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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Supertyler113, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Supertyler113 Member

    Just a poster i designed feel free to use as long as you give credit to Tyler Marshall.

  2. That is REALLY nice work.

    If I may though, it may make more sense if you use an Iranian flag instead of an American flag.

    Or perhaps even some how a combo of the two.

    I do love it though. Is it ok with you if I print it up and hang it on my wall?
  3. Lynx Member

    American flag sends the wrong signal so does the Iranian one.

    demanding credit ... leaves me to wonder whether you do it out of benevolence or for your own satisfaction.
  4. I understand what he means. It's not about his own glory, it about someone else claiming his work as his own. I do this with educational material and music that I create. I'm happy for people to use it in any capacity, but by asking people to credit me, it gives me recourse when someone tries to charge money for something my work is involved in. I give freely to help others give freely. If they're making a buck on my work, I should get part of it.
    I support his choice to ask for credit.
  5. Supertyler113 Member

    Anyone can use my poster for anyhting they would like and i only said about my name so if they do use this thjaty they do not claim it as their own i do not want money or fame i just don't want my work to be plagiarized.
  6. KHA

    Flag ideas

    Hey have you seen those hippie flags, where stars in the USA flag are replased by peace sign?

    Iranian flag has some islamic signs in it. If you remove them and make it plain green, white and red tricolor with green peace sign in the middle? It would look like the original flag at first!
  7. mc9edj.jpg
  8. Kha

    Yeah Right!

    More Iran flags with peace sign. :)

    Or The islamic sign in the flag colored black and huge GREEN cros over it?
  9. Kha

    Im working with laptop and lack software to do good pictures.

    Anyway those pitures do no good in my computer. They should be seen in the streets. In front of Iranian embassy? In Iran? Atleast sent to Iranian celebrities around the world like Marjane Setrapi...

    I back you gyus at Iran 100%. I wish I could do something for you. Other than talk shit and hope for the best....

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