Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master'

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sam Urai, Mar 28, 2012.

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    I am just glad they were in there somewhere!
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    And not ONE working copy of this film on the file-sharing networks. God damn it.
  4. RightOn Member

    yeah I missed my chance to see it TWICE. and I am still waiting to see it :(
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    At least I'm in good company... :)
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  8. Trust me you have not missed anything. That is two and a half hours of your life you will never get back.
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    Funny how so many disagree with this^ opinion, don't you think?
  10. It really surprises me to be honest. Actors performances were good but I find it hard to believe that anyone could come out and say its a great movie.

    Each to their own I guess.
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    The evidence is, actually, quite overwhelming.
  12. That its a great movie? Please share this evidence.
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    Google is your friend.
    I am not.
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    I've just told my mum to go and see it. It's only just got cinema release where she is. Now i see why dvd is March release.
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    I wonder how the globes will swing tonight, hopefully in favor of Phoenix.

    And to the argument about it being a good movie...I don't care what anyone says, it was fucking terrible. But the acting was brilliant, especially in the case of Phoenix. but otherwise I found it to be an absolute disaster. But I am only one tiny girl with a small opinion. Just see it for yourself and decide.
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  17. Most of the acting was fucking terrible, especially in the case of Phoenix. The script was brilliant.
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    Lets go smoke some weed about it ;)
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    The script was amazing.

    A lot of people asked me what character Phoenix was portraying in the film.

    Well, that's easy, he was playing LRH.

    PTA was brilliant. He split LRH into two different characters! Remember how Dodd remarks how Freddie is so familiar?
    Sex addict fresh out of the military? Experimenting with shit, testing his brew on people? Freddie was a young LRH and Dodd was an older LRH. Both batshit crazy.
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  20. PTA

  21. EyeOnSci Member

    My impression was very much the opposite of yours. I saw tons of relevant details and issues that were exactly as the cult has been. The acting was superb and the art of cinematography was beautiful to watch.
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  22. RolandRB Member

    I'm looking forward to watching it (when the DVD price drops to €6)
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    New Scientology Book Identifies Who Named L. Ron Hubbard “The Master” | Showbiz411

    By Roger Friedman

    A lot of people leave Paul Thomas Anderson‘s movie “The Master” scratching their heads. It does feel as though some explanations are missing. And that feeling has translated into the movie not doing so well at the box office, while the main actors–Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams– have all been nominated for Oscars. Did Anderson leave something out, especially after showing the movie to Scientology enthusiast Tom Cruise? We just don’t know, for example, why the movie is called “The Master.”

    But in the new exhaustive (and yet curiously incomplete) study of Scientology called “Going Clear” by Lawrence Wright, there’s finally at least some kind of actual tie in between the term “The Master” and Scientology–which is veiled as The Cause in “The Master.” Wright cites Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s chief associate Peggy Conway as the person who dubbed Hubbard “The Master.”

    Wright writes that Hubbard, back in his early days in the 1950s, was pursuing actress Gloria Swanson to join Scientology. Wright says Conway, a South African who died in 1957, left behind papers describing her activities as chief “auditor” (the person who listens to ‘confessions’ of others). Conway wrote to Swanson in 1956 about being audited– or worn down psychologically– by Hubbard: “The Master did his Sunday best on me. He never went to bed–we talked the clock around–day after day, night after night– I was six thousand light years above Arcturus–what a genius is our Great Red Father!” (Arcturus is a bright star in the Milky Way that often turns up in sci-fi fiction.)

    Wright and/or Anderson may have been trying to get more information about Conway back in 2008. (She died in 1957.) One of the very few references to her on the internet turns up on an Ex Scientology message board. Someone logged in as “Anonymous Scientologist” writes: “Are there any oldtimers or researchers out there that have any information on Peggy Conway, a South African entertainer who became an auditor in the 1950s and was a “longtime friend” of Hubbard. She died in 1957 and Hubbard talked about her in the tape “Individuation”, using her death as an example of what can happen to a person who’s withholds are not cleaned up. He also wrote a poem, “Eulogy for a Friend” which has been published in the Ron the Poet/Lyricist mag. I would also like to find out if there are any pictures from the early days of Dianetics where she is included and identified. Thanks!”"

    Wright’s book is not the only big volume on Scientology coming out this winter. In three weeks we’ll have a memoir from Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Scientology head honcho and Tom Cruise bff David Miscavige. That book is still under wraps but should be explosive. Jenna left Scientology several years ago and has since been a vocal critic of the cult.

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  24. TrevAnon Member

    First review I've seen in Dutch media:
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  25. Master Mariner

    Master of the ship/

    Master is what LRH wrote he was to The Explorers Club
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Master Bater....
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    HA HA HA you said a diryt word
  28. Puppetmama Member

    After reading Wright's discussion of Hubbard's struggles with masturbation (should I, shouldn't I, I shouldn't, let's make a moon child!) I wonder if we all would have been spared a lot of grief if Hubbard had grown up in a more enlightened environment and had been able to wank off to his heart's content. Misdirected masturbation explains a lot about Scientology.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    It definitely describes solo auditing.
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mike Fleming Q&As Harvey Weinstein

    DEADLINE: What about Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master? Will you make money?

