Paris Flash Raid Scientologist attacked us.

Discussion in 'Europe' started by anonymous vicieux, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    TBH, I'd rather face down an attacking Scilon than an angry rat! I have seen Scurvy Bill open his jaws wide enough to engulf and slice n' dice my finger if he wanted to. Them teeth are pretty impressive!

  2. Vigdis Member

    and "ideas are bullet proof"
    Tout mon soutien à Nono, je l'adore sur tes vidéos.
    We do not forget.
  3. OHHHH MAAAN I hope a scifag tries this shit with me.... AWWWWYOUUUUUCAAAAN..... YOU WIN.... PERFECT !
  4. Anonymous Member

    Anyone raiding without cameras handy needs to burn this image into your brain....
    ^^This could be you...

    Chanology High Alert should be raised for extra caution all around.

    if you've got lots of time invested into trolling the shi- out of your local culties and WINNING like charlie sheen, lesson learned at poor nono's expense - sometimes their exorcised reactive mind snaps back into place and a scilon implodes in suppressed rage. at times like this, a camera in hand is anon's best friend AND the best self defense mechanism.
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  5. AnonLover Member

    Oh that is so good to hear, how much of the attack on anons was recorded?
  6. peterstorm Member

    On est avec toi Nono! Remets-toi bien.
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  7. peterstorm Member

    Nono is a true enturbulator
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  8. jensting Member

    Well, yes. Roland didn't press charges.

    A random nutter attacked me, and I did press charges, but there was no link between the random nutter and the criminal organisation known as the church <spit> of $cientology.

    Stay strong, French Anons, and get well soon!

    Best Regards

  9. Tourniquet Member

    Welcome to the next level, Scientology.

    The gloves are now off.
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  10. anonakatie Member

    We had one of our guys hit in the head by Revital Wanerman, Div 6 head.
    Unfortunately, he and his back up had stepped over to restaurant to get pizza and as the came out, she blindsided him.

    This was I think last summer. Rang his bell pretty good, but no blood, and no visible marks.
  11. FR : Je rappelle que le mouvement Anonymous est pacifiste.
    J'appelle donc tout le monde à ne pas nous venger physiquement.
    Une pancarte en l'honneur de Nono pour les prochains raids sera suffisant.

    EN : I recall that the Anonymous movement is pacifist.
    Do not avenge ourselves physically.
    A panel in honor of Nono for your next raid will be enough.
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  12. Rheinländer Member


    Scilons, we see what you did there!
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  13. anoninoob Member

    hey, FBI skimmers, please take note; numerous assaults against anonymous protesters (many of them fairly mild, but assaults non the less), absolutely no assaults against cult members by protesters that I am aware of.

    Do the math!
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Will wave french flags in your honor next raid.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I'm relieved this incident wasn't worse. Be safe out there boys and girls.
    Heal soon nono.
  16. FR : Les violences ayant entraîné une incapacité de travail inférieure ou égale à huit jours ou n'ayant entraîné aucune incapacité de travail sont punies de trois ans d'emprisonnement et de 45 000 euros d'amende. Code pénal.

    EN : Violence resulting in incapacity for work who are not exceeding eight days or did not result in any incapacity are punishable by three years imprisonment and 45,000 euros fine. French Penal Code.
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  17. pedrofcuk Member

    One of our sci-fags did mutter to someone that he'd like a to take a baseball bat to us, maybe this is the next phase of the cult meltdown?

    "We can't postulate them away so let's beat the shite out of them!"


    "Postulates not sticking? Resort to physical violence, it works for our leader!"
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  18. Orson Member

    While I live in the US and can't even think of participating, my hope would be that UKfags, Germanfags and others on the continent show up for the next Paris raid...a massive raid in response would make a great point. After all, they pulled it in.

    Be well Nono and anonymous vicieux.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Man, I hope the poor chap will be alright soon, and re-filled with energy and resolve. he reminds me so much of Major Boyle in Montroll, LOL.

    It seems those cowards are only brave when they see tiny groups of protesters. it also shows the degree of brainwashing - to the point of believing that PEACEFUL protesters are somehow dangerous and require this sort of response. It also happened in Montroll last June, when only one dude Anon (with a not-instantly-obvious compact camera) and two Femanons were left while the other half of the group went to get noms.

