Per Wickstrom on his rehabs based on narCONon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by YouSeeNothing, Aug 27, 2012.

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    OK. If 54, he was 27 27 years ago...~1985, COPS doesn't go back that far.
    1989 is the earliest and he would have been 27 then. I wonder if he was in Tampa at the time.
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    I wonder how many rehabs she cost? I mean the bride, not the boat.
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    A lot of what Per says is right, if only on face value. When he talks about "non-responsibility" and "helplessness" he is saying something true and very important. The 12-step approach does ram that viewpoint down your throat (it's step 1), and that's not good.

    He doesn't have the right solution, either, though. Scientology is just another kind of addiction.

    Isn't it cute when he ends his video with "And our goal for that person is to become a valuable final... contributing member of society."?
    LOL! Squirreling the tech, eh Per(p)? Tsk, tsk!

    Also... is that logo at the beginning an original one? It sure looks familiar, like it's a slight alteration of some movie/television production company logo. Can't put a name with it though, so I can't check.

    I did find this one:
    [IMG] but not sure that's what I'm thinking of.

    There's this one too:
    [IMG] but I'm still not sure.

    LOL another one... this isn't it though:

    I'd be hard pressed to find it now, but there is some discussion on this site from several years ago about a Scientologist offering some kind of service for old Scientologists who want to die. It was pretty lulzy/outRAEGeous. Maybe someone else will remember more.
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    I liek how youse/Nony's ferret out so much info on these creeps
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    (Probably a couple other threads.)

    "Take them shopping for a new body" was such a classic Scilon line.
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    Admission Agreement for Narconon Freedom Center, 809 West Erie Street, Albion MI.
  14. YouSeeNothing Member

    Silly question: I Freedom Drug Rehab a new entity of Narconon Freedom Center? Is there even a Narconon facility still in operation in MI? That's how convoluted the Michigan story is, I can't even tell even with all of our dox!
  15. billybob Member

    From this thread:

    The same group
    (e.g. the Wickstroms, Kate and Per, who are now divorced but still work together to fleece sick people in dire need of competent help)
    owns and operates several locations in Michigan:

    Best Drug Rehabilitation
    The Cedars Drug Rehabilitation (apparently this is the old name for Best Drug Rehabilitation)
    A Forever Recovery (formerly known as Narconon Stonehawk)
    Narconon Freedom Center
    Tranquility Detox
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    I guess we just haven't found the dox linking these groups to Narconon. Yes, Per is using LRH tech, and that's enough to want to shut him down, but are his rehabs still linked to Narconon Int'l?
  18. YouSeeNothing Member

    I posted the dox regarding A Forever Recovery, it was the assumed name of Narconon Freedom Center back in '08, but Per then incorporated A Forever Recovery as a for-profit corp. Perhaps we should check to see if, if legally allowed, he's using a former CARF certification for Narconon for his new for-profit corp. I'll get on that.
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    I don't think Wickstrom could be using the Narconon books and materials if he wasn't paying his cut uplines.
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    That would require his corporate tax returns. Narconon Int'l doesn't, and I believe, doesn't need to itemize their "donations" on their 990s. The one doc that I found that ties Per and Narconon together is that recent lawsuit that has them all bunched together as defendants.
  22. anon walker Moderator

    I know there were many complaints to the AG about Stonehawk, yet nothing ever seemed to happen.
    I'm sure the Wickstroms have to have been defendants at some point. Surely some of the people complaining must have tried to sue them. There were a LOT of dissatisfied customers victims.
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    The City of Manistee Planning Commission minutes, where they basically fell for Kate & Per Wickstrom's snowjob and lies and approved the Manistee site after less than half a fucking hour of questions..

    Work session discussion:
  26. It's all a lie. His Dad worked there. His sister is Pam Anderson. His nephew Steve Anderson runs the books. They are all greedy crooks. He's still a drunk. There is sooooooooo much hidden.
  27. He met her while in London when he was attending a birthday party for L. Ron Hubbard. She was one of the hookers he got caught with in his hotel. He paid her pimp $30,000.00 to let her leave the country.
  28. He's herp derpa derp.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Sister Pam used to be Pam Wickstrom, then married someone named Anderson and became Pam Anderson? Do you know her husband's first name?
  30. Sneak Moderator

    Let's try and keep personal information off the public forums, please. We don't need to give the scilons ammunition.
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  31. Intelligence Member

    Narconon morphing into other avenues of sucking in desperate Victims?

