Pierre Ethier tries to shutdown ESMB

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. I have no problem arguing with her. but since it is a board for exes i usually only blaze scientologists and critics onthere when they come down hard on an ex.
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    The fucking Death Star lol
  3. Anonymous Member

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  5. He destroys planets by projectile vomiting ?
  6. vaLLarrr Member

    I have always found that her opinions are agreeable and acceptable.
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  8. grebe Member

    Tweet this to Kirsty Alley! She needs to know before she wastes more of her time and energy on that Organic Liasons business.
  9. Smurf Member

    That's not even funny, but it clearly shows your lack of any meaningful character.
  10. Anonymous Member

    WWP & ESMB have such a high concentration of experts, so I'm recommending to Obama that the user base of these 2 sites be the United States Government's recruiting pool.
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    Nolte's top of list
  12. Terril Member

    Below a post I recently made to Emma's questions to me on ESMB.

    I know more than anyone posting about the matters raised. On this and
    ESMB there is much misinformation.

    I'm being bashed on ESMB by friends, fellow FZers and of course those who
    don't like any scn tech even if its outside COS. Even had a bit of bashing here
    where I very rarely post.

    I've had many years of bashing. I promote TECH outside COS and many object.

    Fair enough. Fair enough for me to continue.

    Here are some of my viewpoints and opinions.

    I've always considered Emma to be truly magnificent in her handling of ESMB, despite
    the fact that she appears to dislike myself. And I've been on that forum from near
    the beginning.

    I've had many clashes with Pierre Ethier including the fact that he posted that statement
    on the opening post of this thread. Its not complete. What is left out at the end is even
    a more horrifying attack on the FZ. It has a few corrections also of spelling that are not
    on the original I took from his website. It was possibly my efforts that persuaded him
    to remove that from his website.

    Ekaterina is I believe the one trying this current attack on ESMB. She is obsessed about
    any possible effect on her son's friends reading about him and his parents. He is in the
    autistic spectrum but very high performing as are many with this situation.

    There has been detrimental posts in many areas about the fact that her son is in the autistic spectrum.

    I've tried to persuade her that her attacks on ESMB damage her husband more than
    anyone else. She hasn't taken that on board.

    Both her and Pierre have iether lied or changed viewpoint publically. For example
    Pierre a year after his attack on IFA, a part of the FZ , said he'd only recommend IFA
    acredited auditors.

    IMO Ekaterina is a victim. When Aida Thomas and Pierre fell out Aida sent slander to
    Ekaterina's employer. This is IMO what set up the ongoing insanities.

    Pierre is his own worst enemy.

    However if you are interested in scn tech he is superb. I have many auditor friends who
    praise his ability to mentor and increase their skills. I'm not that much of a techie, but
    not ignorant iether. In conversation with Pierre he is truly brilliant in conversation about
    this tech.

    If people have questions I'll try to answer. Bashing I'll probably ignore.

    "Several points. I don't deny that Ekaterina made such a blackmail attempt, and have already posted that I was copied with some of
    the mails to you including her apology for having done so.

    I then for the first time in maybe a couple of years phoned her
    and tried to persuade her that what she was doing affected her husband adversely far more than anyone else.

    Regarding what Pierre Charges for L's I don't know, and never ask auditors in general what they charge for what.

    Having had an excellent conversation with Tansey some years ago and enjoying his presence here I have the same opinion as you about his honesty.

    Having had conversations with Pierre where I had a differing opinion I'm quite familiar with how he's like when he loses his temper.
    Tansy's description would match my own experiences.

    Victoria has just told me that she gave Tansey a D of P and attempted to fax to Pierre but the fax machine broke down. Tansey was then audited by Aida and Victoria has told me that Aida was not using a C/S. So Pierre in fact was never given data from Tansey's PC files, however one can well understand why he would have thought so.

