Per Wickstrom on his rehabs based on narCONon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by YouSeeNothing, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. A 'few' times? Sounds more like food poisoning than the flu.
  2. jensting Member

    If it were, then the entity which approves the manuals had better have REALLY deep pockets...
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  3. patriot75 Member

    from Luke via RTTP:
    From: Phil Hart <ednni @ *****>
    Subject: Re: A Forever Recovery
    To: "Lucas A. Catton"
    Cc: xorlandi @ *****, y4yvon @ *****, rmq88 @ *****, ocarcabascio @ *****
    Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009, 1:20 PM

    Dear Luke;

    Thanks for the report. Just to fill the vacuum Per has paid back over 2 million in debts stone hawk incurred. I believe all his regges or most of them are on lines in the Org as are a number of his staff. His withdrawal unit is learning assists on line at He has kept FC alive literally by paying for marketing and creating reaches and by helping their regges constantly. He wrote a report back on this current cycle you presented and my Div 1 is looking into it. In fact FC would be done were it not for his efforts. FC has not paid rent in the last 12 months except for one time and again they would have been out on the street had Per not covered for them. He has every vested interest in the world to get cycles into FC and has had to cover mortgage payments, legal bills,leases, and countless other bills by whatever means he could come up with. He just got the back payroll taxes (900K) settled and reduced to about 600K for Stonehawk. He paid for his own sec checks which you dismiss out of hand and with no knowledge about and just assume the worst frankly. You imply that he is NCG or assume so. This was 300hours worth at AOLA with excellent gains. Factually he CSW'd 3 times to open A Forever as a NN First step which was denied because of his connection to Kate which is now nearly handled at great personal expense. This is factually not as you assume that he is just ripping off cycles for his own personal pocketbook. This is not to say that his regges have never been out ethics or neither has Per but your implication that he is being protected by my Org while true is not true in the sense you think. He is protected because he produces constantly and has saved the NN in Michigan. This again is not to say he did not contribute to many of the problems we had back when but he has taken responsibility for all of it. The ED of the BC Org has done a number of seminars in the A Forever facility and they have as many of their staff on service in the Org as the NN does so it is slowly becoming an LRH delivery unit even though not licensed by us. Also despite the crash of the place under Kate, Per has an overall great production records with NN. Are there problems? - yes- but your report really assumes the worst of everything and lacks a ton of data so I hope this fills the vacuum a bit. We have looked into cycles before and in at least one case I remember FC just mis handled the start so badly that they lost it to A Forever.You can send whatever you want to RTC reports officer to answer your last question. OSA is very familiar with the scene there and a CSW is on lines to handle further. You can also go to DCA ABLE Int Gwenda Byrne as she would be external from Dept 20. Call me if you have any questions. ML Phil,12065.msg30886.html#msg30886
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  4. billybob Member

    Luke - Yup, Per Wickstom is a skeevy scam artist, but he's our skeevy scam artist. Stop asking questions. Signed - OSA
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  5. anon walker Moderator

    The flap over Kate Wickstrom is interesting. I remember hearing on the Vince Daniels Show that Kate's brother was selling drugs inside NN Stoned Hawk.
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  6. jensting Member

    Yeah, and do check with RTC if there's anything you would like to know about the commands from above.
    So, the RTC is run by who, again?
  7. patriot75 Member

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  8. jensting Member

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  9. Random guy Member

    I don't think even their credit scam is going to help the wiggle out of that one. It is just a matter of time.
  10. DeathHamster Member

    It's been five years. I'd hate to think that Wickstom's new rehabs have been scamming enough to keep things afloat.
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  11. Random guy Member

    Wait, 2008, wasn't right after tat they discovered insurance fraud tech?
  12. billybob Member

    Oh yes, they have.
    He's trying to expand:


    "The Board asked if the business is operating at capacity, and if it is profitable. The Director indicated that the facility at this time has 90 clients, with capacity being 100, and that it is a profitable business."
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    From: Phil Hart <ednni @ *****>
    Subject: Re: A Forever Recovery
    To: "Lucas A. Catton"
    Cc: xorlandi @ *****, y4yvon @ *****, rmq88 @ *****, ocarcabascio @ *****
    Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009, 1:20 PM

    Ah, Phil Hart of Guardian Office information bureau fame. He has got to be an old fag by now.
    Scientology does recycle promo as toilet paper and criminal staff as criminal staff.
  14. billybob Member

    Moar details because they are delicious!

