Papua New Guinea Gang Rape- More Rape Culture

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by White Tara, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. White Tara Global Moderator

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  2. Anonymous Member

    From link:
    A MELBOURNE man has been killed and a female companion raped by a mob in Papua New Guinea's highlands.
    An Australian man has been killed and a woman gang raped by a mob in Papua New Guinea's Western Highlands.
    Robert "Bob" Purdy, 62, from Melbourne, died instantly after being shot at point blank range on Monday morning when a group of up to 10 men confronted him at a house on the outskirts of Mt Hagen.
    The men then raped a female guest at the house.
    The woman, understood to be from the Philippines, was taken to Mt Hagen hospital for treatment.
    "The motive of the killing of this innocent Australian is not known at this moment as well as the identity of the killers," Highlands Divisional commander Teddy Tei told the Post Courier newspaper.
    Mr Tei said no valuables had been taken from the scene and police could not rule out the possibility that the owner of the house, who is away in Sydney, was the target.
    "I condemn the actions of these animals," Mr Tei said.
    "This is inhumane.
    "We are investigating this very serious incident which is likely to have severe ramifications on the country's image."
    Mr Purdy operated a towing business, Cobra Towing, on the Gold Coast for more than 20 years and is understood to have been working in construction while in PNG.
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  3. System Member

    we live in a fucked up world
  4. Anonymous Member

    Nothing we can do about this though. Seems the authorities are looking into it anyway.
  5. System Member

    good then
  6. Anonymous Member

    I hope you are correct, however I have reservations, PNG is quite well known for its corryption at all levels. Will watch and see.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Rape culture is society's acceptance of rape/dismissing victims/supporting the charismatic rapist/using rape in entertainment/degrading women who are sexually active instead of "pure"/blaming the victim. Gang rape is a cultural problem. The perpetrators rape because they won't be held accountable by the law.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Logical and firm action
  11. Anonymous Member

    We can follow this.
  12. Anonymous Member

    White Tara thanks. At first I was all- 'nother rape tale, then I was all -Woah! These women win!
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  13. White Tara Global Moderator

    I am fortunate enough to number quite a few incredibly intelligent and powerful women across PNG as my friends. They long ago imprinted in me a longing for equality for women in PNG society. Life and geography have changed circumstance for us in between, but I have never forgotten them, or their plight. This, as in any so called civilisation, is a reasonable request for all women. Thats why I posted.

    Rape culture as it exists around the world is terrible, but somehow in developing nations, it weighs more heavily upon me YMMV.
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  14. Sekee Member

    Doesn’t sound like a good place to be a woman.

  15. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hell no,its a horrible place to be a woman as it stands, but there are, as I said intelligent and politically connected women prepared to make a stand. I think a little anon support for them is well deserved. Who knows if it helps any, but well worth offering anyway.

    Edit: I am not asking for any action in particular, just read and understand. The fight itself is for the women of PNG. If exposure of their plight is limited to this one thread then so be it. Any awareness of rape culture and women's rights in PNG, or lack thereof, is good enough for me.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Keep your self informed and inform others in other words. It has served Channology well, it can serve well here.
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  21. anonsoldier Member

    Article is spot on, this does nothing to fix the problem. Death penalties do not ever serve as deterrents for violent crimes. If the police can't stop a mob from torturing and murdering people, who do they expect to execute? Educate the populace, empower the police to stop mob violence and then force them to intervene, and then you'll see progress.
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    OK. Check this out.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Interesting however, relevance?
  28. Anonymous Member
    If this is a human population who's behavior is markedly different, then it could be genetic.
    *Covers head and waits for explo.*
  29. Anonymous Member

    You underestimate the Papua New Guinean people. Would you care to propose that behavioural issues of African American people are genetic? Or of First American people for that matter? I dont think so. You are making a leap, an ugly ugly leap.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Sources on Manus Island told AAP an alleged sexual assault at the facility three weeks ago had been referred to police.
    Manus Island MP Ron Knight expressed concern over accusations expat guards at the facility drunkenly harassed local women. Residents and teachers at a local school have alleged one guard tried to lure children into his car.
    Mr Morrison told reporters he was confident in the PNG police force's ability to investigate allegations of sexual assault.
    "Any matter involving sexual assault is extremely serious," he said.
    "Where allegations of that nature are presented they are referred to the relevant law enforcement authorities, whether that's PNG, Nauru, Christmas Island or whether it's here in Sydney."
    Mr Morrison told a press conference on Friday he expected protections to be put in place for any victims.
    "The appropriate actions which have been informed by previous events I would ensure and entrust are in place," he said.
    "These things need to be identified, addressed, the appropriate references made to the appropriate authorities and, concurrently, protections are put in place for the individual themselves."
    Mr Knight told AAP he had an envelope of complaints from "women and teachers" that some guards at the centre were harassing locals.
  31. White Tara Global Moderator

    More at link:
  32. Darth Alor Member

    This is terrifying, D:, not safe even in a home, what has the world come to.
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