    With regard to the clashes re repayments, Pierre thought he was being asked for a refund. As Tansey has posted his then partner very much appreciated the L's she recieved, Pierre thought it odd that someone who was so satisfied was asking for a refund, and wondering why it was someone else asking on her behalf. This is as reported to me by Victoria a few minutes ago, who has just been visiting Pierre."
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous doesn't give a fuck about Ethier, you, nor your precious Tek.

    Sell your spiritual crack elsewhere, moonbat coprophage.
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  15. brave Terril is brave, posting what he thinks and expressing his freedom of speech knowing the reactions here

  16. grebe Member

    And by "brave" you mean, "impermeable to reason."

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. You can't just assert that magic super powers exist without a shred of evidence.
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  17. Terril Member

    This is a whole different area. This wasn't asserted.

    You want to start a new thread?

    Can comment.
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    Shut up Meg Terril.
  20. Go fuck yourself in the ass with your precious facts

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    Somewhere freezone drama is teh srs bzns.

    As for me, I'm here for the fat jokes.
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  22. grebe Member

    "Tech" = invisible magic powers over MEST, or so I have been told.

    If tech exists, the whole he-said-she-said free zone drama is pretty moot. Go get your Nobel Prize.
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  23. Saul Goodman Member

    She runs it and started it. Now back to Pierre!
  24. grebe Member

    If they are "my facts" they aren't facts, you confused person.
  25. grebe Member

  26. Terril, the issue is much simpler than that.

    I'd guess most people here don't like the DMCA and particularly attempts to use it to stifle free speech on the internet.

    Pierre and his wife appear to be doing this to ESMB, to which many here have ties.

    Therefore, people are inclined to demonstrate the Streisand Effect to Pierre and give him a more serious internet search problem than the one he was trying to get rid of.

    Questions about why Pierre and Ekaterina feel justified in doing what they are doing, which freezoner exposed who, and who's tech is superior are all kind of beside the point.

    People probably would have moved on but Pierre appears to be updating his website in reaction to this drama, which is then feeding into it.

    Your post is likely to do so as well.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    The Ethiers are lulzcows, nothing more at this point. They're not taking down anything but themselves.

    I think we've chewed on these toys enough already. Fuck the fucking Freezone. ESMB can fend for itself.

    Back to Miscavige... who's delighted at the derail, no doubt.

  28. Anonymous Member

    It's not all a waste. Just shoop Hubbard's head onto all those pictures and you're good to go.
  29. Anonymous Member


    Go fag up some more threads on ESMB. Nobody here's buying.
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    Terril!!! :D

    Hey man, how have you been!?
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    Troll love ITT.
  32. Herro Member

    I think it's hilarious that you think Miscavige is actually aware of this thread. I think it's even funnier that you think he gives two shits about what goes on in these threads.
  33. 3rdMan Member

    Thanks for coming back to the crazyhouse Terril. Reminder: Please be mindful of the jeering, jarring, and jerking. Its rampant in this circus. ;)
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    Brainwashed by the Tech. How about you?
  35. Cheappassion Member

    Does this thread make me look fat?
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  36. Cheappassion Member

    Oh fucking Christ, you don't know when to quit do you?
    I'm only wasting time with this so I can get some sleep. Tech speaks works wonders for that . . .
  37. Cheappassion Member

    Just skipped over to ESMB:

    icon1.png Re: DCMA takedown threat received from the Ethiers

    I just got an email from the Siteground Lawyer that advises the DMCA notice has been withdrawn.

    The email quotes Catherine's email to siteground which says:

    "I was instructed by my husband Pierre Ethier to withdraw immediately the DMCA notice as we are harrassed & threatened by the forum owner you served".

    That is exactly as written.

    I'll reinstate the deleted threads tonight.///
    Good on you, Emma.
    What sucks for this guy, his attempt failed and he still has to fuck his fugly wife.
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    FIFY and NYPA.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Hey!!! She can't help it she's Bulgarian. They're big-boned behemoths.
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