Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Negligible, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. albinocat Member

    Boycott the movies/tv-series from Scientologists by telling all your friends / family / other people in forums about Co$. Then they can decide if they want to spend money to watch this.

    Don´t start a witchhunt but spread the info.
  2. They always have these Red Carpet premiere's though. Where the public can come and hang over a velvet rope and dribble at the stars.

    Wonder what li'l ol TC would say if (no banners, no flags - security wouldn't allow that probably) there were a few cheery masks on display in the crowds ...
  3. Ohsi-

    That would be awesome! Though I'm sure a bunch of scifag securityguards would immediately beam themselves to the scene and lock that poor anon up.

    I strongly recommend that we boycott the movie. It's not going to do that much, since most of us probably watch movies at home anyway, but it's high time for the ones who don't to start doing that as well. Gentlemen, man the torrents!
  4. Gigazz Member


    + Masks at The Red Carpet is just an awesome, awesome idea. Do it. :D
  5. anonchoir Member

    Masks at the Red Carpet is probably 'legally' harmless enough. Bad publicity, too, if they try and react.

    End of story, just turn up with masks on is probably protest enough. That and boycotting.
  6. anonymous612 Member

    Travolta's the one to watch, anyway. Cruise can't help making a fool of himself, but Travolta doesn't have the same level of negative publicity because of his connection to Co$.
  7. AnonZombie Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    Not sure what exactly we should, as I agree with people saying that we'd just be giving free advertising to the movie. But I will say that the movie is something like if Osama Bin Laden were to play Abraham Lincoln (only slightly exaggerated there). I'm sure most of the crew (at least the import ones) realize this. Therefore at this point, I don't care if we mess them up too. But yeah. Just my two cents. Still not exactly sure what to do about this. Maybe quiet flyering outside theaters or lots of youfoundthecards as other people have said.
  8. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    I agree pickets work to provide free publicity to a film. However, I'm getting the impression that people feel Tom Cruise is not a viable target, but rather a victim, a figure to be pitied. I completely disagree with that assessment.

    Cruise has chosen to promote Scientology above all else. He's lied about his past to promote Hubbard's useless Study Tech, despite the fact his teachers sorted out his reading disability by age 15. He's holding his adopted kids from a previous marriage hostage, and is indoctrinating them into scientology. Gossip indicates he screwed over his old pal Spielberg by pushing CO$ during their promotional run for "War of the Worlds."

    This article indicates he's a complete tyrant, even dragging his pal DM on set to promote their bullshit "ClearSound" equipment: Roll that around on your tongue, having the abusive David Miscavige marching around on the movie set.

    He personally promoted junk science and quack therapies to 911 first responders with respiratory ailments.

    Perhaps you recall this incident (
    "Tom, according to reports, has unleashed his Scientology goons during intense negotiations with Paramount a couple years ago, Cruise dispatched his "people" to a parking lot to confront studio head Brad Grey and pressure him into giving Tom a better deal pre-Sumner Redstone sayonara time." If these people are like this with the head of a major studio, how do you think they'll treat their underlings?

    As a result, Summer Redstone gave Cruise the boot, and this was announced right after: "On November 2, 2006, MGM announced that Wagner and Cruise acquired a small stake in United Artists. Wagner was named CEO, while Cruise will serve as a producer. The announcement came after Sumner Redstone terminated Cruise's association with Paramount Pictures." Note that Valkyrie is one of their films, and their previous films such as "Lions for Lambs," and "The Wood" haven't performed well. So he's screwing over a whole set of investors in this company.

    So to me, it's not Tommy the hapless victim, it's Cruise the collaborator.

    As long as the perception continues in Hollywood that Cruise can put asses in movie seats, he'll be able to throw his weight around and draw more people like Will Smith in to promote Scientology. That's more potential victims and more finances for the CO$ Corporation. Sony already tried to cover up Will Smith being a Scientologist because they were afraid it would have a negative impact on ticket sales. In my opinion, part of our strategy has to be to starve the beast; to scorch the earth. CO$ should be synonymous with Box Office Poison.

    If we're worried about public backlash on Anonymous, look at the number of parodies made of the Cruise segment of the Scientology Summit film. Note that they were played on major talk shows, and went completely viral. There is one thing that Anonymous is good at, and that's meme development and transmission. I can see it now: "VALKYRIE SPOILER: Tom Cruise FAILS to stop Hitler."

    If you're still here, thanks for reading all that. Sorry if it's tl;dr, I got pissed off.
    - E
  9. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?


    Gentlemen, fire up your Internets.
  10. Oonanonymous Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    You should not trust anything negative you read on Cruise.
    You should be careful because if we start to give away false rumors on Cruise as a reason for any actions against him, we'll look as ridiculous as ever.

    This story was planted by the tabloïd Radar magazine who is a piece of *** even this month . They love to take on TC, remember the 'casting girlfriend' rumor of 2005, the 'TC: Martyr of co$', and today again, the new cover with Cruise (not Miscavige or any Anon of course, we don't sell).

    Brad grey denied it:

    edit: MORE INFO: Redstone didn't gave the boot because of that, it was the deal he got with Cruise apparently.

  11. Lorelei Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    Boycotting films is off-message, IMHO.

    Vote with your dollar. Stick bizcards in loos at theatres showing the film. Torrent it if you must see it.

    Don't confuse the general public by following Cruise around and, in essence, boycotting him. It will backfire.

    Just don't support Scientologist apologists with your money.
  12. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    "If OT powers can't help me stop some crazy short pudgy Austrian when I have a secret bomb, what good are they?"
  13. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?


    I'm more interested in using the film as a means to educate Joe Public to Tom Cruise + Scientology = Not just a wacky cult. on bathroom stalls, walls and exits.
    Curious person will think its movie related promotional material and surf the URL. Resulting in zomgwtfbbqsrsbns!!!1eleventy-one
    Do this...
  14. beecher5772 Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    Heh, I just watched the trailer, and it's like he's playing a caricature of himself. All smirky and over-enunciating all over the place.

    I'm going to boycott it just because it looks like a carnival of suck.
  15. D... Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    For some reason, I think if the Anonymous starts boycotting movies then the movement would just seem silly. Especially since the movie has nothing to do with Scientology.

    This however, is much more doable. I honestly don't want to destroy a legitmatite career. But informing the public is never a bad thing.
  16. anonx3 Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    I love the idea of posters and stickers and stuff. Just don't OVER do it. Perhaps some sort of Valkyrie-related domain could be made for youfoundthecard? "youfoundthevalkyriecard" or something? secretnazicard?

    Personally I'm kicking myself over not distributing YFTCs when I went out of town this weekend, but I was with a group most of the time...then again, that's another story.
  17. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    and any other film that contains a $ciceleb, plus the stuff $cifags don't want anyone to see :applause:
  18. Tony Whent Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    Anon is a group that supports freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

    This is quite a subtle idea- far more than being simply 'anti' something- and far more powerful.

    IF I were to be told not to see a film because of somebody's beliefs then I would be more likely to see it, not less. I would also become curious about those beliefs.

    At the end of the day, Tom has a right to believe in Xenu or any nonsense he chooses- just as we all do.

    He even has the right to convince others of it.

    He does NOT have the right to finance terror campaigns against those who choose not to agree.

    The central point is not the scientology belief system- it is freedom verses slavery.

    If we remember this we will win.

    If we make Scientology totally uncool then the celebrities will melt away in any case.

    A web site about the 'Wanabee Center' and the ways it destroys careers would be useful.
  19. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    THIS ^^^^


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