Paris Flash Raid Scientologist attacked us.

Discussion in 'Europe' started by anonymous vicieux, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Sponge Member

    One of these days some random burly member of the public passing by, without a single care for the consequences, is going to step in and smackdown those scientools so fucking hard.
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  2. Kilia Member

    It's so hard for me to see all his bruises and cuts and hear the pain in his voice. Bless him, Lord. *sigh*
    I wish you to get better fast, NONO!
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  3. subgenius Member

    Some people mistake kindness and peacefulness for weakness.
    Sparrow's latest video shows the cult video-ing a random passerby who also doesn't like the cult. He wasn't even protesting, or demonstrating.
    All it takes for evil to triumph is for "good" people to do nothing.
    Let's take care of each other, shall we?
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  4. Random guy Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    I don't think sclion's want to take this to the next level...not all of us will just video tape getting beat up. I will fight back if I get hit and they will be going to the hospital or worse!

    So there, fuck you Co$!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Me too. I'd love them to try it. They'll be postulatin' on the ability to walk again for a long time...
  7. Anonymous Member

    Dumb dumb better have Super OT fucking powers if he wants to, he better be able to instatly freeze me!
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Diablo Member

  10. Zak McKracken Member

    And you can be sure that Scientology will make sure, quite sure, that your next trip will be to Jail,
    with a court appearance for Assault that you may not so easily get out of.

    Provoking their "enemies" into a violent reaction - has been CoS strategy for many, many years.
    If you "fight back" even in self-defence, the burden will be on you to prove your innocence and it may prove more difficult than you expect.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    No witnesses...that's how I roll.
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  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Tough people ITT.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    US fag law maybe. Meanwhile in the rest of the world - they'd have to catch me first...
  14. Zak McKracken Member

    Keep your camera turned on, and operating.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Locked and loaded...the camera that is
  16. amaX Member

    I am hoping that Nono isn't in too much pain today. Thinking of you, Nono!
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  17. Cheers, Sponge! I was looking for that pic :)
  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

  19. Sponge Member

  20. cfanon Member

  21. Anonymous Member

  22. well after a meeting with roger gonnet
    frantz le francois bailllard
    nono la patate
    et moi anonymous vicieux
    just ashort video for the fun we still have cameras and energy
    outside somewhere in paris
    and soon ,very soon.....................................................................
  23. xenubarb Member

    Heh. Unless the victim is a 60 year old woman. They'd be askin "why u attack old lady liek that?"
    The answer would be the unspoken, "Thought she was an easy victim."

    Books, covers...can be misleading.
  24. xenubarb Member

    Damn right! Rawrrr!
  25. Sponge Member

    Nono comments on Topix...

    JEAN DUPUIS (spring 2006)....

    again 2008.....

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  26. Magnonymous Member

    Can you Paris Anons start planning the April monthly raid? Some of us Loldoners would like to join you. ;)
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  27. Anonymous Member

    And that's Rule #1, when there can be no witnesses.

    Rule #2 - Don't even think about breaking Rule #1. (This is where Private Manning screwed up.)

    However, in the public context of a demonstration/protest, and you are a victim of unprovoked violent assault, and you choose to defend yourself physically, all you can hope for or reasonably expect is that your posse is making video recordings and photographs of the event. Otherwise, you will find yourself horribly fucked up by the assailants - Co$ in this instance.

    The other posters of these facts are correct. Even with the recordings that document the event and prove that you were not the instigator, it will probably end up in court and that place can be as horrific as jail. It even costs more.

    I think that the "no witnesses" policy is mandatory when it's one-on-one but in a crowd situation, the game changes completely - totally different Rules.
  28. Magnonymous Member

    If we have faces covered and leave the scene before the fuzz arrive then there are no witnesses.

    "Well officer, I agree that on the basis of the fact that I was wearing a V-mask that day that it might look like me, but there were more than 20 people wearing those masks. It must have been one of the other masked men who put down the scilon in such a horrifying and violent manner, but I don't remember who because I didn't see it myself." -cough-
  29. Anonymous Member

    Excellent Point! Strong rubber bands for the masks! I get it!
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    That is exactly what the other anonymous will say the day you get caught in a fight. Have a nice day...
  31. If some english want to come in Paris tell us a date and we will make our raid this day.
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  32. Magnonymous Member


    I don't speak french (some might, not sure), so can we have a translator/troll guide meet us at the coach stop? lol
  33. Optimisticate Member

    Ghandi tech is a proven tech.

    Scientology is not. Don't stoop to their level.
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  34. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    If one person is getting hit, that's assault and battery. If two people are hitting, that's a fight. Gandhi Tech theory is that the more it is obvious that one person is the attacker and the other the victim, the better it is for the victim. there are ways to protect yourself from being injured and there are ways for your fellow picketers to help discourage the attacker (start yelling "police" or "attack", pointing at the attacker while obviously recording). Of course, all this depends on how dangerous the attack is.

    Go back and see what happened with Bob Minton each time he hit back. None of it worked to his advantage. Go back through history and see what happened to protesters who did not hit back, and you'll see in general they came out on top. And again, it depends on how dangerous the assault is. In Libya just now the protesters figured if they didn't start fighting back they were just going to all get slaughtered. They may well have been right. But I'm pretty sure we're not in that dangerous of a situation.
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  35. Magnonymous Member

    Jeff has a point...if you want to make a stand whilst on camera, "block and restrain" tactics are probably best. If not on camera, walking away is probably the most advisable thing to do.

    For those who want to do the inadvisable, you have been warned, do so at your own risk, etc etc etc...though if a scilon attacks an innocent and gets hurt because of it I'll do my best to hide my smugness.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Be smart and chill the fuck out. Don't give COS what they want.
    If something happens, than others with you should be recording and calling the police.
    To fight back is give COS exactly what they want.
    You need to keep the upper hand here and think on your feet.

    Only Scilons have been attacking protestors so far for the past two years. amirite?
    These assaults by COS have been wonderful fuel on their fire of fail. And it will only benefit the assaulted ones in court :).
    Of course I am not saying that I am happy that the protestors have been assaulted. So don't even suggest that.
    I am saying although the assaults have been very unfortunate and my heart goes out to all those involved, in the long run, it is helping to bring down the cult for obvious reasons.

    Also remember, in the eyes of a lot of the general public, COS is still considered a religion and a "church". *cough*
    COS always boasts about being humanitarians. These assaults by COS on protestors are helping to change what people's thoughts will be about what COS is really all about. These scilon assaults on protestors must also be planting huge seeds of doubt in some current COS members and hopefully speaking huge volumes. So don't fuck that up by fighting back.
    Let COS be their own demise. :)
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Depends on what "fighting back" means. If it means pooning and raiding more often, that's the way to do it right. If it means fighting back physically, that'd be indeed exactly what they want.
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  38. i know killia... im bawing like my mom died over this.
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  39. anonsoldier Member

    The revenge raid, with London (and really any EuropeAnon who can be there) is I think the best way to get back at them and show support for Nono. They hate us, they fear us, and they need to remember that we are here in numbers and that we do not forget or forgive.

    We don't need to hit them. No matter what they do it will always be to their fail and our win because they pulled it in. I want to shake with joy from seeing a huge swarm of Anons standing outside the Paris cult center and just raiding them like the glorious fags we are.

    Make them remember us in the dark hours of the night when they crawl into their cramped and unwelcome SeaOrg beds. Make them remember that we are not intimidated and we are not afraid because we are Anonymous, and WE RUN THIS.
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