    In a public hearing held on May 21st, Michigan's Pennfield Charter Township denied a "use variance request" from TIA Corporation on behalf of expansion at 'A Forever Recovery'.
    Pam Anderson, Executive Director of “A Forever Recovery”, stated that there were very few police and/or fire calls, only a few medical emergency calls, and that there was very little outdoor activity conducted on the premises.
    The Board asked if clients were forced to stay at the facility, and if anyone had ever escaped. Pam Anderson stated that clients could check out anytime, and would be transported away by staff members. Clients who have left on their own have always been found. (Yeah, and dragged back by the scruffs of their necks!)
    The Board asked about security measures for the facility.

    (After she stopped laughing), Ms. Anderson stated there was ample security staff at all times. She indicated that there were security cameras installed, and that tape recordings were retained for two weeks. (Except if a security staffer attacks a patient, then the tape is destroyed.)
    The Board asked how clients are referred to the facility. The Director stated that they have a Website, and receive phone calls, and some referrals from family members and previous clients who have successfully completed the program. (What Pam Anderson neglected to mention was the veritable Potemkin Village of fake referral sites that funnel unsuspecting people to their "facility".) Success rate is about 67%. (What a load of crap! Lies, lies, and more lies!) Most clients are from outside the state of Michigan. The clients go through a detoxification procedure prior to arrival at the facility. (Yeah, if you could call going cold turkey "detoxification"!)
    The Board asked if there had been any state licensing violations at the facility. Pam Anderson stated that there are no violations, and that the Corporation has the highest accreditation that can be received. (Anderson conveniently covered up the medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits her "facility" is currently defending. The State of Michigan's "enforcement" is as flaccid as Anna Nicole Smith's late husband!)
    Next come the local resident's comments - I'm just going to pull quotes here, be sure to read the article:

    has witnessed clients walking through his yard, fleeing from police...
    there have been mailboxes hit, a garage was hit, and many people stop him to ask directions to the center...
    the sewer pumping station already smells bad, and increased clients will increase the smell...

    the clients on the beach are loud and use foul language which carries and can be heard by children and guests of residents... many issues including fast traffic, loud music from staff vehicles early in the morning, foul language and loud voices late at night yelling from room to room, clients climbing out the windows of the facility... had a family member car-jacked and threatened by a client... can’t enjoy being outside due to constant foul language from the clients... witnessed an overloaded pontoon boat, and has had difficulty identifying security staff from patients so she knows who she is talking to...
    loud radios, bad language, hooting and hollering at night, safety of his children, and the need for criminal background checks on clients...the language she hears from the beach area at the facility is horrible with repeated obscenities...

    Now this is funny, here, a resident calls out a Narconon staff for smoking on School property during the hearing!
    She indicated that one of the (AFR) staff members went outside during this meeting and smoked on school property. She is concerned that if staff members disobey school laws, they may not be following the rules at the facility either.

    Then there was Narconon's ringer:
    Gretchen Saver: She stated she attended the facility 4 years ago, and completed the program successfully. She stated that lives are saved there, and appreciates that the neighborhood residents have given up their back yards to help save lives.
    Pam Anderson stated that they have invited Lake Association members and neighbors to tour the facility...
    Boo 'effing Hoo!
    She states that all staff members are accredited, and have college degrees... (OH I WANNA FACT CHECK THAT!)
    She stated that the facility does not accept clients convicted of sex crimes.
    I sure would like to know how she can state that - do they run criminal background checks, or just use the false purposes rundown?

