Philadelphia Protest Planning

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by **zero**, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Philadelphia Protest Planning

    Sup Philly Anon,

    Its been a full 10 months since the Scions in Philly has seen us at full force (for the record, that is around 10 protesters). The only exceptions of the good fellows down in DC, the 4 of you who went to the flash raid at the beginning of the summer, and the few of us who YTFC the area. I think there was also a July raid that fell through because everyone forgot.

    That doesn't matter really. With the willing help of other anon, I am willing to help out and do whatever needs to be done with getting our network back together. Its too obvious that our old ning and the members don't want to protest, so we who want to still protest need to make new forms of communication. I made a new ning for us to use:

    New Philadelphia Anon - Organizing and Protesting against Scientology

    And a forum that we can use for more inconspicuous planning.

    Message Board - Home

    In the next two weeks, just sign up to both, and stay tuned, and at the end of the two weeks we can start planning for the next protest. I will be frequenting the board and ning myself. We will also get a good idea of who is still interested in protesting. If there is no interest, then I won't bother.

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