    This is WHY there needs to be Federal authority over these cons in North America.


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  32. He's an attorney in Detroit. His name is Charles (Chuck) Anderson.
  33. He's 53 - 11/13/1959
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    The lamprey has an independent existence, it's more like:

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    How about some credit card fraud for Per Wickstrom
    leaked dox from RTTP:
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    Per Wickstrom and CC fraud.jpg
  37. patriot75 Member

    This was posted last night on FB:

    Stone Hawk was a crazy chapter in my life indeed.. my parents sent me there out complete desperation when i was 22 due to my crack cocaine addiction. I weighed about 135 lbs and was 6ft (now 200bs) so that was very scary for my parents to see me show up on their doorstep in that shape and i completely understand their rash decision and do not blame them in any way shape or form for the decision to send me there. The first memory I have is walking into the "detox house" that they had set up there and seeing two "students" sitting in chairs directly across from eachother about 2 feet apart battling it out in an apparent staring contest (which I later learned was actually called TR ONE I think). I was surprised at the fact that there were only two non medically trained staff member watching this area when there were some pretty sick people there detoxing fro things like opiates and alcohol which in my opinion should require at least some sort of medical supervision. I could go on and on but I will simply highlight the main points that i recall from my stay. Once I got over to the main facility I remember how awful i hated the sauna program.. i think i went up to like 6 hours a day in that thing!! and the niacin was crazy annoying to ingest.. There were points I felt like i was on the verge of collapse and told to tough it out. The water was disgusting there in the showers and sinks and there were flies EVERYWHERE... The loong drawn out days doing the TR exercises were tedious and mentally exhausting. i mean i am from florida and got sent to michigan.. every fiber of my being told me something was off about this place and had i had any way to get out of there and get back home believe me i would have.. but i was basically trapped. I felt like a hostage. I remember calling home and telling my parents that these people are crazy and are trying to brainwash me but they just though i was homesick and wanted to come home. I got really physically ill there a few times during my stay with the flu or something of the sort i remember having an extremely high fever and being told that there was no such thing as germs and that i was simply being suppressed by someone or something in my life. then givin a "cold pack" consisting of vitamins niacin and cayenne pepper.. The staff began to notice my non conformist ways and i feel i quickly became a disciplinary target from that point on for that very reason. i constantly question their beliefs and theories. I started ending up in "ethics" class alot as punishment i guess which prolonged my program. long story short after the third time i was ill and they fed me the same bs story and told me i had to go to class i told them to shove it and refused to get out of bed.. this was a couple weeks before i was scheduled to complete the program. I called home with the ethics officer and mom told him that she arranged a flight for me to come home via the Detroit airport which the ethic officer told her they would provide me transportation to the airport in order to catch my flight and assured her i would get there on time.. i was picked up later that day by a narconon driver and about 15 mins down the highway the driver exited and stopped at an extremely shabby looking motel that some would describe as a crack motel. So I was checked into a room, given $30, and left to fend for myself still a loooong way from reaching the airport mind you.. Needless to say within a short time I found my drug of choice within the motel and relapsed that night. I called my mom and told her of the happenings and she was appalled. She wired me $300 for food and a cab ride to the airport the next day because she was forced to cancel and change my fight.. I ended up blowing $200 of the $300 on my narcotic of choice and also ended up having to pay the supplier the remaining $100 i had left for a ride to the airport the next morning.. I never told my family of the relapse that occurred that night out of shame and embarassment but I gratefully got clean shortly after returning home through 12 step meetings and haven't used that drug since.. I believe that the narconon staff knew full well what they were doing by dropping me off at that motel because they knew what my drug of choice was and blatantly lied to my mother about providing me transportation to the airport.. now does this sound like something the most ethical group in world would do?? you tell me what u think cuz i am dying for some feedback and questions! thanks.. (sorry if there is anything in this post that there should not be. If that is the case it was unintentional and i apologize.) thanks again. bless.
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    Practically every Narconon seems to do the "dump at a motel with $30" trick. Is it written up in one of their procedure manuals?

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