upstat person, and one of his close friend is the PDG of the "Port de Québec" which is where our venue is. Mr. Bain has put his influence to get us the best possible deal and he has put me in contact with the Director there. So his reputation and mine are at sake here. For that venue, I need to give an answer in the next days. Right now the renter is refusing to book other shows because he wants to help us. But if I don't have by early next week the confirmation that the cycle of re-creating the french panels is approved and started, with evidence that it is so, I will tell the renter that we'll not do it. And I will not change my mind about this. Somebody somewhere is able to do a done with this or not. It's as simple as that.

    In your last email, you pointed "what an exec wants on his line". I have no problem with that. And I'm not in a fight with anyone. I'm just trying to get some products out, real products - no PR, and I get annoyed when simple things are just not done. What myself I want on my lines is simply the delivery of what was promised: an exhibit, the DVDs bought, some real backup. That's not a lot.


    > Dear Denis,
    > I really want to be in comm with you about your Exhibit and the French panels. I know that there has been frustration on the line and I want to acknowledge that and work with you 100%. I don't only want the Exhibit to be a success, I want CCDH QBC to prosper and accomplish its goals. We need to work together to make it happen. When we work together, we have the power of the whole group behind us. I know that sometimes it feels like you are alone in the fight, but be assured, that is not so. I understand there has been work you have wanted to get done, but were not supported. I know that you have ordered materials and not gotten them fast enough, I know that you have worked hard and gone unacknowledged. I intend to change that - and yes, it will take some work and yes, the same thing has happened to many of us. But, in the end, we have the psychs to fight and in that we are united. We do not need to fight amongst ourselves - and this applies to others, not just me and you. So, yes, they have to get their hats on and help.
    > I am here to help you accomplish what you laid out in your CSW re Neurocity and Quebec. We CAN do it and we DO have the backup of OSAI and IAS to do it.
    > I have sent comm to OSA EU and OSA FRANCE to handle the panels - I am not sure as to whether you have been in comm with them since our last email or not - please let me know.
    > In the mean time, what we need to do is get that venue booked - YES, the exhibit will fit in the space. The exhibit is 3500 Sq Feet. It should have more space - say 5000, but we did it in TOR with less. It would help if you sent me some photos of the space. Also, there are photos and dimensions etc on CCHR INT's ftp site. The ftp is on "coreftp". ( The site is
    > the username is volunteer and the password I will send in a separate email. You can get photos of the exhibit etc on that site, usually it is in the OUT file.
    > I am sending comm to Karine that she is to work with you 100% to handle this exhibit. She has a program to help get it done and you work with her on the targets. They are all about getting the exhibit done successfully. If we do it mid/end of April we have to get things going NOW. We have to work at a dead run at this point. YES, we are getting the French panels shipped. There IS money for promo and the venue and the CSWs for these need to be put in right away. We may be able to get funds for the shipping costs, CSW policy applies here.
    > So. book the venue, put together a CSW ASAP and get it to me. I will get it through CCHR INT fast. The Exhibit is one of the MAJOR components of the Psych Obliteration campaign and it gets supported. period.
    > Also, if you give me your opening date - I can use that to push on the rest of your DVDs - so please book the location and we make it go right to have panels. I am going all out for this!
    > OK Denis, let's do it - and we are going to stay in CLOSE COMM about it. If you need help, call or email me. If someone is giving you a hard time, call or email me. If something is flapping, call or email me - this is going to happen and it is going to be a HUGE success.
    > ML,
    > Angela
    > A/SR Aide OSA CAN

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  5. TorontosRoot Member

    It's gonna be a huge FAIL once we get there!
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    Will they sell CalMag snake oil out of the back of a SUV?

  7. I just publicized our protest again, this time again on my FB and G+ profiles, and as a well received comment on Tony Ortega's blog.

    FB profile:
    G+ profile:
    On this post

    What I posted on G+:

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

    Our anti-Scientology protest at the two week CCHR exhibit in #toronto starts at NOON, tomorrow... Saturday, August 17th.

    The address is 788 King Street West. Toronto Police will be present to protect us from Scientology's violent "fair game" policy.

    We welcome anyone who understands how Scientology kills and destroys lives to attend.

    See for more info.

    Why does their "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" exhibit harm and mislead the public? See the video below.

    Please SHARE!

