Paris: Scientologists Attack Nono AGAIN

Discussion in 'Europe' started by mnql1, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. mnql1 Member

    Cross-posted from OCMB based on an Oct. 18, 2011 post by Roger Gonnet on ARS:
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  2. WHAT?

    They went after Nono AGAIN??


    Time for another solidarity raid, methinks.

    EDIT: Somebody please get Roger to call Tony Ortega with a first-hand account of what happened
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Wave bye-bye to the cult in France!!
  4. Anonymous Member

    I think this new occurance needs a seperate thread.
    with Scientologists Attack Nono AGAIN

    wow when will they ever learn?
    I hope Nono is ok.
    geez what a bunch of voilent scumbags
    how many attacks does this make on Anonymous by Scientologists total?
    The number must be getting up there. Add also the recent attack of "camera grab guy" in the UK too~
  5. Anonymous Member

    These French clams are long overdue a broken nose.
  6. Sponge Member

    In the French thread:ésentant-de-la-cientologie-française.94998/
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  7. Yes scientologists are not understanding than violence is illegal.
    They have lost a trial this month and there are 2 new trials this month :
    26th oct : assault of the 12th march 2011
    3rd nov : for organised fraud
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  8. Are the trial documents online?
  9. No. Because scientologists shoud not have those documents yet.
    Later they have this documents, harder the defence will be

    I will publish some documents soon but not all of them.
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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Random guy Member

    ^^Bears repeating^^
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  12. Diablo Member

    cult getting new public...stats are down...buildings are run down...morale is at all time low...DM is still a midget!
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  13. omg I hope nono isn't hurt too badly. I agree with suggestion for separate thread.
    Stupid cult is very stupid indeed, and desperate.

    Everyone be careful out there.
  14. James Spader Member

    This has its own thread, as per requests. If anyone feels it would be better off in a different subforum let me know.
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  15. amaX Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that Nono has been attacked again.

    Please keep us updated on how he's doing.
  16. 3rdMan Member

    Vid? Pics of the assault? I am assuming they exist sense this is the second attack?
  17. Although I don't know the exact number, it is more than two. This is the second attack this year. There is a reference on ocmb (good ole Sponge) to a June 2009 attack, and ones previous to that:
    Nono has posted in that thread. I thought there was also a wwp thread on the attack but can't find it.

    The scientologists have it out for poor nono. :( Guess they don't like clowns.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I had the pleasure of meeting Nono at the Paris raid following his attack earlier this year. Such a happy, friendly, generous guy. I hope those responsible for both attacks are brought to justice.
    Get well soon Nono
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  19. 3rdMan Member

    Okay but are there any pics or vids? Given the attacks, I would be shocked if Anons did not bring cameras and didn't have them snapping or rolling in case something like this happens again, which apparently it did.
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  20. xenubarb Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    When he goes over there, he really should get police protection.
  22. AnonLover Member

    I seem to recall on the previous attack, mention being made that the authorities had all the available pics/vids. in which case, we likely need to let the lawfare actions play out before that stuff can be shared online.
  23. Triumph Member

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  24. jensting Member

    Metaphorically speaking, in court, yes.

    Otherwise, NO!!

    Best Regards

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  25. He wasn't badly hurt this time. He has witnesses for this second attack.
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  26. Kilia Member

    Oh my poor NoNo..not again??? Bless him!!

    Yes, the cult is VERY desperate now. May they rot in hell!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Extinction awaits the vile cult, Kilia. Expect it!
  28. Anonymous Member

    the assaulters this time are eric roux and phillipe de marco
    the hapy merry pair of thugs
  29. Anonymous Member

    he's got police protection but this time no time to call up for his contact
  30. Anonymous Member

    the damages this time were lessq than beforze
    a strained wrist and two days of rest and recovering
    about wrist scientologist attacks this is the third time !!!
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  31. Anonymous Member

    no pics
    but three witnesses nearby a restaurant

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