    [Director] stated that staff wears uniforms and I.D. tags.

    So the roll was called and with all "No" votes, the board denied the request. Still, residents had more comments to make even after the vote:

    [Resident] again stated that security staff does not wear identifying apparel, she lives in their back yard, and should not expand because the facility already has difficulty controlling the existing clients.


    Chuck Adams stated that he feels the residents were very upset about any proposed expansion of the facility and that a privacy fence should be installed as requested.

    Frank Schumacher feels that the facility should follow through with the fencing, and get more easily identifiable uniforms for security staff.
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    Probably accredited with the same BS as Arrowhead, who had their certifications yanked. It'd be nice if that was extended to Per Wickstrom's stealth Narconons. And college degrees... All of them? Really??
  16. What happened to Mike Downes?
  17. Anonymous Member

    This came in last night via Twitter:

    From Subluxation to Suboxone: Per Wickstrom's Newest Trojan Horse Referral Site Exposed!

    Friday, November 1, 2013

    Addiction maven Per Wickstrom has found a new way to funnel traffic to his tottering drug rehabilitation empire...or should I call it a "hempire"? And could there be a medical credit card connection?

    Your girl Miss Fortune discovered this pallid little website,
    during a Google search for "216 St. Mary's Lake Road" in Battle Creek.

    Hmm? Grant Family Consulting, I asked myself. Just who are these Grants and what "consulting" could they be providing?

    One of the many things I learned during my years in New York City was the definition of a consultant--a person who borrows your watch and tells you what time it is (thank you for the joke, Herb Manloveg!). But I have a feeling these "consultants" are interested in more than your watch.

    [Some very deep digging is revealed in the article at the link.]
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if this is linked to the credit card scam where the NN in Altanta took out cards in the client's family's name...

    At a possible 30% interest I certainly do not expect the credit card companies to police themselves. IMO cards used solely for medical purposes should not be usurious and point to a groups of vultures as nasty as Per and his cronies.

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  19. Anonymous Member
    Not long at all once they get a load of this video with Per Wickstrom crowding the two-shot.

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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Escaping from a Scientology drug rehab center: A transcript | The Underground Bunker

    Recently, we received a message through Facebook from someone we didn’t know. She was frantic, worried about getting her cousin out of a drug rehab clinic in Michigan. The clinic, Best Drug Rehabilitation, is one of several Michigan facilities either owned or run by Per Wickstrom or a member of his family, and is modeled on Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon. Like Narconon centers, Best Drug uses Scientology training rather than drug counseling on its patients, who are not informed ahead of time of that link. We’ve provided this transcript from actual Facebook messages, with only slight edits for clarity and spelling, and we’ve changed the name of the woman who contacted us to “Anne.”
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  21. RightOn Member

    so glad they got out!
    Another life and brain saved.
  22. DeathHamster Member

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  23. DeathHamster Member

    A tip that there's yet another Per Wickstrom-connected group:,12874.msg35495.html#msg35495

    It sure looks that way:
    Category:Behavioral Rehabilitation Services

    Especially when compared with other Wickstrom fronts:
    Category:A Forever Recovery
    Category:Best Drug Rehabilitation
    Category:Narconon Freedom Center
    Category:Tranquility Detox

    The trouble is, he keeps his name off the corporate papers, and doesn't use the Narconon brand-name much.

    Currently Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is trying to expand into Fort Wayne Indiana:
    It'd be nice to tip off Fort Wayne that the clampires are moving in, but it'd be nice to say better than "we think BRS might be connected to Per Wickstrom, and sometimes he's Narconon which really is Scientology. Scarey Stuff!"

    Some way to tie these groups together stronger than gossip, possibly already done in the Narconon lawsuits involving Per, would be nice.
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