Pierre Ethier tries to shutdown ESMB

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Paulette Cooper was saying that Scientology framed her in 1972, but there were no fucking DOX until eight years later.

    Sometimes there aren't any fucking DOX, dude, and one must rely on logic and common sense.
  2. Anonymous Member

    It is creepy.

    Now back to big fat OT 8 Class 12 Pierre Ethier.

    After all, Pierre is the one who should be handling our feeble wog minds, not Rathbun!
  3. xenu2012 Member

  4. xenu2012 Member

    Heads Up: Ethier deleted the webpage that started all this (you know, the one with the GIANT FONT). Grab your google cache copy while you can.
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  5. All free-zoners, including Pierre, cling to Hubbard doctrine and his abusive HCOPL's policies which must never be changed according the abusive fraud himself, otherwise it's not Scientology they are practising. The gains of a Scientology clear, (perfect vision, total recall, freedom from many illnesses, etc) have never been verified and are sold in Scientology and Martyology which constitutes fraud, imho.

    If one wants to believe in Martyology which censors Hubbard's made-up, absurd "entheta" which was designed to control his subjects, have at it as long as ALL abusive policies and false promises of the convicted fraud L. Ron Hubbard's doctrine are discontinued and he's selling a product that works (Scientology does not, no clears, not 1).

    Free-zoners all support LRH who was the biggest abuser of all in Scientology.

    Their support of all of L. Ron Hubbard's abusive policies is required for standard tech to be applied properly which means that all free-zoners must follow these abusive policies to be on source or they're not practising Scientology per LRH himself.

    They can believe whatever they want but if they reject or change any of Hubbard's policies or "doctrine" free-zoners are NOT following his exact tech, so follow abusive policies and continue the abuses or one is not a standard LRH tech Scientologist.

    Free-zoners can't have it both ways, I hope they all realize one day just how damaging and controlling the convicted fraud Hubbard's processing has been to them and so many others who bought in to the greedy, controllong Hubbard's lies and phony science/religion alien scam.

    Now QFT, oh, nm, you're not capable........

    Aren't you overdue for a banning, Herro?.......

    As if you're ever really banned........

    Carry on........
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  6. hansanon Member


    in related news: hey pierre, how are you? as you read this thread anyway, why don't you chime in here?
  7. It's the long lost brother of Fat Bastard fat_bastard.jpg

  8. Herro Member

    So then you can't show me where they're engaging in those abuses?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Rathbun lies for his sociopathic guru Hubbard. Is that abusive? You don't think so? Fine. Now go away.
  10. Are you saying Hubbard's Scientology isn't abusive becuse if that's what they're selling, it is.

    Obviously he's not setting up an RPF or a children's RPF at this point which would be necessary if he plans to follow all of Hubbard's policies.

    Has he disavowed all of the abuses related to following Hubbard's abusive policies?

    If he does, tell him to call it something else cuz it's not Hubbard's Scientology, either way he's commiting fraud selling horseshit that doesn't work.

    Show me one mother-fucking clear, can you name 1?

    Are you saying that Marty or Pierre or any other free-zoner has no intention of instituting Hubbard policy?

    It can't be standard Scientology unless all of Hubbard's abusive policies are followed.

    Read all of the LRH policy letters, follow them to the letter and show me how they're not abusing people.

    If they plan on eliminating all of Hubbard's abuses, fine with me, but it won't be LRH on source, abusive Scientology.
  11. Anonymous Member

    He charges fees for Scientology snake oil and labels the fees "donations" so he avoids paying taxes.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Whoa, big fella ... unless you have dox showing Rathbun operates under a qualified 501.c.3 organization.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    On the topic of the IRS, I bet Rathbun could tell us a lot of interesting things about the deal with the IRS, and how Scientology Fair Gamed&Blackmailed its commissioner. BUT HE WON'T.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Oh, Pierre...
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  15. Nick_Nolte Member

    ITT: Fat people make fun of other fat people.

    Stay classy WWP.
  16. Anonymous Member

    oh here we go, massive thread derail. thread titile being "Pierre Ethier tries to shutdown ESMB"

    otherwise know as
    "Pierre Ethier invokes the Streisand Effect by threatening ESMB if Emma didn't remove someones quote of him"

    interestingly i noticed he's blaming OSA for all this :)

    Pierre's Facebook
  17. Anonymous Member

    see more...

  18. Anonymous Member

    is fat.
  19. The fun part is Scientology didn't help him either with his swallowed body thetans.

  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. xenubarb Member

    Indeed. But Stewie's Big and Tall Men's Wear can help you with that!

  22. Anonymous Member

    Who the fuck would pay for a video of two ugly people getting married?
  23. xenubarb Member

    You made me do this. I hate you.

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  24. Herro Member

    Well as all the cool kids say, dox or... well you know the rest.

    And btw, don't the indies put all of their shit online for people to read? If someone checks that stuff out and still decides they're willing to pay for Scientology, I see nothing wrong with that.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Who the fuck would sell a video of their own wedding?
  26. Anonymous Member

    "massive thread derail"
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    sheeit, that could derail a train
  29. Anonymous Member

    I will test that by making a large print of the picture, walking to the train tracks and holding it up when the first train never mind, I don't want anyone to get hurt and it would probably be illegal.
  30. xenu2012 Member

    I don't see black faxes or pizzas mentioned, so I guess that rules us out. Sounds more like the Marcabians or Babz favorite scapegoat: SEGNPMSS (Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists' Mindcontroller Secret Service).
    Yeah, it's probably the Germans, Pierre. They've already got a moon-base, and you're a pretty big threat to them [lawl] Watch their trailer, Pierre, and be very, very afraid:

  31. I know

  32. Krautfag Member

    Yeah, sure, always us *stands in the corner and pouts*
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Data Series, my friend, Data Series.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Censoring entheta, censoring theta....two sides of the same coin...
  35. As you'll see even Krusty can hold only so many tons of BTs before they start coming back up!

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  36. xenubarb Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Scary isn't it? I had no idea BTs were so big and we have thousands of those in us.
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  38. Saul Goodman Member

    Until they follow policy, they are out-ethics, and should be declared "suppressive" by the cult, and destroyed. So says the cult. Freezone is not scientology. This fact hides in the shadows of the cult and with people like Marty. If you don't adhere to "source" and pick what policies you ignore, you're not doing scientology, according to scientology. Unfortunately for them it would be bad PR to make a big deal about Marty not having an RPF or even Sea Org oversight. Being a religion in the US and still being the insanely greedy business it is, will be at odds until it all falls apart.

    So the endless power struggle goes on ... and yes, catnarok is nigh.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Scientology and the Independents both demonize psychiatrists and promote alt med. So I hate them both.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Both 'theta' and 'entheta' are Scientology loaded language.
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