Outed in Scilon video, arrested 3/15 in LA, Sean Carasov

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by kiyiyi2, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. FALLEN. Member

    Is there any way to get an update on this story and find out what happened to these poor people?

    This would be a good story to publicize about Fair Game!! They were set to testify against Co$ in a murder trial, and look what happened.
  2. Daywatch Member

    Homicide =/= murder

    just saying
  3. Happy Cat Member

    I can't find an update on his situation ATM. Perhaps you could try contacting him at asking him WTFE happened?
  4. Anonawhat Member

    Yeah, I'd like an update too. I'd gladly donate some money to their sanctuary if they're still in operation.
  5. Mark my word they'll come for Longcat next.
  6. Uhnawneemus Member

    This is truly horrible! First the financial abuse, then the human abuse, and now animals?!?!?! It's like they have a guidebook that which says "Do everything dirty and offensive, as it will only HELP you." written by an Anon. I don't even want to know what what DM will be reincarnated as - although it would be pretty good if he ended up as a prisoner of Scientology and it's evil doings. It'd be pretty nice if he recognized his past life too.
  7. anon5712 Member

    We are all Mudkips Carasov.
  8. ahnonnymaus Member

    Those assholes.
  9. ahnonnymaus Member

    Okay, sorry to doublepost, but, internet research shows me that RVY, the writer of that PDF, died in 2003 of prostate cancer. He separated from his wife, Stacy, at some point. She is still alive. (edit: and was part of the Lisa McPherson trust)

    They were actually key witnesses it seems in the Fishman case, which explains why they were being harassed. He was old guard, guise.

    Anyway, checking up, Friends of Animals Foundation, as per 2006 as their website says, is still operating successfully in Seattle, WA.
  10. FALLEN. Member

    Last time I looked, intimidating a witness is a federal crime.

    I'm sure the prosecuting attorney and/or judge could have forced disclosure of who made all those FALSE complaints against that couple.

    How do Scilons keep getting away with this shit and not going to jail? It's like they have a friggin' Get out of Jail Free pass. :(
  11. Happy Cat Member

    They keep getting lucky and rolling doubles, it would seem.

    or teh dice, tey iz loaded
  12. FALLEN. Member

    Now the bastards are accusing Anonymous of killing cats! Interesting how they always accuse Anonymous of the exact same tactics THEY use, yeah?

    Phoenix New Times

  13. I was just about to post that too ^^

    Yes, it is exactly their tactic, isn't it? I smell a frame-up.

    Why do they hate cats so?
  14. Anonawhat Member

    You know, I wouldn't be surprised if they took his cat and put it on their own doorstep. Christ.
  15. Expensive Member

    I know Sean, he is a sweet very kind man. He loves animals and he loves his friends. He didnt deserve this.

  16. Fuck you Scientology, just... Fuck you.

    Well, I go doubletime in exposing your butts now :)
  17. Expensive Member

    I even knew mudkips. =(. If anyone is carpooling up from san diego for the trial please let me know ill go.
  18. An0nYm0use Member

    plz dont use tinturl and post the ful url kthx
  19. Anonymous132 Member

    Cat killing? Oh, it is ON now! I know what my sign at the next protest is going to be. "Ask me about Mudkips" with a picture of a kitty or something.
  20. acis Member

    i'm printing 200 extra fliers to hand out in the name of mudkipz
  21. FALLEN. Member

  22. Anonymuse Member

    Those jerks!

    You know what this means, right? It's up to us to avenge poor Mudkips by helping the courts turn this entire fiasco into the biggest footbullet the Scilons have leveled at their own feet ever!
  23. emperor_Anon Member

    I find there is a problem in that article in that it states we are protesting a religion
    obviously in some places people need to see we are not protesting the religion but the organisation
    signs like "fuck scientology" don't help anything
    here I had to state repeatedly that I was not protesting anyones beliefs or religion because it was so easy for people to have misconceptions of that

    I think if we push this idea, we'd get much more of the public on our side, and these types of activities would be much more obvious to the public that it is a form of harrassment by scientology
  24. Hieronymous Member

    I hate to sound like a scratch DJ but is there word on permits for a rally outside his court date? Either way I wanna be there cuz you know THEY will.
  25. flocculent Member

    Remember: because Sean's cat was killed, he was moved by anger to post the gun pictures.

    And that's how the C0$ got him. Feel your rage, but channel its energy peacefully. If you let anger consume you, the dark side will pwn j00.
  26. Yoni Alter Member

    I don't even like cats, but if they killed my roommate's cats, I would feel rage. And then I would have something to answer for to the roommate. Thank G-d they're inside cats.
  27. Same. Hell, if we wanted to harness the power of the Animal Liberation Front (read: a bunch of hardlining faggots) we could tell them. PETA would be the safest bet though since every other environmental/animal rights group practices retarded eco-terrorism =P

    PETA would shit themselves over this.
  28. Also: has Co$ figured out that cats are the only thing on this planet that anon truely loves? Maybe they have found our weakness :tom: :frustration:
  29. Hieronymous Member

    Mudkips is dead.

