Phoenix: shutting down operations

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Ninja_Llama, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Phoenix: shutting down operations

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix: shutting down operations

    Wait, so if anyone new is coming into Phoenix, are there any contact method(s) they should use besides I don't know if there's another Phoenix local forum (besides which is at all active or not, or whather Phoenix is totally dead or just going dormant. Did I hear something about a Facebook page or am I misunderstanding?
  3. Edweird Member

    Re: Phoenix: shutting down operations

    We were the ones behind the azraids@gmail and the phoenix critics(named thusly because we dropped the masks thing for several reasons) facebook...

    If someone is going to jump on running phoenix in our absence, I suggest new contact info. If they want to catch up with the sitrep on what has worked in the past and some turnover, I suggest sending me a PM here.
  4. subgenius Member

    Re: Phoenix: shutting down operations

    I would like to suggest not making an announcement that a so called "cell" has stopped operations, or even that any individual has decided to stop activities. A so-called "cell" exists anytime anyone decides to take any action.
    With all due respect it seems to be ego fagging, as well as very bad for morale, and PR.
    This movement isn't a bunch of franchises, like the cult. And for fux sake, its not rocket surgery. Anyone one who wants to raid should just do it, ya fkin faggots, particularly now, when the cult is prolly celebrating and gloating about what can be seen as a declaration of surrender.
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Phoenix: shutting down operations

    Oh, let 'em celebrate. They need some holiday cheer. :)
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix: shutting down operations

    ...and nothing of value was lost

    There's nothing special about quitting chanology.
    I do it all the time.

    Its the "rage" part of "ragequit" that makes you a lulzcow and a douche, rather than simply being a lazy faggot like the rest of us. Its no dishonor to be lazy, but a noisy, whiny exit is pretty lame (unless its involuntary, c.f. Dr von Marcab).
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix: shutting down operations

    Appreciate you clarifying, and thank you very much for the awesome job in Phoenix.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix: shutting down operations

    hey. i can say something nice.

    thank you guise.
    how totally cool is that that you ended up making some cool IRL friends and even had a little romance thrown in. that is awesome.

    best wishes to all of you.
  9. EndViolence Member

    Are there any AZ anon left? Just RSVP'd for the Feb 5th. Will bring one more with me.
  10. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Sorry to chime in late, but don't stop what you're doing now.

    You may not have that many participants or support...right now...but it will get better.

    To quote Bob Marley, "The people that are trying to make the world worse never take a day off; why should I? Light up the darkness."

    Keep on doing what you do. Every person who sees the signs and the protesters is affected...and that's who this whole operation is for.
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  11. EndViolence Member

    If I stand alone. I will stand proud and know that even as one, I am many.
  12. Anonymous Member

    "Phoenix shutting down operations" is a big O Noez! Phoenix is the awesomes afterall. But Anons in Phoenix or anywhere else choosing to adjust their IRL activities to what suits them best, not so much. There are lots of ways to keep the pressure on and as long as there are those remaining in and around Phoenix that want to see this thing through than nothings been shut down, monthly raids or not. It's not calendars that call us, it is faggotry.

    Best of luck Edweird and Ninja! I hope the next three years will be as full of win for you as the last three have been. Xenuspeed!
  13. Ninja_Llama Member

    In celebration of 3 years we decide one last hurrah. ZERO SCIENTOLOGY PRESENCE WAS DETECTED AT THEIR NORMAL PLACE AND TIME.

    While we were hoping for maybe a hug and a kiss and a good luck with life from the ED, I guess we can settle with the fact that they weren't out harassing the public. ;)
  14. SeenTheLight Member

  15. Ninja_Llama Member

    Might be worth dusting off a sign or 12. Phoenix will rise from the ashes? ( terrible joke....)
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  16. exOT8Michael Member


    Uploaded with

    Will they or won't they?? LOL

  17. subgenius Member

    Love ya
    'member me?

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