Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Negligible, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Negligible Member

    Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    Going off of what imdb says, Tom Cruise doesn't have a movie coming out until friggin' November (he does have a cameo in a movie coming out this summer, but that's not really worth doing anything for).

    However, this movie Valkyrie, in which Tom plays a Nazi with an eyepatch (for an extra dose of evil), does come out on a Friday which would make for a good picket/demonstration/info session in front of some larger movie theaters.

    It's a ways away, but just something to keep going in the back of the mind.
  2. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    That made me lol at the irony :) Picketing the films would be a good idea but don't his movies normaly flop anyway?
  3. saerat Member

    We would be turned on for attacking a single person o.o
  4. Valkyrie actually looks like a good movie. And the company was originally banned from filming in Germany because the Germans are against Scientology. However, upon reading the script, the government realized it will be the first ww2 movie that show them in a better light.

    I actually want to see this flick. My hate for Tom Cruise will not kill my love of good cinema. And I'd hate to be misguided and hurt people in the film industry who are NOT evil scienofags. We should focus on the cult and take IT down. That's the best way to hurt Cruise. Losing a few mil on one flick won't dent his bank account. But it will make us look as bad as those crazy pro-lifers who go bomb abortion clinics and hurt innocent people. And I don't want that.
  5. XJW Member

    I think public protests of movies tend to backfire. It's just free advertising for the movie makers. However, I do believe it's helpful to quietly not support Tom Cruise movies or other Scientology actors.
  6. Anon883 Member

    Dude, don't support Scientology. This movie must be boycotted at all costs. If you HAVE to watch it, then you know what to do.
  7. steodonn Member

    torrent it
  8. 1) I haven't "paid" for a film in quite some time.

    2) I am not "supporting scientology" any more than any other flick you watch is "supporting judaism" or "supporting christianity". The film isn't ABOUT scientology nor is it funded by them. Tom Cruise just happens to be in it because, lest we all forget, he used to be a decent actor. Don't be hasty and misguided. It's just a movie.

    3) Protesting the film will only bring harm, if any, to the men and women who worked on it. The cult won't look bad. Besides, if it turns out to be a good movie, we'll look like idiots for protesting it and Co$ can claim we are harassing individuals members at their jobs.
    That's not good P.R.

    4) I suggest just not paying to see it. Like I do with all movies I refuse to give money for (like asian horror films with crappy american makeovers) :twisted:
  9. Anon883 Member

    We need to show Hollywood that people will not watch movies that has a Scientologist star in it. My dream would be to have it gain less than $1m in the opening weekend.
  10. Anonemous Member

    Gotta be very careful tho.

    You really SHOULDNT protest Tom cruise because he is a scientologist, that can be defined as a hate crime. Hes just a headless brainwashed minion. Imho, you protest the crimes of scientology and just add that you are there because it relates to Tom cruise.

    Again, i repeat, do not attack Tom cruise himself, instead, focus on the "church".

    Dont give them ammo to plat the HATE CRIME card.

    ps: You win an extra internet if you make reference to the online Video where he states that he doesnt have to deal with SPs
  11. Negligible Member

    This is a very good point. I was just thinking of Tom Cruise sort of as a figurehead for the organization. There were also some other good points in how lame are you to protest a movie?

    So yeah, looking back at it, this is probably a bad idea.

    I think I'll not ask the admins to delete this thread because I'm sure other people have thought of this and this thread will show them why it ain't the smartest of ideas.
  12. 086 Member

    I've got nothing more against Tom Cruise than I've got against any other bat shit crazy movie star. Sure Scientology is bonkers as a bobcat but boycotting Tom Cruise is one step away from boycotting John Travolta...and I'm totally gay for John Travolta.

    No seriously...I'd hit it.
  13. Valkyrie is not a good movie, what year did the July 20 Plot occur? 1944. Why'd they take so long? Everyone loves a winner. Internal dissent didn't begin until after Stalingrad when things began to look bad. They didn't care about democracy or jews or whatever, what they did care about was maintaining their own Prussian aristocracy.
    They're no more honourable than the people who by the end of the 1960s began to complain about Vietnam because of the 'cost'; money and American lives (but you wouldn't hear anything about Vietnamese), and again now with the Iraq misadventure.
    askmewhyiwearamask films have been made about German resistence to the Nazis, by way of comparison to Anonymous there have been four films about the White Rose
  14. I was only pointing out why the german government changed their mind about filming. They decided 1: it wasn't PROMOTING scienfaggotry and 2: it's one of a few films that makes them look good.