    #scientology #chanology #psychiatry #protest

  8. HellRazor Member

    How to handle questions from the media or the public:

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  9. TorontosRoot Member

    Adam likely will not be able to attend, but I will. Making my sign shortly, black writing over a silver background (an inverted bag) on a light weight, flimsy steel frame. Cameras, extra batteries too. OSA is gonna be bitching quite a bit and we don't stop just because. ;)

    Protesting their morgue is gonna be brilliant too. :D
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  10. Thanks, TorontosRoot.

    Outside of 788 today. The man is my husband, the woman is probably a brainwashed Sea Org member. She was sweeping the sidewalk and said, "come to the exhibit tomorrow!"

    I said, "Yes we will, to protest!"

    Notice the license plate number of the black van.
  11. TorontosRoot Member

    I noticed. I hope this protest gets huge.
  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Ontario, Yours to Discover.

    I can email you a high-resolution image if you'd like.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Email just sent. Thanks.
  15. I verified with my high-res photo. BRYM 565.
  16. Irishgal55 Member

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  17. Irishgal55 Member

    Just checking.... fairly newbie protester, meet at location?
  18. TorontosRoot Member

    I should think so, or a block away, or at a coffee shop, if any. Just so scilons don't start anything. I'll be the one on the bike unless more come on bikes.
  19. Irishgal55 Member

    Thanks, if we are not there right at noon , we will find you!
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  20. AuntAnonymous Member

    Wish I was close to you glorius Anons for this protest. Have fun while enturbulating and get lots of pics.
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  21. TorontosRoot Member

    It will be totally fun! :D
  22. AuntAnonymous Member

    I know cause I've protested with you before. Lots of shits and giggles. <3
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  23. TorontosRoot Member

    Those were grand ol' times. :D
  24. You can't miss me because I have reddish-purple hair, and I'll be wearing an "I <3 T.O." t-shirt. But I have people watching my back, so I'm not too worried about "fair game."

    Sea Org, I know you're lurking!

    In a sense, perhaps I should be the most worried because I live right in that neighborhood. But they'd be messing with the RCMP and Toronto cops if they try to follow me.

    There will be uniformed and plainclothes cops and plainclothes retired soldiers watching us. Nevertheless, wearing masks and being concerned about being followed/"fair game" is perfectly understandable.

    Do whatever you feel you must do to protect yourselves.

    I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.

    Thanks for the fliers, IrishGal!
  25. TorontosRoot Member

    Can't wait to be there to protest!
  26. FOX JR. Member

    I might be able to come on the 24th or 25th
    pop my cherry where can I get a mask ?
  27. TorontosRoot Member

    Theatrics Plus, The Laughing shop. Both are on yonge street south of the old cult of scientology building, west side of yonge. South of wellesley is my best guess.
  28. FOX JR. Member

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  29. b00bs Member

    So that's why there's so many Scientologists from the States in town. Probably helping out with this shit.

    They're crawling all over my workplace. Blech. :rolleyes:
  30. Anonymous Member

    Guy Fawkes masks are terribly uncomfortable. Wear it a bit before the protest to get used to it. Many of us have made some mods to make them more comfortable. I have lined some of the areas under my mask with weather stripping tape to make it more wearable. Some anons use maxi pads, they have their own tape, they keep the mask from rubbing your face and bonus! they absorb the sweat. Even with the mods the damn things are uncomfortable and many of us resort to surgical masks or bandanas.
  31. What do you notice, b00bs?
  32. FOX JR. Member

    Give me hell
  33. TorontosRoot Member

    I'm going to be running late. Haven't left the house, all of the alarms didn't go off at the right time. Oh and 200 e-mails to go through.
  34. No problem, TorontosRoot. We've got 7 here, signs and fliers. I described myself, so you will be able to identify me and spot us out. Two of us are masked
  35. TorontosRoot Member

    The protest was superbly fun! I'll be putting up the footage shortly. Apple store probably won't mind me putting the video together.
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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    I also took a look at the toronto org, 77 peter street, the long $cientology sign is gone, but it's right in the entrance, looks like it seems they think they own the property until you see "third floor".
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  37. TorontosRoot Member


    Awesome five photos, video will be up very shortly. Epic lulz. Keep on rolling kimberly!

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  38. TorontosRoot Member


    Awesome five photos, video will be up very shortly. Epic lulz. Keep on rolling kimberly!
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  39. AuntAnonymous Member

    They are awesome photos! How many showed up for the Forum (besides $cibots that is)? Can't wait for your vids and reports. Great job guys.
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