    WEINSTEIN: Probably not, and I just feel bad for Megan Ellison on that. I think it’s a great movie and God bless her for bringing these great movies into the world.

    DEADLINE: Why didn’t it click with a wider audience?

    WEINSTEIN: I probably could have marketed it better. I probably should have prepared the audience. We opened up to the highest per screen average ever, but I think the audience had trouble with the movie and needed to be guided and eased into it. I was so enamored with the film that I didn’t think the audience would have that trouble. Other people around me did say the audience would have trouble, but I personally loved the movie and Paul. Maybe I would have done him more of a favor being a devil’s advocate instead of a cheerleader. I seem to do better when I’m playing devil’s advocate. I do think the film will stand up and have a long life down the line.

    DEADLINE: What could you have done differently when you deal with auteurs like PTA or Quentin, who have final cut and write scripts so elegantly that you want to bind them in leather and put them on your bookshelf?

    WEINSTEIN: Every movie’s different, but in the case of The Master, maybe I could have come up with a different campaign. My attachment to The Master was not the Scientology or religion; it was that in WWII, people like my dad and other combat veterans came back and were just lost after the war. There’s a documentary called Let There Be Light that John Huston made about troubled soldiers, and my own dad was one of them. The carnage he was involved in really affected him, mentally. All of those guys were looking for something spiritual and those guys in California founded Scientology. For my dad, there were all sorts of other quests, but I remember hearing stories as a young kid about veterans and post-traumatic stress syndrome. Maybe if I’d explained the movie in those terms, that it was more of a spiritual quest for a veteran who had seen action and got lost, people might have responded differently. I’d told Paul that was my attraction. But there were so many themes in the movie and I was also fascinated by the Scientology, the whole idea of the beginning of a religion or a cult. The emotional attachment in that was something else, but maybe people were expecting an expose and they didn’t get it.

    More at
  31. jensting Member

    I finally got to see this! Yay!!

    From a film nerdy perspective, the 70mm alone made it special :) I can get into long movies, but this did not need to be any longer. It's not long in a "let's cram in some more detail" sense (think extended cut of "Return of the King"), more in the sense of taking the time it takes to tell the story without rushing along.

    As a film it's first of all a showcase of some serious acting. In the case of Joaquin Phoenix, it's a lot of acting, but the character is evidently putting on a show so the performance makes sense. It's a credit to Philip Seymor Hoffman that one would take a performance like this for granted, and he's Very Good. Amy Adams is amazing and should have had more scenes. Laura Dern was so underused it hurt ;)

    It's not so much that it's about the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology and it should not be seen as a docu drama. It's probably more that in all the details, especially the "processing," it appears very faithful. It's as if they wanted to make a film about $cientology but wanted a get-out-of-jail card. Hmm, wonder why...

    In a hugely important way it's accurate about $cientology: apart from giving deluded followers a framework for hanging their fanaticism on, "the cause" just does not work.

    So, at the end of the day, it's a personal drama about the guru and his family (where the wife is much more interesting than Hubbard's wife - Mary Sue - is to me, as an outsider[1]) and a main victim who personifies all that "the cause" - or indeed $cientology - sets out to cure and fails miserably at.

    Just go see it, as a film not as a piece of activism.

    [1] Maybe I need to re-read "Piece of Blue Sky" or something, but the biography I did read carefully, bare faced messiah, didn't give this much depth to Mary Sue. Maybe this, too, is actually very accurate, I just don't know.
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    I've ordered the DVD. I see Jet Li had a part in it which can only be a plus for me.
  33. Anonymous Member

    You probably want the 2012 The Master, not the 1989 Jet Li one.
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    As for the early buzz that "The Master" was really some kind of riff on Scientology, Hoffman insists that's not the case — and anyone who still thinks that when the credits are rolling should give it another look.

    "It's not an exposé on Scientology," Hoffman says. "It's something more interesting. This was a venue [Anderson] was using to get at a bigger story — and that distanced a lot of people. Is it possible to be well? What is getting well? Who is well? What is sanity? Can you exist in the same world with someone you love that much? The movie isn't there to answer these questions; it's there to bring them up."

    More at,0,3737328.story
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    There's STILL not a good copy of this on the BT networks. Damn it.
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    there is now a .mkv copy on torrents sites(of course i'm not promoting illegal activities)

    Besides, what jens said is pretty much exactly what i thought about this movie. Great movie as a movie-goer, not so much as a chanologist, but worthwile anyways
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Comcast Infinity is now running one of the movie trailers saying it's coming February 26 for on-demand viewing.
  40. Anonymous Member

    10^10 internets to you!

    BTW, there appears to be more than one, from filesizes ranging from 600 MB to 5.9GB. SO far, I've opted for the 600MB one. Getting ready to watch it.

    brb /popcorn

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