    I wasn't saying it's the ONLY flick (we probably all saw Schindler's List) but you know as well as I that most knowledge about WW2 plants the germans as all evil jew-hating people instead of showing that they were humans involved in (go figure) a cult mentality. And out of fear of losing their OWN lives and the lives of their families, they turned on their friends.

    Wow, that sounds waaaay too close to what Tom is involved in, so I actually find it ironic that he's playing a "good nazi" in this flick.

    In the end, we should have the same common sense the German government did. Bear in mind the SAME country which is trying to rid itself of scientology completely, they still allowed a creative expression to be made, even if someone who belongs to the cult of $cieno was starring in it.

    Narrowminded stubborness is the road to biggotry. We should not tread down that path so hastily.
  15. Well, what you could do that day is go ahead and go to a movie theater playing Valkyrie that's playing some other movie you want to see. Use the bathroom and leave the cards in there. Hopefully, some Valkyrie watcher might pick it up and get disgusted that they just supported a terrible organization in a roundabout way.
  16. Zzzzz Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    With boycotting movies that feature Scientologists, the aim is not to punish the individual Scientologists, and certainly not the other people who worked on the movies.

    But CoS receives millions from celebrities every year, and it needs to be bled financially before it can be taken on properly in the courts. I don't even see the tax-exempt status being removed until this happens. In 1993, CoS scared the crap out of the IRS; it's only gotten more powerful since then.
  17. RedRobin Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    I guess I'm going to be the one to disagree with the majority in here. I definetly think Cruise should pay some sort of price for being the poster boy for the Cult of Scientology.

    His contracts state that he gets a percentage of the sales for his movies. He was reported to have given this cult over $10+ million last year alone. In order to take down the cult, you have to take their money away (in addition to cancelling their tax-free status). If Cruise wasn't able to make any money off of his movies, it would serve as a warning to other Hollywood types that there is a price to pay for trying to push your personal beliefs and it would just be more wise to keep your opinions to yourself. I don't see anything wrong with holding them to a higher standard than regular folks, because they chose to be in the limelight. You can't get all the benefits and not pay a price.

    So, although actually picketing the theaters might not be the best idea, if the next protest has a much better turnout, then I think youtube and word-of-mouth would be enough to spread the word that Cruise is no longer Hollywood's golden child, and Will Smith had better be very careful should he decide he wants to publicly 'come out' as a Scientologist. They need to be labeled as Box Office Poison, and then we'll just see how many more Hollywood types decide to continue to be spokespeople for this organization.

    Actors are the ones that give millions to this cult. If you cut off their funding, you close them down. They're only in it for the money, so anything that stops that flow of cash, is fair game, imho. And besides, it's not that we would be boycotting the movie (which only guarantees more ticket sales-LOL) but the actual actor in the movie. There's a difference. Let's put the final nail in his coffin.

    If you really need to see that movie, than pay for another movie, and sneak into that one, at least then, you wouldn't be lining the cult's pockets.

  18. AnonZombie Member


  19. Anon883 Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    We should spread the word as much as possible about boycotting Valkyrie.
  20. Zzzzz Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    I read that the lady who voices Bart Simpson -- who I didn't even know was a Scientologist -- was the one who gave $10 million, and that Tom Cruise only gave $2.5 million last year. I'm not sure if that was a pure cash donation, or if he's spent extra money on the side to advance Scientology's agenda.
  21. golddigger Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    Im in for a boycott.

    Anyone who sees a Tom cruise movie has rocks in his head. The guy cant act. Hes a robot. I'm sorry but a man is only as good as his beleifs.

    Also there is no coincidence that Tom Cruise and CO$ chose this role. The German government is trying to ban scientology at the moment. If they achieve it it would be an epic win beyond proportions.

    CO$ is using this film as a propoganda campaign. Tom Cruise as the man that tried to kill Hitler?

    Co$'s main line of defense against the German government is that it is Nazi like and trying to suppress religion like you guessed it the Nazis.

    I'll let you join the dots.

