Per Wickstrom on his rehabs based on narCONon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by YouSeeNothing, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Per Wickstrom in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 4 individual completions for Per Wickstrom appear in official Scientology publications:
    Per Wickstrom NED RUNDOWNS The Auditor (ASHO) 345 2010-05-01
    Per Wickstrom L 11 NEW LIFE RUNDOWN Source 216 2011-08-01
    Per Wickstrom L 10 RUNDOWN Source 221 2012-04-01
    Per Wickstrom L 12 FLAG OT EXECUTIVE RUNDOWN Source 222 2012-05-01

    Note: The dates listed above are the approximate publication dates of the magazines, which may be weeks or months later than the actual date the service was completed.

    Per Wickstrom in Scientology's Publications

    The following 2 mentions of Per Wickstrom appear in official Scientology publications:
    Per Wickstrom Founding Patrons Impact 109 2004-09-01
    Per Wickstrom Members with Honor Status Impact 114 2006-09-01
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    Hey Steve! sweat much?
    down to his freakin' elbows and half across his chest....eeewwwwww
  6. YouSeeNothing Member

    All his shit is obfuscated. Think it's still scilon-based even though he's a for-profit now. Still sauna and vitamin bombs though.
  7. RightOn Member

    still an untrained ex druggy, untrained medical person who is playing russian roulette with people's lives.
    How are these people allowed to open in the first place?
    You would think at the very least, that COS would him shut down because of the competition! LOL!!!!


    Les and Anita Warren, Aida Thomas and other Indies are offering the Purif too, does this mean they wold turn away drug addicts and alcoholics?
    Or would they oblige?
    The only experience they have is that they are ex scis!
    I wish these people would stop playing with peoples lives!
    correct me if I am wrong
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    They don't have Narconon's CARF certification anymore, so what certifications do they have?
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    I say they have zilch
    They all need to be investigated for administering high doses of vitamins without a license and offering treatments with no medcial training or personel
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    Is there anything in Narconon Int's 990s showing royalties from them? According to the Ripoff reports, it's still Scientology-heavy.
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  12. billybob Member

    Nice find - on Youtube, too:

    Now, I find the special guest to be very interesting. About half way through the video, a man named Steve Machet talks about his daughter Margaux.

    Steve Machet is an entertainment lawyer in LA.

    His daughter went to one of Per Wickstrom's centers. I am almost certain she was at Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, MI.

    If you haven't seen it before, read this RipOff Report by a "Margaux":

    Margaux added more in the comments:
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    I posted a link to the Charlotte Ronson story. Agree, even if he's not CoS linked he should be shut down before someone dies.
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    Youtube comments are open too.
  15. YouSeeNothing Member

    I'll check. It would have to be a grant or donation if there is anything and I don't think it will be too obvious. I'd like to see A Forever Recovery's and A Best Drug Rehab's returns.
  16. YouSeeNothing Member

    The only thing that stands out on the 2010 990 is a grant to Narconon Freedom Center in MI. Now that whole thing is a clusterfuck. Here's my notes from yesterday. Curious to hear from anyone else as to whether or not they know if StoneHawk/Freedom Center is still operational:

    • In researching the history and current status of Narconon Stone Hawk of Michigan I made some interesting discoveries. Founded in 2003, as non-profit drug rehab, Stone Hawk had some internal financial issues which led to Narconon Intl pulling their license and granting them a temporary license in 2008. At the time it closed, SH was working under the IRS-given EIN number 38-3646037. as of today, the NCCS database does not list any Narconon non-profit organizations in Michigan.
    • I believe they reopened their doors under an assumed name, The Freedom Center of Albion, AKA Narconon Freedom Center of Albion in April 2008 until December 2008.
    • Narconon Freedom Center was incorporated 7-16-2008 and as of 2011, it is still a viable corp., John Walsher, President, Brian Kuehne, Secretary and Treasurer. I believe this was done to remove the Wickstroms from the Narconon-licensed corporation. EIN 26-2990691
    • Stone Hawk, in January 2009, registered agent was changed to Per Wickstrom and still operated under the name Narconon Stone Hawk rehab. The Freedom Center was an interim identity.
    • On October 14, 2008 A Forever Recovery, Inc. was incorporated as a For-Profit corporation under an assumed name, A Forever Recovery,.
    • Narconon Stone Hawk dissolution date 10-1-2010
    • As of 2012, Per Wickstrom was still president of A Forever Recovery, Inc. No EIN number found. NPI records: NPI#: 1992957542, Business and Practice location: 216 St. Marys Lake Rd., Battle Creek/Calhoun MI
    • IRS has address of Narconon Stone Hawk as 218 St. Marys Lake Rd., Battle Creek, MI EIN 38-364607
    • Appears that Per Wickstrom is operating A Forever Recovery out of the old Narconon Stone Hawk facility.
  17. billybob Member

    Another one...
    Per Wickstrom talks about Best Drug Rehabilitation:

    Comments are open, and apparently nobody is monitoring...
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  19. billybob Member

    Here you can read all about Per Wickstrom, how he went from car salesman to Narconon salesman.
    And, you can see pictures of his luxury speedboat!
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  21. DeathHamster Member

    As well as paying his dosh to Narconon Int, I'm sure he milks Best Drug Rehab dry to pay for his luxuries .. and occasional relapse.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    He seems to have the life style our dear friend Beau aspires to.
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  24. YouSeeNothing Member

    I wonder how many poor souls he fleeced that were never rehabilitated.
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  25. billybob Member

    Per Wickstrom, in his own words:
    Would you trust this used car salesman with the health and well being of you or your loved one?

