over nite meeting regarding this friday protest.

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  1. I Just received this in email. I am not sure if it is true or just propeganda.

    ارسال کننده خبر زیر صد در صد مورد اعتماد است

    م. آذری

    سلام مسعود جان
    امروز صبح ساعت 6 به وقت ايران با تلفن يکي از رابط هام از تهران بيدار شدم . اين شخص بنا به دلائلي به بخشي از اخبار پشت پرده دسترسي داره و با اطمينان ميگفت که سران نظام با سران سپاه ، بسيجيها و سران لباس شخصي ها بعد از جلسات شبانه روزي که داشتند برنامه اي رو تهيه کردند که مورد مخالفت بعضي از سران سپاه قرار گرفت که منجر به بازداشتشان شد. برنامه چيده شده از اين قرار است که قبل از جمعه و رفتن خامنه اي به دانشگاه تهران به هر ترتيب که هست بايد کار يکسره شود. در راس کارها بازداشت آيت الله منتظري ،چند روحاني مخالف ديگر ، بازداشت سران و فعالان ستاد موسوي و کروبي و ايجاد در گيري هاي نمايشي جهت کشتار دسته جمعي مردم در تهران و شهرهاي بزرگ. اين طرح در حال حاضر تمام شب گذشته مورد بررسي بود چون با مخالفت بعضي از سران سپاه قرار داره.
    تا اينجاي خبر ساعت حدود نصفه شب بدستم رسيد و بعد از چند تلفن در عرص صبح خبر را بدست دوستاني در ايران رساندم و بعد ازظهر خبر بعدي به شرح زير بدستم رسيد.
    طبق گزارشی که از حلقه درونی نظام به بیرون درز کرده است، صبح امروز شانزده نفر از افسران ارشد سپاه پاسداران بازداشت شده اند. این افسران با تماس با تعدادی از افسران ارتش، در صدد پیوستن نیروهای مسلح به مردم بودند. این افسران امروز به نقطه ی نامعلومی در شرق تهران انتقال داده شدند.شهناز
  2. anonymous612 Member

    /does not speak farsi
  3. Centron Member

    Translation to english?
  4. I Ran Hubbard Member

    /r/ someone give us a quick English run down.

    Of course this is an anonymous person claiming they got it from anonymous email, so be skeptical.
  5. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Machine translation:

    The news sent under a hundred percent trust is Azeri.
    hi john Masoud’s today morning at 6 Iran time with the telephone
     one of my Connector woke up from Tehran. According to the 
    person people becoming a part of the news is behind the curtain
     and access to B-
    make sure that heads of the system with the generals, heads of
     hair and clothes after the meetings were that day and night 
    program so that they produced by some opposition leaders that 
    led to at. program has been swept away from the Friday before 
    going to Khamenei and the University of Tehran in any way is 
    that we should work entirely. At the top of things detained
     Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, a few other secular opposition,
     leaders and activists arrested headquarters and Moosavi’s Karoobi
     and decision making in the dramatic to massacre people in Tehran 
    and big cities.
    The leaders of the army is. up to here news about half an hour night 
    and I received after a few phones operate in the morning news, and 
    the friends I grew up in Iran and afternoon news the following later
     I received. According to the report of the system to the inner circle 
    leaked out this morning sixteen persons of the Guard senior officers
     have been arrested. The officers with contact with a number of army 
    officers, sought to join the armed forces. The officers today point to 
    an unknown in the East had been transferred to Tehran. Shahnaz
    Yes, clearly they are going to massacre everyone... Whatever. Some people are so desperate to spread misinformation.
  6. EPG Member

    The email basically says that the guy who wrote the email woke up to a call at 6 am from somebody he says is his link withint the government. That person told him that Sepah and Basij had an overnight meeting to draft a plan for finishing things up before Khameneyi goes to Tehran University on Friday for friday prayer. Upon having arrested all of the activists they are planning on mass murdering a large group of protesters and putting an end to it all. Some sepah leaders refused and disagreed with the plan and were therefore arrested.

    He adds that later he also received news that 16 sepah generals were arrested after having communicated with the military to convince them to join the people.


    I do not believe this, especially because the second part of his news about the 16 generals being arrested I read about 3 days ago and it is nothing new, and I do not believe it is anything more than a rumor. Therefore I believe the whole thing is a rumor and is probably spread to scare and prevent people from holding their protest.
  7. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    سایت ستاد برگزاری نماز جمعه تهران لحظاتی پیش آیت الله کاشانی را به جای آیت الله خامنه ای برای امامت نماز جمعه فردا معرفی کرد ! این در حالی است که تا ساعاتی قبل نام و تصویر آیت الله خامنه ای در بلوک سمت چپ سایت برای امامت نماز جمعه فردا دیده میشد

    i ve seen it on this site
    n not is down now
  8. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    hi guys
    Iranian Channel 1 is jst announced that Khameneii will attend the Namaj Jome 2marow
  9. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    ps. local tv which run by government

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