    This film must fail.
  22. Zzzzz Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    I'd like to think that his increasingly weird outbursts would damage his popularity, but he's probably going to be kept under glass until the movie is ready to be hyped. And people will probably forget all about the recent stuff by the time the movie comes out.
  23. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    boycott win
    picket fail
  24. golddigger Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    I think preemtive you tube campaign with lozaluz is a better idea....

    Its a perfect time to educate the public on the simlarities between CO$ an dthe Nazis.
  25. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    I think we should do this In more of a "Guerilla" fashion. "You found the card" in the bathrooms is a good start.
  26. megavolt1337 Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    First of all, I think it is a great idea about putting up flyers in stalls. I will use this option as well in my own flyer campaign.

    Secondly, boycotting the tom cruise movie is a great idea. It does make sense to me that scinuts wanna look better with the Germans and other folks. But the guy who tried to kill Hitler to begin with was an idiot. He placed the bomb next to the leg of the conference table. The table leg absorbed some of the blast. The attempt on Hitler's life only made him worse/more mad. Epic fail. Tom cruise playing that role, in my eyes, doesn't justify shit. I would personally recommend more awareness than protesting at the movie theaters. So for example posting on movie forums and whatever other crap online that has to do with this Valkyrie movie.

    Third, boycotting the movie does not affect anyone but tom cruise and the scinuts. The people who make the movies are already paid, so what does it matter. They won't be out of work. Also, who cares if the movie industry gets hurt a little bit because the real truth comes out about Co$. Hollywood makes enough money. Money needs to come back to the people, not away from them. The Co$ represents taking money from people on a scale that is by far more unfathomable than anything else. :lrhmoney:

    The Co$ is gonna pull a lot of stunts to legitimize their cult. They have a lot lined up for a couple years ahead of time. That is why they have actors in their midst. Remember hubbard believed that celebrities make scientology legit. So in between each movie, tv show, commercial, and business venture, Co$ plans legitimizing acts. They are having a hayday right now thanks to anon which makes me think that their longterm planning is at a halt. I predict shitty movies for scifags in the 2009 and on. :xenu:

    Keep up the good work folks! :guyfawkes: :guyfawkes: :guyfawkes: :guyfawkes: :guyfawkes: :guyfawkes: :guyfawkes: :guyfawkes: :guyfawkes:
  27. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    If anyone wants to see the movie, they can just torrent it then crazy Tom doesn't get a penny. However, if you happen to be in a theater that's playing that movie, paper the movie theater bathrooms AND seats where that movie is playing with cards and full-page flyers.

    Once the movie theater people see that having the TC movie on screen is more hassle than anything (and besides, it will bomb), they might pull it out of the theaters faster.

  28. anoncu Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    Excellent points redrobin!
  29. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    Would there be a way to possibly get theaters to just refuse to play the movie in the first place? I know it's a stretch, but we have a while to work at this , and who knows what could happen in that time. You must admit, theaters refusing to take scilon films = epic, EPIC win.
  30. RedRobin Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    There are theaters that have refused to play some movies based on public scrutiny. I think one of Nicole's films "Birth" was not played everywhere. I also remember some big hoopla over one movie about the end of the world due to sort of creatures?? The film was contraversial because it suggested evolution, and the churches pitched a hissy fit and stopped it from playing at the local Cinemark theaters. It was a comedy, I think, about 6-8 years ago?

    Point being, Yes, films can be banned, but that just guarantees it will be popular with all the press. Unless you go after the Hitler theme? I think picketing the actor, telling people that by paying for a ticket, they are supporting an established cult, and all the stuff that goes with it. There are still plenty of people that don't have a clue about Scientology. But if Anonymous keeps up these protests until the film comes out, well, that ought to help a lot! LOL
  31. anongirl Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    While this is a great idea, it runs the risk of backfiring on us.

    If the movie is successful despite our efforts, we run the risk of being further portrayed as hateful crazies. Besides, it is pretty crazy to make a big deal about protesting a movie. We'd be just like the Christian crazies who boycotted The Golden Compass.
  32. Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    we would look worse than those people. Think about it. The Golden Compass and all of that series is a direct answer to the narnia series which is overtly christian. The author even stated that the whole plot of his series is to tear down the christian faith and expose its ugliness. So atleast THOSE nutjobs were directly attacking something that offended and insulted their faith.