    Notice how he brags about being famous for his cocaine bust!

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  27. anon walker Moderator

    Yeah, I'd send my loved ones to a place run by unrepentant cokehead...wouldn't you?
  28. RightOn Member

    "Jane Cunneen on March 19, 2007 at 7:40 AM
    I recently pulled my son out of the Stonehawk Narconon Program (Feb 2007) for numerous reasons including fear for his physical safety. We have filed an extensive formal complaint with the Michigan Licensing authorities for substance abuse facilities. The Michigan Personnel suggested that a rule of thumb is to stick with facilities close to my own geography. One of my son's complaints included never being allowed to attend a Christian church service while at Stonehawk. Once they got into the van but were taken to Starbucks because a train blocked the path to church. The owner Per Wickstrom on 2-16-07 asked that my son sign a release promising not to disparage Stonehawk, if such release would be signed then they will more favorably settle the finances. If this facility was reputable they would not push for such a document/promise from my son. The facility still holds my son's personal money and medical account money despite the law requiring it be returned within 24 hours of discharge. Folks in Michigan, please take note of the numerous complaints and concerns about this program and it's impending expansion in your state."

    "Martin Welbourne on March 15, 2007 at 11:06 AM
    Due to its recent failings, fraudulent claims and its abuses, Narconon Stone Hawk is the current subject at a website called run by Prof. David Touretzky (Carnegie Mellon Univerisity). Also, radio show host is currently investigating the problems at Stone Hawk and has been running a series on his saturday morning shows(PST). This started when Greg Behar's son, Tory, was kicked out of the program and dumped at a motel with about $10 in his pocket. Eventually Greg got a settlement but only after many many months of bad publicity. However, many more are now speaking out and they will not be bought off. There is breaking news that one relative of a narconon student is about to sue Per Wickstrom of Narconon Stone Hawk for "unjust enrichment" after another case just like Greg Behar's. Narconon needs to be stopped and investigated by the authorities."
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    Stone Hawk changed their name to Forever Recovery
    here is an entry from 2009
    "Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center (recently Changed To) Forever Recovery inhuman, liar, con artist, misleader, phony, atrocious, corrupt, destructive, loathsome, malicious, repulsive, vicious, sleazy, merciless, heartless, cult. Battle Creek Michigan"
  30. RightOn Member

    2010 RIP David Vantrease
    "This morning, a former Narconon graduate and employee of Per Wickstrom, David Vantrease, committed suicide in his apartment in Battle Creek, MI. Mr. Vantrease has worked for the past couple years for The Freedom Center in Albion, MI and A Forever Recovery, owned by Per Wickstrom. He was also a member of the COS in Battle Creek."

    lot more in this thread
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  32. YouSeeNothing Member

    So many lives of scilons end in tragedy. I never see stories of happy scilons retiring...speaking of which, that would be a great front for the cult, nursing/assisted living/retirement homes. I doubt they offer anything for members but I'm sure a wog's money is always good. Especially the ones on SS, pensions and fixed income.
  33. anon walker Moderator

    If he's 37 I'm DM.

    Maybe his meat body was just rode hard and put up wet?
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  34. YouSeeNothing Member

    Or, we just need to figure out where he was busted.
  35. RightOn Member

    posted 2012
    ""All staff from Narconon Stonehawk went to work at A Forever recovery until Narcnon Freedom Center was legally set up. This as due to legal and tax problems Per and Kathleen Wickstroms had with each other as owners of Stonehawk and with Narconon International. Kathleen Wichstrom sued Per and Narconon Int while Per Wickstrom's brother, who runs Wickstrom Chevrolet, ran A Forever Recovery. He now has his car company corporate secretary, Pamela Anderson, running A Forever Recovery. She is listed as an officer with the state. This was also done to prevent Kathleen fromgetting at assets of Stonehawk. That backfired and they settled in court with her last year."

    LOTS moar!! great thread packed with lots of info!!,11199.0.html
  36. RightOn Member

    is this it?
    edited : oh! you mean busted for coke?
    then this isn't it
    Wickstrom v. Experian July 1, 2010

    "Plaintiff stopped working for Narconon in June 2008, and the credit card account went delinquent that month. Plaintiff reported that he stopped working for Narconon because the company had "bad financial problems." (Plf. Dep. at 13). Plaintiff and his son started a new corporation in June 2008. The new corporation, "A Forever Recovery," was in the same business as Narconon and it used the same Battle Creek address. (Ex. 2; Plf. Dep. at 16-17, 21, 23, 77-78, 89-90)."

    American Express is being sued by AFR for garnishing that money, since AFR was Narconon Stonehawk at the time of getting the credit:

    A Forever Recovery. Inc sues American Express in 2011
    Court Case #2011-0000002837 NZ
    Case Overview
    Case Number 2011-0000002837
    Additional Case Information: [Parties] [Charges]
    Parties [ Top ]
    Party Name Party Type Attorney of Record
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  38. YouSeeNothing Member

    That was when, I believe, Per and his dad sued AmEx to reinstate their credit after everything went south with his wife. Don't quote me on that, as the history of that facility and Per is VERY convoluted. :)
  39. RightOn Member

    he is between the age of 50-54 according to the white pages
  40. YouSeeNothing Member

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