Philadelphia, we are here.

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by PhiladelphiaAnonymous, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Philadelphia, we are here.

    Philadelphia, we are ready to help.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

  3. Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    I would LOVE to see Philly make a come back

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - G. Love & Special Sauce - I-76[/nomedia]

    I can probably get 4 for sure from north of philly of and probably 4 or 5 fags from Manny or Bluebell for a January Global. 1 of 2 things. How many fags from the philly area can pick up? And which of the 2 below should be representing??

    Are we hanging out with cold beverages?
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - G. Love & Special Sauce - Cold Beverage[/nomedia]

    Or do we have sauce?

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - G. Love & Special Sauce - Baby's Got Sauce[/nomedia]

    (ps - Will Smith can suck a dick!)

    (pps I know philly suffered a bunch of faggorty last year. I wasn't involved. I could care less. get pass your egos. LETS MAKE HAPPEN)
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. **zero** Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    I can't believe we had that many people back then.

    Anyway, I am ready to get a protest going when others are too.

    New Philadelphia Anon - Organizing and Protesting against Scientology

    I have not checked up on it lately, and I haven't added content. But I think we have enough people to start planning a protest, but I don't want to assume a date.

    Mid november would be good. What do you guys think?
  6. Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    2nd or 3rd weekend. I'm in NJ for a wedding on 13th. Can hit Philly on the way home on the 14th. Or the next weekend.

    Got to run out now. Let me know.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    They're too busy shouting obscenities @ the Yankees atm.
  8. **zero** Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    Personally, I looked at my calander and the 21st is bad

    I would like to have it on the 14th, as long as everyone is okay with that. If no complaints, I think that should be the working date.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    We got 2 confirmed.

  10. spr1nkles Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    Northern Delaware here, hell, I'll show up
  11. fogslifted Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    Hey Anyone,
    I've just recently started researching this cult Scientology and am disgusted with what they have been able to get away with. I've been doing what I can to spread the word about the dangers and practices it's leaders advocate.
    Anyway, I'm new here and I'm not quite sure how this all works yet? Can someone tell me if I read this right?
    There will be a protest here in Phila. on the 14th of Nov. That is this coming Sat.?
    If so, where and what time? And is there something I should know about or do?
    Or do I simply just show up?

    Thankyou, and Good Luck!!
  12. xenubarb Member

  13. **zero** Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    I just updated the Ning, so there should be details there, but for those who don't know...

    We are on for the 14th. My car has just broke down, so I will try to get there an alternative way. I will get back to everyone by friday if at all possible if I cannot get a ride, as I am far away.

    For those not on the network, we can only protest 4 hours, so we will meet up @ 10:30 at the meeting spot, and then we will walk together to the spot in front of the starbucks.

    As to who is bringing what, we need three things: Camera, Signs, and Fliers, in that order. I will make sure I have the camera, and we just need signs and fliers. We have run out of fliers, and signs tend to be more effective. If we have none of those things, we can just make a run to kinko's, which is down the street. I don't have the prep time.

    As for the ning, if you are not on it, join it, even if you can't make this protest. I plan on giving the ning to someone else to run, as I have limited knowledge and know how on these sorts of things, or at the very least letting someone else co-run it. So let me know if you are interested in that.
  14. XenuPhobic Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    I don't know if it would be possible for the Philly org to be in a shittier location...right across from the convention center construction, almost zero foot traffic (unless you count the nearby homeless shelter). Amazingly, i've never seen more than 2 people in there.

    Anyway, can't make it, but give 'em hell Philly Anons.
  15. **zero** Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    You know there are two locations right? Its the one on race street and then the other on chestnut where the Macy's is, across from starbucks. But yeah, the one across from the construction zone sucks.
  16. **zero** Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    Hi all.

    I can't make any promises to be there with the car situation. However, if I manage a ride, I will be there. I have a friend who will help and come if it isn't raining, so Im counting on that.

    I think since we have plenty of people to begin planning, lets plan the next one together as much as possible, and keep contact. I will start frequenting the ling more often, so drop by so we can get this in full swing again.
  17. Anonyowl Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    Oh my dear Philadelphia. Are we doing anything this December :]?
  18. AnonymousXXY Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    December after the 14th i can promise 2 Anons to any big raid day.
  19. GOA Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    I'm back Philly. Will be lurking for protest dates and other cool shit. Keep posting. Will bring friends and delicious cake.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    GOGOGO Phillyfags!!!!
  21. ZackZero Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    Alright, Phillyfags, let's regroup already. We need to get back into things.

    Let's set a date. Get organized. All I'll need is where and when; I can show up with camera and mini-DV tapes to log any events. Main reason is I'm finally going to school, and have a professional camcorder because of my major.
  22. tenshi66 Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    give me a time and date. I need an excuse to drive down to Philly so i can get some Jim's and hit q-town up for some rosies. Plus anything to fuckin with xeno is well worth it In west Virgina btw. :mad:
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    The last off-wwp spot was on ning. Is it going to move? Is there enough interest? I'm not exactly close and the last forum didn't seem to have any interest. I'm not going to waste my time.
  24. ZackZero Member

    Re: Philadelphia, we are here.

    The best people to ask about a potential move from Ning would be the people who set it up. That said, why go off-WWP? We can coordinate well enough here, so long as people just keep updating their locality's thread instead of creating new ones and bumping others out of sight.

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