Pierre Ethier tries to shutdown ESMB

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Trotter Moderator

    Don't mind me, I'm just here to mop up the jizz. There is a tip jar up front though.
  2. xenubarb Member

    1. On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog
    2. That's a stupid question for an anonymous forum
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  3. Anon Gin Member

    1. Cats too?
    2. Stupidity isn't a crime.
  4. Anonymous Member

    No, but when a stupid post is made, a tired old tradition of pointing it out and stating why it is stupid may be expected.
  5. Gary Busey Member

    It's cute how you still pretend to be anonymous
  6. Anonymous Member

    Quit flirting with barb, and back to the OP.
  7. xenubarb Member

    Derp. I'm not pretending. When I post anonymously, only the mods know who I am. That's being anonymous.
    Oh btw...Chanology IS a subsidiary of anonymous, so asking someone's identity here is kind of stupid.
    Can you go back on topic now?
  8. Gary Busey Member

    lol subsidiary

    Keep going barbz, I'm entertained.
  9. You might want to explain to him that once he puts something on the internet it's basically impossible to remove.
  10. xenubarb Member

    What would you call it?
  11. Anonymous Member

    But... but NOTHING is impossible to a full OT!
  12. Anonymous Member

    He didn't take your advice, he caved, and he caved because he was outrageously WRONG.

    Now go back to fraudulently selling bridges.
  13. AnotherSock Member

    Pierre seems to spend a lot of time travelling the world, selling LRH-brand snake oil. He might have convinced himself that he's a good guy and that he's doing all this, but I don't think he is. Being a Hubbard-gimp is clearly more important to him than anything else, poor schmuck.

    As for the retarded attempt at a takedown, look what has actually been taken down. Ethiers' Youtube account set to private. Ekaterina's Twatter account deleted, and also a ragequit on ESMB.

    Because this is what Scientology does to people: it fills them with weird ideas and delusions of grandeur, and it makes them act like 24 carat cunts. And then it makes them fail hard.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Well I have had a lot of fun laughing at Pierre and his wife.

    So it was not a wasted effort.

    ESMB survives and another LRH devoted idiot gets ridiculed. It's all good!
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

  18. DeathHamster Member

    Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!
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  19. jensting Member

    Damn, that was FUNNY!

    Best Regards

  20. The "minister" performing the wedding ceremony of Ethier is the now infamous Alain Kartuzinsky, a fellow Frenchman & the "case supervisor" (C/S) responsible for the "case supervision" of Lisa McPherson (0:13 - 0:49). Sitting in the audience are the "case supervisors" and "auditors" of the "Ls HGC" at the Fort Harrison, where the "Ls Rundowns" were delivered for a price of $1,000 for each hour of auditing. I can detect Jerome Bloom, Alan Stave and the Senior C/S Richard Reiss and his wife Carla Reiss (0:52 - 0:59).
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I watched the Ethier wedding receiving line video earlier, think its down now, which was quite informative. While Pierre grinned the whole time and appeared to feel rather powerful BMOC indeed, Ekaterina looked as though she had just been run over by a truck. She managed one (wan) smile toward the end. The photographer had to tell them to stand closer together, so finally they linked arms. Didn't appear at all to be a match made in heaven. The other scientologists looked as though they had eyes only for the food and had to get through the receiving line to get at it.

    Fuck me, I'm bumping this thread, my bad.
  22. Random guy Member

    This is what I love about WWP, the cult can't even fart without us knowing about it!
  23. Anonymous Member

    That wedding video of the Ethiers' wedding shows two extraordinarily socially retarded human beans getting hitched, thanks to what surely must have been a mail-order bride service (otherwise, how / why did an S.O. Class XII auditor find and marry a non-Scientologist?).

    It is deliciously painful to watch. All you Schadenfreude freaks, click play now.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Terril Member

    Was his wife who started this.

    Whether it was my advice or other factors that caused him to advise his wife
    to quit I have no idea.
  26. Terril Member

    Havn't been able to watch as yet.

    However I must comment that attacking their marriage, their marriage arrangements
    and personalities in this way is both innacurate and sick.

    Their are perhaps plenty of valid reasons to attack them, and that may be more useful.

    Ekaterina had someone, a former friend, fall out with her husband. One result of this
    was the former friend sent slanderous material to her employer and posted slanderous statements re the whole family to among other places ESMB.

    She has tried to deal with this. In ways that were very non optimum. Had she never posted attacks on others[ myself included] it would have all been forgotten and there would have
    minimal records on the net and she would have no need to persue ever more extreme methods
    of seeking that which she considered justice.

    "She is not the droid you are looking for"

    Sadly she has made herself that droid and is suffering because of it.

