Persian Gay- National Day of Silence

Discussion in 'Videos' started by iraniam, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. iraniam Member

    "I am an Iranian Gay. I am in the closet. I want to inform the other people, specially from middle east, about the gay people. We were born this way! Please, treat us as other straight persons! We are the same as others, sexual orientation is just one part of each personality!"
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  2. AltecLanding Member

    I have many gay friends here in Canada. There is nothing wrong with homosexuals just people see it as a bad thing. Come to Canada for the freedom. I have infact experienced myself in homosexual activities. I am a bisexual.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I am not familiar with the Koran enough but does it have a statment about homosexuality or is it more of a societal/cultural thing?
  4. UMULAS Member

    You can't be a gay muslim
    Allah says: “We also (sent) Lût: he said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds” [Sûrah al-A`râf: 80-81]

    “Whomever you find doing the act of Lût’s nation, then kill both parties.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhî]

    So you are sinning.
  5. AltecLanding Member

    It is not his fault he's gay. Simply just another shitty country with backtracked rules and no respect for morals or rights since they have none.
  6. UMULAS Member

    I do not belive homosexuality is normal at all or should have the right for marriage but shouldn't die because of their choice.
  7. COREarg Member

    I'm bi,but I prefer men all the way.
    Womans are way too tacky... I will never replace cock! (and also...SMELLY CLAMSª!!11!!!11 AARGOJIOAREEJTIA0UA09U3U42....1!!!!! ) [/FLAIL]

    And we support gay marriage here. It's ok,I think...I know couples that really loved each other,and would love to get marry. I think that two of my now ex-friends will get married at june or something like that. I will not be able to see them,though. But meh.

    I hope things get better in there...cultural and religious barriers are big but actually useless. They fall,soon or later.
  8. iraniam Member

    This is a FREE world. You can be ANYBODY you wish.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I see you have successfully instated yourself as a faggot after 2010. Welcome to Anonymous.
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  10. حمید Member

    As I understand you don’t find it normal based on a norm which is by you understood as a sin in reference to some statements, one of which If I am not mistaken, taken from Quran, clearly you have mentioned as to what “Allah says” and the other one which If I think right, from someone whose suggestion is based on understanding what you have mentioned as What “Allah says” which you have understood as a sin, not approving the suggestion. Do you know if both the statements are translated by the same whom suggested? Is it applied regardless of nature? And if, it is the normality of what is mentioned as “act” in the suggestion which has made it a norm or is it the measures promoting the norm which has contributed to its normality?
  11. حمید Member

    Freedom being precious is protected by democracy even if freely taken.
    There are lawful measures which have already been taken to prevent it freely taken, regardless of to be abused or abuse. Just simply wishing to be any body is not necessarily enough an argument to be used if freedom freely taken abused.
  12. Anonymous Member

    In Canada, we don't have homosexuals like in Iran. We don’t have that in our country. In Canada, we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who’s told you we have it.
  13. حمید Member

    Was that an impression to be as if Ahmadinejad in Canada or worried about responsibilities being taken if true but not in Canada?
  14. Anonymous Member

    It just makes me feel good to ridicule further Ahmadinejad.
  15. حمید Member

    Of course ”Ridiculing” you name it as well as many others named differently have had some purposes giving the pleasure of facing problems, pleasing us alarming as its sign. Amazing, how severe problems have been to have had made us express them with so much care.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Ridiculing Ahmedinajad is just way too easy.
    As for what's normal and what's not -gays can do whatever they want, as long as it's consentual. On the other hand - forcing women wear all black and cover their hair in 100 (37 C) degrees temporature is not OK.
  17. UMULAS Member

    It's FREE? I can't go around going naked in the streets or screaming bomb at an airport can I? It's free on the person who rules it and wishes it to be free.
  18. iraniam Member

    I said you can BE anybody you want, NOT do ANYTHING you want.
  19. pedrofcuk Member

    As a gay faggot fruitcake I have to say I'm perfectly normal.
  20. حمید Member

    Well, the consensuality has nothing to do with the matter as I am sure it is regarded as a private issue which, if in case preferred to be talked about, can perhaps be more enterprising instructions than Kama sutra to be as an example and regarding it that way is not only contributing to a norm as a matter of your approval to have regarded it as an approval but also shows a compromise to neglect the main question in favor of a completely different question encouraging a solution which consequently is going to be understood as “You be in closet” . The result of such approaches has prevented many other problems to remain unsolved with thoughts to solve them “in captivity” or forced to be invisible in the society. I am sure that the problem you are describing is not less prior if more but considering this way is as if you are suggesting to use the cover and be freely out where as if it was a bout a different nature you are not advising the same suggestion.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I can't quite understand what you're saying (I think you may have used Google translation).
    Anyway, my point was - there is nothing wrong with being gay, and I couldn't care what the Quran says about it [or the Bible for that matter].
    The Iranian regime is so incredibly idiotic, I don't even know where to start with where it all went wrong.
    Having said that - the Muslim society in general, not just in Iran, is very sexually repressed and has unhealthy attitudes towards sexuality, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Even the more developled Muslim countries [Dubai, Qatar, Turkey] are still incredibly hypocrite when it comes to sex.
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  22. حمید Member

    Well, it is one step in the right direction, having forgotten the clothing in this matter, not advising you to forget it if it is your problem.
    By nature one can be as normal as any human being having sexually different orientations. Male, Female being the most common orientations and as you named Google, you can find out all defined orientations which are Natural by birth. There is no what so ever factor by religion imposing nature but by in words defined, differently to be named differently.
    As you see Natural sex orientation being granted by birth entitles you by birth the freedom which is to be protected by democracy which is to provide protections being considered as a freedom even not to be taken otherwise it opens for pedophilia, prostitution…..criminalities….
    I am sure there are enough facts on these few posts which can help you, if you find your freedom is violated. I am happy to have been tried to be a voice which has wanted to be silent a day symbolically.

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