Pierre Ethier tries to shutdown ESMB

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    I already dredged up the PD article. Do your own research.
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Herro reeks of $cientology.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, what's he been, rolling in it?

    No, srsly, way too devil's advocate favouring the cult. Weird, no?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Pretty weird. But it's just one small fragment of the abyss peering back.

    Goes with the territory.
  6. Gary Busey Member

    I just got a message from Pierre Éthier on youtube (he answered a comment I left 2 years ago) and he accepted my invitation to debate scientology.

    Should I invite him here or on irc?
  7. Krautfag Member

    If you are masochist enough to do it, use IRC, so the rest of us doesn't have to suffer too.
  8. 3rdMan Member

    Invite him here of course. I am sure all of us on WWP will have a cool and reasonable debate with him with no prejudice, no bias, and no jeering. Just look at this thread, for example.
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  9. Gary Busey Member

    lol Good point....
  10. Anon PTS Member

    If you're serious about having a real discussion with him and not just trolling, do it in private. If you're after lulz, by all means bring him here and create a thread for it. Lulz (and pandemonium) will ensue...
  11. Anonymous Member

    Pierre is an Operating Thetan and you guys are SPs. He'll shatter you to pieces with the power of LRH tech.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    We can haz lovefest noa Pile up om Emma making a heap of love ?
  13. Anonymous Member

    I fuckin' LOL'ed. Bring the satan thetan on.

  14. Herro Member

    And I already explained that those Dox do not support your argument. Once again, reading is fundamental.

    Well, that makes sense, me being a scientologist and all.
  15. Terril Member

    When this went down I rang Pierre and told him his wife was trying to attack ESMB
    and suggested he stop her as he and wife were the most adversely affected.

    He said his wife wasn't doing anything of the sort, and if she was Emma deserved it.

    Seems he eventually took my advice.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Are you in Germany? He posted from Berlin on his FB an hour ago.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Statement contradicts itself. Proof that Pierre is a lying douche.
  18. Terril Member

    Its hard to know who one is responding to here.

    Mostly I'm with the sentiment expressed.

    Its well known that I promote the FZ. I've spent years trying to resolve conflicts there .

    One may witness that I'm being bashed by many factions.

    I submit that I'm flying in the face of the human condition.

    Its my small effort to forward humane thought and action.
  19. Anonymous Member

    On your own terms regardless how others think or feel which is why you're being "bashed by many factions".
  20. Terril Member

    Apparently those in the autistic spectrum are not well catered for in Canada. The child
    is with his grandparents and doing REALLY well.
  21. Anonymous Member

    You don't know that. Stop bullshitting.

    Pierre and his wife have a good income. There are plenty of parents in Canada that have authistic children that do not send them thousands of miles away. The Ethiers are lousy parents.

    And don't you ever get tired of shilling for them?
  22. They aren't really at cause over parenthood than. but I applaud them for cogniting that they weren't up for the job.

    might be their greatest achievement in life
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  23. hansanon Member

    what? for real? i had pegged you more in the direction of troll. wellwellwell... welcome,you fit right in. and whatever they are paying you it is not enough. compared to the usual ronbots you actually sound like a person.
  24. hansanon Member

    are you really argueing to get an authistic child back to parents who (paraphrased) tried to heal his curse with scientology tech?
  25. Terril Member

    I'm going on what information I know. There were years before WWP existed,
    commentary on these matters. Apparently life for the autistic was difficult in Canada,
    or the area the Ethiers lived in. Its not an easy area to handle.

    I know Pierre reasonably well and his wife somewhat after some years of communication.

    I also know friends who have a closer relationship than mine with the Ethiers. From these,
    as well as the Ethiers I here that their son is doing exceptionally well.

    Note that the fact that Pierre and his wife have for a long time been trashed re the
    condition of their son is an indication of vicious intent from others.

    He is not really not relevent to this or other boards. Its really shamefull that this is brought up!

    Who is playing you?

    I'm a friend of a critic NEC v20 some time ago removed from ESMB. He is in the autistic spectum. He has a degree in Psychology, and one in Philosophy. He is also a world class
    expert on handling computer problems. In his " office" a pub, he met a friend who had problems Microsoft couldn't resolve. He did with a few minutes conversation. He and his
    friends were rewarded with a £2000 bar tab.

    Moral: Don't fuck with those in the autistic spectrum!

    More importantly choose battles more wisely.
  26. Gary Busey Member

    Bullshit :)
  27. Silly Herro, you be trying to zoom the newcomers but you're not fooling me. Buying a copy of Dianetics for a nickel in a yard sale doesn't make you a scientologist. Nice consistency on the message though. <3

    aaannd another vote for bullshit on that
  28. Krautfag Member

    Wut? A fat loose Auditor in my Germany? DO NOT WANT.
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  29. xenubarb Member

    What dox would those be, Herro? My argument is that Scientologists are drilled to where the cult is their first priority. Then I produced an example of a police officer violating public trust in favor of Scientology directives.

    You could always come to San Diego to rustle thru the paper's archives, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  30. Anonymous Member

    OK. Prove you're not.
  31. Tourniquet Member


    Seems to me no one's pulled Pierre's withholds in a long time.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Herro will whine about WWP members not doing anything, and when WWP members clearly are doing something, he'll panic and post up a bunch of crap to derail it.

    He might not be a paid up member of the super secret thetan club but he is just as obsessed.
    For all his bullshit and how much he thinks WWP is a joke - he's still here every fucking day, which is a pity for him and his life.
    I have him down as a paraplegic or otherwise unable to extract himself from his moms basement.

    Either way, on the rare occasion he has a bright idea take note, but ignore the negative bullshit that 80 percent of his content is made of.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Maybe Terril gets freebies from Ethier?
  34. Anonymous Member

    All he wants is the attention. He's like one of those fucking yapping dogs. Ignore Herro and stay on target = Pierre's fat failure of a fake cult shill.
  35. Anonymous Member

    LOL, at first glance, I though you were referring to Terril.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Herro's WWP's doorbell dog LMAO
    "Somebody's here!!"
  37. Trotter Moderator

    I have asked Herro to tone it down or take it to another thread. Let's all try and do the same :)
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  38. Smurf Member

    One of Ethier's key to success working with an autistic child.... "Work Intensively with the child. Except for the every beginning, anything under two hours a day will produce negligible results. The most lasting results are accomplished when a minimum of 15 hours a week are spent personally with the child. Weeks of 25-35 hours produced the improvements.

    As the child reaches a new plateau, he may stall, or even begin to regress. When this occurs, it is best to take a break for several weeks and let the child adjust to his new level of awareness until he is comfortable. After several years, as the child improves and matures, the amount of work done can gradually drop, as long as the child is continuing to make good progress."

    Is Pierre, in fact, devoted this much time each week helping his son, he's to be applauded. There are alot of stories of parents turning thier backs on autistic children because they didn't know how to cope with autistic behaviors.
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  39. Anon Gin Member

    Why so much anger? He's a human being too.

    PS: Isn't he?
    PPS: may I kindly ask who are you?
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Looks like a mod modding.

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