Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Lettuce, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Lettuce Member

    Perth - December 18th/19th 2010


    I'm a new member here, but I've been thinking about planning a raid for a while. Due to Anon's recent movements regarding the Wikileaks incident I've pushed myself to do something.
    Anyway, its on either the 18th or the 19th of December 2010. I'm not sure what day would be the best for a raid or the best for people to attend. Discuss this.

    Date: 18th/19th December 2010

    Location: Meet outside Wesley Church (corner of William St and Hay St in the city) at 12.50. Depart at 1:15pm.

    Route (From Wesley Church:
    1. East along Hay St (through the mall)
    2. North up Pier St
    3. West along Murray St, stopping outside the Church of Scientology.
    4. Continuing along Murray St (through the mall)
    5. South down William St
    6. Repeat 2-6

    Bring a sign or fliers or something that marks you as a protester.

    You'll see me there. I'll be the one wearing a black top hat sitting on the steps.
    What do you recommend to wear (as people who have done this before)?
  2. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

  3. Lettuce Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    I hate sunscreen. My hat shall protect me. I mean clothes-wise. Any form of dress code? I've seen a few protest videos on youtube and people seem to dress in whatever they are comfortable with, but mainly black.
  4. Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    There is no real dress code for these protests. If you're planning on turning up in your birthday suit, however, that could cause some problems.

    The mask is recommended - Scientology will take your photo and attempt to Fair Game you - although you don't have to wear one if you don't wish to.
  5. Lettuce Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    My old one broke. Instead, I'm wearing a half-face respirator (2 chambered) and maybe a pair of sunglasses, depending on how stupid that looks. I might just wear the respirator. Is this good enough - or do I need moar?

    Also, its recommended that I wear something that overs my face completely. The respirator is half-face, but will it matter if they see my eyes?
  6. Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    No it won't matter if they see your eyes, but if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can cover them up. ;P

    Any old mask will do, btw. Just most use the Guy Fawkes mask, but some in my raid group wear respirators or simply tie a bandana over their face and wear sunglasses.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    Respirator? You'll be sweatin' like a pig in that, in the arvo.
    Bandana is nice and cool. Use that.

    How 'bout printing off some of those Freewinds forms and handing 'em out :)
  8. Lettuce Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    I don't really sweat much. I'm thinking maybe a balaclava? I have one of those too, if I can find it.

    As for the eyes, sunglasses are the way to go for me. In most of the pictures I've seen, people wear eye-protection, and I've heard of paint being used to splatter protesters with.

    EDIT: Just a question. How many people are we talking about turning up here? 5? 20? I've never seen the Perth anons this before so I have no idea. Can someone help me with numbers?
  9. Lettuce Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    Double post, my bad.

  10. Lettuce Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010


    I can't make it. Somethings come up thats critical to my future career.
  11. aubmaire Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    i'm a friend of lettuce, due to lack of interest and bad organisation, this protest/rally/whatever has been cancelled.
    another protest will be organised at a different date.
    probably next year sometime.
  12. Lettuce Member

    Re: Perth - December 18th/19th 2010

    Thanks mate, My internet was playing up.

    It'll be sometime in the middle of January.
  13. PH0EN|X Member

    January is almost over.

    Guys, I am certain the interest is there.
    Perth being the big country town that it is, people tend to slip back into being comfortable with the status quo if nothing is mentioned for a while.
    We need to rekindle the fire - and whilst the first step is simply being more active in any of these kinds of forums...

    I would wager a lot of people in your own (IRL) social circles still don't really see anything wrong with scientology, anti-piracy groups, or the trampling of freedom of speech.
    It is these people, the people who know you and have some measure of respect for your opinion that need to be convinced to aid us; expecting there to be a ready supply of protesters on this forum, all fired up and prepared to march on whatever location we decide is a definate exercise in frivolity.

    Regardless, I'm sure I can gather a few people and no doubt most of you can do the same; lets just set an abstract and realistic date of "around 4 months from now" and really get to work on raising prospective numbers.

    And keep in touch.

  14. AnonTheMoose Member

    If there's another protest in Perth, I'll be there. Just chiming in with my support.

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