    Anonymous has no such "common" problem with this film. I say we just silently boycott the flick. Don't see it, don't fund it. If you wanna watch it, find a torrent. But protesting a flick because one of the people in the movie is a scientologist and has donated the money he made from other films to the church then boo hoo. In truth, I think Tom is just another brainwashed puppet anyway. It wouldn't be right, morally, to protest him directly since what we really should be promoting is getting him OUT of the cult, not trying to destroy his career. If you hate tom cruise, fine. But keep that initiative seperate. This is unrealted to the scientology goal.

    If you fail to see that, then you are drawing the same dumbass paralells that those christians who tried to protest Heath Ledger's funeral are drawing. Your looking for connections that aren't there. It's just a movie that some brainwashed guy is starring in. No one is going to see it and decide to join Scientology. :D
  33. anongirl Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    What I meant was that they were a perfect example of what happens when you protest a movie like they did. The majority of the protestors had no idea what they were talking about; they just kept yelling "They kill God in the end! Atheism is evil!!!" and the rest of the world laughed. Even though we have a good reason to protest (Tom Cruise will contribute a portion of his earnings to the CoS) it will just come across to the public and the media as "We're protesting against Tom Cruise because he is a Scientologist and we hate Scientology," which is not the case.

    This is perfect. If you don't want to support Tom Cruise then don't. There are ways to see the movie without paying for it. But picketing in front of the theater (or even making a big deal about boycotting the movie) will do more harm than good for Anon.
  34. Canadanon Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?


    Seriously, as much as Tom Cruise is a loony, our gripe is not with him. Nor is it with the hundreds of other actors and techies that helped make the movie. The box office earnings don't just pay the actors, they go to everyone. So we'll ultimately be hurting them (not to mention our own image) if we publicly boycott/protest this movie. It's not a good idea for Anon, I think. If you don't want to (pay to) see it then don't. Simple.

    Besides if Tom's publicity tour for this film is anything like his other recent ones (War of the Worlds, in particular) then the public will get to see more of loony Tom advertising his crazy cult. He's destroying his own career. He doesn't need any help from us.
  35. edudcixlsyd Member

    Re: Picket Upcoming Tom Cruise Movies?

    lol irony
  36. anonymous612 Member

    Just keep in mind that Tom Cruise =/= Co$.

    I personally will be avoiding it. Not because of Scientology, but because he's a horrid actor.
  37. Anon-101 Member

    I don't really like the idea of picketing films made by Scientology members. Let's face it, celebrities aren't the brightest, they'll leap onto any wacky religion doing the rounds (Kabbalah's out, Scientology's in!). Protesting films that have nothing to do with Scientology other than an actor in them is a member of the cult is veering very close to religious persecution if you ask me (at least, that's what they'll say) and it'll make us look like boring killjoys. Anonymous's greatest strength is its uniqueness: looking at the robotic, uninformed Stop The War protesters on 15th March made me proud of our unorthodox, meme-shouting, cake-eating Anons. Let's keep that, and leave film protests to the grumpy.

    Saying that, I still want to see some "Top Gun Was Shit" banners on the 12th :-D
  38. You don't need to picket Tom Cruise, he already has a negative vibe around him in the media. He's his own worse enemy. Plus, in many respects, I really think he's a victim. Did you watch his birthday party video? Tom Cruise: "the best birthday ever, and I mean EVER" Here's a man attending a "church" party paid for at least in part by his own donations, where he doesn't even know most of the attendees and the attendees don't even want to be there but are staff assigned to be there (I read some thread somewhere from an insider who says the staff, after working their butts off for days cleaning the ship, was ASSIGNED to be there and act as party-goers). None of his family appeared to be there, none of his "hollywood" or otherwise friends. Just DM the user and his slaves. And this is the best party Tom EVER had? I watched it and seriously felt so sorry for the guy.

    Anyhow, he's got enough problems with watching all the tapes he's recording of everything going on in his mansion looking for crimes. The guy's unglued. To me, picketing him would be like punching out a mentally retarded kid in the schoolyard.
  39. After all, unlike Cruise, John Travolta can fly...

    ...albeit because of actually having pilot training and his own Boeing 707, not due to his mythical OT powers.
  40. anonanonan Member

    This idea is as stupid as the green peace morons and peta.


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