    I've been many times considered a friend by both her and Pierre, and many times an enemy.

    I've tried to help and defend them and it has been extremely difficult.

    One might note that Pierre spent most of his life in the SO. He, and for that matter
    Ekaterina, are both intellectually brilliant. Best I know is that Ekaterina was kicked out
    of the SO. Pierre was told to divorce her. I believe that it was Ekaterina's observation
    that Pierre was treated with disrespect that caused this.

    The mail order bride comment is very misleading. Pierre did the impossible. He completed
    the briefing course on SO study time. I've never heard of anyone else who had.

    He also had many penpals who he wrote to whilst in the SO. Ekaterina was one.

    Now here is some of my experience at flag. I was there doing FEBC, and was asked to
    do the purif there as it was a pre requisite. Never was interested previously as I
    travelled to india, stayed in Goa and was probably the only tourist there who didn't take drugs.

    One of my fellows doing Purif was a non scientologist, picked up in a bar by a female
    SO member, I believe got married, or planned to and was persuaded to join the SO. The girl was a reasonably high ranking member.

    What we know is that finding a partner in the SO is very difficult. I was on the FEBC in 1980
    and then things were probably easier. This girl, and Pierre found creative solutions.

    Attacking Pierre because of this is sick.

    They both are unable to handle personal attacks with any semblence of good sense.

    So let him who has not sinned cast the first stone!
  27. Anonymous Member

    If that story is accurate, they cannot also be "brilliant". Their story is a sad one. Look at all the drama and BS they live in. They want to both blame and celebrate the cult? They are on a long road.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Terril, as long as you and your friends are promoting Hubbard shit, you are fair game for whatever.

    Sad stories of sea orgs etc. is why I tell you this now - many here will not stop until Miscavige's cult is broken apart.

    But the freezone is not immune.

    Keep your fucking disgusting beliefs to yourself, is my advice.

    If they appear on the internet, Anonymous will be alerted. And if you try to shut down/censor debate, Anonymous will act with great fury and anger.
  29. hansanon Member

    I snipped a bit there...

    Two things as comment. Hearing this drama, i am really wondering if that amount of drama is normal. How often does it happen that slanderous stuff is send to an employer? Why are people believing in scientology such shit magnets?

    Seeing how they reacted and knowing hubbards stance of always attacking, never defending, is anyone surprised that people are fighting the believe and not just the "church"?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Don't threaten.
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  31. Trotter Moderator

    If people would like to argue with Terrill about his beliefs (again), it would probably be best to make a separate thread to do so.
  32. hansanon Member

    ohohoh, easy there. terril stated his opinion that the way the two were attacked here was disgusting. and of course it was. and if you want to attack the freezone, i won't stop you, i just point out that people in the freezone have the right to scramble their brains if they so choose.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Terril, although your posts are some of the most non-sequitur compositions I've ever read, I will point out the obvious fact that the Ethiers live in society and that the Internet is nothing but a huge society.

    The Ethiers may or may not be "brilliant." But they certainly are socially retarded, demonstrably so. Just read their online drivel. They both write as though they live in one superior universe and everyone else lives in a different, inferior one. They seem to think that just because they type something that it happened. The arrogance of their online commnications practically vibrates on the computer screen. But what is most evident is how completely unaware they both are. Mrs. Ethier's blatant lies to the DCMA and their lawyer/paralegal have the sophistication of a second-grader.

    They are the ones that put their wedding video online for sale, making their wedding and marriage an issue, with all their odd behaviors (crappy TRs, inability to connect and communicate with others) on full display. Nobody else did that. In fact, they are so socially clueless that they do not have a clue how inappropriate selling their wedding video is.

    It is, in fact, their "personalities" that offend everyone so much. It is their "personalities" that have led them to this sorry scene they themselves (and no one else) created for them. I'll give you that perhaps they're not responsible for their "personalities." But they are certainly responsible for all the choices they've made that led them to the sorry messes they've made of their lives.

    What they seem to be lacking most, and suffering from most, is any feedback about their choices and their behavior. But fortunately, they're now getting some. I expect they'll be getting it for some time to come.
  34. Anonymous Member

    NYPA, FZ.
  35. xenubarb Member

    "One might note that Pierre spent most of his life in the SO. He, and for that matter Ekaterina, are both intellectually brilliant..." does not parse.
  36. Anonymous Member

    That's what I was thinking, barbs.
  37. xenubarb Member

    Wow...lifelong SO members who can't handle personal attacks? I would have thought that would be one of the first things you'd learn how to deal with.
  38. Herro Member

    Blatant hypocrisy much?
  39. Saul Goodman Member

  40. Krautfag Member

    Terril, despite of your well-intentioned approach, you are currently making it worse.

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