Pirate Bay's Gottfrid Svartholm Arrested in Cambodia

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 1, 2012.

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    Not really. Just not sure when "freedom of information" became synonymous with "internet piracy," and not at all sure I like that automatic conflation.
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    As a search engine providing one stop shopping for scientology texts, as an organization that provided massive support and exposure for Chanology and Operation SeaArrgh in particular, as an organization that has still managed to survive unprecedented attacks from the MPAA and RIAA yet at great cost to it's developers, I'm inclined to suggest that any conflation surrounding our interests and theirs is less than automoatic.

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    This is the Freedom of Information section, not the Chanology section.
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    Still bothered by "automatic conflations" are we?
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    I agree that certain information should be free, or at least moreso than it is now. I do not agree that copyright violation is okay. Those are two drastically different subjects, and the OP is about the latter.

    Freedom of information does not mean that artists and musicians don't own their own creations.
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    Let that be a warning to unfashionable beard fans everywhere.
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    If information is going to remain free, then a lot depends on the viability of sites like Pirate Bay.

    The efforts of groups such as the MPAA, RIAA, etc. along with the legal maneuvering aimed towards closing down torrent sites as well as the sites that service them such as Pirate Bay has far less to do with the notion of protecting the copyright of artists than it does with the threat that these sites pose to the corporations that control the copyrights of the artists in question as well as the monopolistic distribution channels that are in place which to a great degree determine what art the public is and is not exposed to.

    The labels couldn't care less that Lady Gaga is being shorted the few pennies per CD that they might not be able to toss her way over some percentage of sales that have slipped through their fingers due to some people sharing her music online. They sure in hell don't want to see the next Lady Gaga telling them to fuck off and then begin distributing her own work by way of highly visible, easily accessible independent channels.

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    Do you deny that illegal activity is being committed on
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    Technically, on Pirate Bay itself, not so much. Of course illegal activity is being committed on the torrent sites that PB indexes. Just as illegal activity was being committed on the now defunct, and largely legitimate cloud storage site, MegaUpload. Just as illegal activity is being committed in my IRL neighborhood or anywhere else in the world, on the streets and on the net.
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    Artists and musicians don't own their own creations, in many (if not most) cases, their record label owns the copyrights for an artist's music.
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    File sharing =/= pirating.
    Someone had to buy the original (in most cases).
    Google: "cassette tape"
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    60m for a non entity, you guys live in a fantasy world, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably an elephant amrite?
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    So now the US/Hollywood is paying Cambodia, via Sweden, 60m for ONE of the founders of a pirate website?

    And that doesn't seem a little tinfoil to you?
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    WTF did I say in my post? FFS...
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    Okay, how about we just stick to dox or gtfo standards and note this down as an interesting coincidence in timing?
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    Oh I'm so sorry oh wonderous one!

    You posted "call it tinfoil if you like" I merely asked you if it seemed like tinfoil to you!

    I do apologise if questioning your post is going too far.
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    P.s. You forgot to mention that Sweden is top of the rankings for foreign aid and this sort of funding is not unusual for Sweden. But that wouldn't back up the conspiracy theory would it.
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    Yeah, probably just a coincidence

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    Lol, now anonymous is taking on countries!
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    Tomorrow the world!
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    Yesterday the sidewalk!
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    Thread needs more "Holiday in Cambodia."
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  36. #OpTPBReborn launched!
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    I once made a Pol Pot Pie, but it had too much liver and kidney and the family wouldn't touch it.

    I thought it tasted like chicken.
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    What, no Jello joke?
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  40. good article, thanks

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