Ozzie Prime Minister and Wikileaks

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by timid sparrow, Dec 10, 2010.

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    Ozzie Prime Minister and Wikileaks

    Ozzie Prime Minister Gillard has said that wikileaks is illegal and that "foundation stone" has been violated.

    Who the F first of all knows what foundation stone is (I tried to find it without success)

    Second of all she says laws have been broken

    She has had a week to find which laws and come up empty handed

    and now has passed this on to the federal police for "investigation to which laws have been broken".

    I'm assuming if they got teams searching for the laws and haven't found any, how the EF should anyone else know if they have broken that law.

    Furthermore, this looks like a stalling tactic.

    In the states they've not been able to come up with a law that's been broken.

    I'm proposing that we hit all the petition sites and request a petition to Australia to either tell us the law now or drop these charges immediately.

    Then do the same for the US.

    With the goal of having millions of people globally sign this petition and creating a media buzz about this.

    I know - - The World In Action is very successful with their petitions, there are, I am sure, numerous others.

    I emailed avaaz last week about starting a petition, got back a really good response that they will check with their team, within 24 hours I got a survey about the issue and within hours after that their petition came out. Within 24 hours they had 300,000 signatures.

    would be good if we could guide focussed petition campaigns.

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