    A 'concerned father' assaulted the most petite Femanon (yanked mask), claiming she pushed his daughter to the ground at the nearby street fair. He also made threats towards the camerafag and seemed to be up for a fight, but chickened out when he spotted the other three guys coming back in the distance. He ran away threatening to punch the camerafag in the face if he was still there in 5 minutes.

    Wondering what would have happened if the other group was late?

    Surely enough, the "concerned father" has been identified the same evening as a clam and a regular at the org: crap/comparison.jpg

    We had two other assaults that year, much more serious, very violent, but there's no hard evidence the attackers were connected to CoS, although it seems very likely. There were no injuries and no equipment damage but that's thanks to good teamwork and solid defense. Things would have turned very, very nasty if there was fewer of us...

    SRSly guise, protest in groups. With a lot of cameras. Don't be easy targets for either assault (Nono) or framing (Sparrow).

    Again... massive kudos to Nono, and BEST wishes.
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  20. the anti Member

    and they call us violent
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  21. xenubarb Member

    I didn't bit anyone.
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  22. Sponge Member

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  23. Rockyj Member

    LOVE you Paris!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    No, Let the scilon fuckers lie and hang themselves/each other first, without the benefit of knowing what may be recorded.
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  25. Lorelei Member

    Nono, je suis désolé d'entendre à ce sujet. J'espère que vous et l'autre monsieur Anonyme sentir mieux très vite, et que la police aider à apporter vos agresseurs en justice.

    Je m'excuse pour mon français terrible.
  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. Kilia Member

    Oh poor NONO!! My heart aches seeing you so badly beaten up!
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  28. thefatman Member

    I've had a ruptured eardrum. But as for blood, yeah, I recall this being a first since Chanology started.
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  29. amaX Member

    anonymous vicieux, are you doing alright?
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I have made a note of the date - March 16th, 2011 - Violent Scientologists have caused physical, emotional and psychological harm to a peaceful protester. A foot-shot if there ever was one in this battle.

    I trust the French Justice System will apply itself appropriately.

    (I'm very upset about this!)
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  31. Rockyj Member

    Anyways, it has nothing to do with the liberal left's compassion or so called goal to keep us as victims. The USA's propaganda has made huge efforts to blame REAL victims of genocide, colonization and exploitation, as their fault for not having the capacity to be anything more but losers! It's NOT true! We're ALL equal as human beings no matter our race and/or economic circumstances & status! Please know we're all interconnected as one, AND as soon as we all understand this we may gain the ability to survive as a species!
  32. FreakE420 Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    &quot;First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.&quot;
    -- Mahatma Gandhi
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  34. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Please provide me with as many names, details, report numbers as you can. I am tracking all info relating to Scientology attacks.
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  35. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Review your old video and see if you might have images of them on camera for the police. You can make flyers to pass out asking the public if they know these people.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Nous n'oublions pas.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Et nous ne pardonnons pas.
  38. Kenji Member

    Anonymous blood has been spilled before by Scientologists, but NEVER this badly. The assaults I've seen (and the one I experienced personally) have always been mild. Never resulting in something this terrible, or done so brutally.

    This is absolutely disgusting, but I'm not half surprised by Scientologists reacting this way.
    3 years of pressure by Anon
    FBI now investigating.
    Not a week going by that Scientology is not in the news somewhere around the world for their crimes, lies, etc.

    Also, DM saying "OH SCIENTOLOGY DESTROYED ANON" and then seeing that Scientology can't actually get rid of a bunch of pesky Anons.
    Scientology cannot handle the situation,
    Scientology Tech fails.
    And thus, Scientologists snap.

    (sorry for the disjointed nature of this post btw)
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  39. Anonymous Member

    I think that the table set by Paul Haggis and Lawrence Wright (the recent New Yorker Article) is having many reverberations world wide and will continue to do so. This may mean more violence from the $cientologists at otherwise peaceful protests and demonstrations. I endorse all the advice given about cameras - video and still - these are our weapons.

    If DM believes that $cientology has taken down Anonymous, it's a mere index of his delusional condition. I take it as a strong sign that he is capable of shooting himself in the foot repeatedly.

    Based upon what I've read, DM has the frustration tolerance of a retarded, feral rat. The greater the pressure, the more retarded it becomes.
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