Paris Megaraid Aug 2012

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jensting, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. jensting Member

    First post. And My First Video is the greeting from the Paris megaraid to the narCONon Arrowhead protest today.

    Look in for the raw MOV file ..

    Oh, yeah, and there's a couple of faces on it. I AssUMed they didn't mind being face-fagged. (This was after we'd had the amusement of chasing the OSA type who had been in "stealth" mode around the edge of the protest; Oh, how we laughed.) All original video files left with someone who knows how to edit &c.

    A few photos are on Flickr. And a video, now.

    Best regards


    EDIT: Now removed plea for 'alp
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. jensting Member

    Only one download?!? Counting OSA as one, is there no video-savvy Anon who would be so kind as to Do The Right Thing? Please?!?
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  5. Anon_Guy Member

    Deposit files asks us to pay to download the raw vid... Any other way to share it ???
  6. jensting Member

    Well, they only ask me to pay if I want a fast download. I uploaded without paying - it just took an hour...
  7. Anon_Guy Member

    Sorry, i just had to click cancel to get the free dl...
    Thanks for the vid...
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  8. AuntAnonymous Member

    Dear Sweet Xenu! Someone give OP help!
    He has balls of steel to attempt this IT wizzardry that scares me.
    Also we want to see the post-raid report.
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  9. ZORRO Member

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  10. jensting Member

    Beautiful! (Not the clip I made, but all the better for it - longer, for one thing :) ).
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  11. Your little clip is really charming! Unfortunately, I lack the resources to get it to YouTube. :(
  12. jensting Member

    Awh, we should get a room.

    Ahemm. I'll have a go this afternoon (evaluation copy of Adobe Premier should do the trick, I think).

    Best Regards

  13. jensting Member

    I'll let others chime in with a detailed post-raid (especially since I was only there for the first part), but apparently the official count form the police (who had little to do other than count) was 135 protesters. I'd be inclined to take that seriously[1].

    We had Ze Germans, we had Belgians, Italians, Portugese, a stray Dane, and many French people as well as numerous nations I didn't hear about, I'm sure. We had an OT-bazillion ex-Sea Ogress performing ash-tray levitation stunts without a safety net! (The ashtray was clam shaped ;) )

    We had tonnes of press, mainly radio and (I assume) papers. More pro photographers than OSA on its own could account for.

    We were away from the bOrg since there just was no room in (front of) the bOrg, with a line of riot police between the bOrg and us. Very occasionally, a person would poke their head out of the building next to the bOrg (that's the clams, too, I believe) to grab a smoke.

    One clam wandered straight through the demo, smirking, and another was on the edge with his sooper-dooper spy cam (looking just like last decade's hand-me-down cheap consumer camcorder), making sure we knew that he was video-taping us while pretending to hide (or something). Much hilarity ensued as a party was sent of to walk around with him.

    Much dancing by buxom femAnons and others, many costumes, fun masks.

    Smashing party afterwards.

    All in all, something we should do more often (Oh, Hai, IAS in October!!!)

    Best Regards


    [1] for a proper French protest it's a tradition that the police counts a certain number and the organisers confidently assert that twice that many people rallied around their splendid cause. Since this is for protests where we care about the difference between 5000 and 10000 protesters, I think I'll not go there for this one...
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  14. jensting Member

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  15. jensting Member

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  16. jensting Member

  17. jensting Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Mirrored here:

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  19. jensting Member

    Niiiiice - thank you!
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  20. Ωmega Member

    l'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui
  21. L1sAZE Member

    thx for coming, respect !
  22. jensting Member

    Now - after all this time - I got to play with video editing software. Time to stick to the day-job...
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  23. jensting Member

    .. and a youtube copy of the greetings video. For completeness, really.
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  24. GuyFox Member

    Sweeeeet raid. And the video is definitely more watchable than the nearly half hour soap opera before :D

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