    Long Live Mudkips
  30. mudkipz

    i have to disagree as my own entity.

    every person and being on earth should have the opportunity to flourish without evil oppression.

    all of the animals on earth kill for survival.

    only man, secure in his daily survival, kills for malice.

    it is the malice that upsets me. malice to a person, malice to an animal.

    while kats are kuddly, i don't personally believe in pets. i think they'd be happier being free. but to each his own.

    but bonds between man and animal are every bit as strong as between fellow humans. you don't destroy the bonds and lives unless you want to arouse the most primal of killing instincts.

    If they had killed my cat just to get to me, I prolly would have put my fist through something.

    mudkipz, may you have a good passing, and have fun on the other side...
  31. dirk nimrod Member

    If they touch any of my family's pets, Raptor Jesus is gonna get medieval on some thetan ass.
  32. When I hear anything about Scientology, I immediately think of their disrespect of the bonds of love and respect between individuals, and individuals and their pets. And this is what they believe enlightment to be? The world's not in the best shape but can you imagine the hell we'd have if they were running the show?
  33. Hieronymous Member

    Above family

    Above love

    Above law

    Above country

    Above safety and survival

    Scientology comes first
  34. Globie Member

    Everything that you've said was right on.

    I completely agree with what you said.

    But one thing I just would like to point out is the amount of space my "pet" gets to call his "territory". The ability to guard that territory (and obv his family) with life and limb (or bark) against the horrid mailman (and others that dare walk near his lawn) is what fulfills his day, and probably his purpose in life...his thoughts, I'm assuming. He get's his chances to sniff out the wilderness (on his daily walks) and find out who's new blood, hopefully eventually meet them... I like to think of him as a happy "pet".

    As we animal lovers like to call them "companions" rather than pets. I think that if you substitute those words, we'd all realize that they really are members of the famliy. And thus the emotional and vengeful side of our personalities are shown when one of them is harmed.

    Because of Sean's story I am even more motivated to speak to my neighbors and ask them to help watch my back (property). I may be paraniod, but at this point, I really don't give a flying fuck.
  35. Happy Cat Member

    Anybody wanna look into the ASPCA? My sister's in it and they don't look like wingnuts to me just yet though with it being 3:30AM and all, I'm quite lazy in searching on relevant info right now. All I can tell right now is that their article on TOW is crap.
  36. Grey Anon Member

    This is fucking sick that not only would they pull the usual bull shit tactics where they falsify information about him but MURDER his cat. I can't wait till he throws a counter suit against them for cruelty and gets all his legal fees back plus gravy.
  37. Rorschach Member


    Okay...ima start her and then work forward. I've still to go thru the whole thread much less the rest of the forums...but will try and address everything since this concerns us all in one way or another. Things are kinda hectic IRL as you can imagine and I'm still trying to stay active as an 'organiser' for #socal on IRC like my buddy ath/Gareth who also got outed (at the actual protest in his case).

    So...this one's easy. The bail is $50,000 and the bail bond company pays for it and get it back when I show up for arraignment on April 9 (if not they send Dog the Bounty Hunter after me). I just lose $5K -non refundable- since that's the fee the bond company charges (10%).

    All ima say is I've not worked in two years and live off my dwindling savings so I hope I can get it back is we can get this defence fund together I've heard mentioned. Mind you, I'd rather get it back by suing them for defamation. I know they have all the money and all the lawyers but now that I'm all over google as a terrorist and religious bigot etc, my career opportunities just dropped into the realm of Subway sandwiches.

    And in case you're wondering why I've not worked in almost two years it's because I spent most of my career in the music biz and the one job that wouldn't give a shit about what just's over. There are no jobs in music any more. (Strangely enough....the porn biz might actually have reservations about hiring 'domestic terrorists').
  38. Rorschach Member


    Maybe I acted rashly, but there is nothing illegal about that picture. It says I have licensed firearms in my house and I will use them per my constitutional rights. I'm really not a violent person like that. I grew up in a violent culture in London going to football matches for the scarps etc but we didnt have guns. I got guns when I came to LA after being introduced to the LA Gun Club. I like to go to the gun club for target practice.

    But they -and I do fully believe it was CoS- did what they did not knowing I had guns. My guess is that (seeing as they'd outed me as a 'leader') planned to bait me at the protest about my dead cat until I lashed out with my fists or boots. And then taken me out of the game and discredited anon. Thing is, I was so mad on Friday night that ath/Gareth (from the LA Weekly article) told me it would prolly be better off for all if I stayed home with my anger. When I got up on Saturday, it took me a while, but I decide that I had to go....and be chill. Cos otherwise they win. Now, since it took me a while to decide, I got there after all the bullshit where they outed ath with a billboard with his address and phone etc....but he told me that some Scifag dressed as an anon tapped him on the shoulder and said "so i bet your little buddy sean isnt coming he he". It was all a rig up. Fuck them anyway...they're desperate and trying anything they can. I was actually gonna take a break after 3/15 to focus on finding work...but now it's personal. And look...they've created a 'martyr' of sorts that people are ralling around (and thank you all). They just don't get it.
  39. Rorschach Member


    There's really no point. Mudkips was one of several ferals I feed. The cops don't even make reports out for ferals. If it had been my homebody, Shorty, she would have come in the house if poisoned but Mudkips was only just at the stage where he'd let me pet him. There was no body, just bloody vomit and amonia in the food. I imagine he went of into the bushes or someone's shed to die. Even when it was pouring last month he'd not venture in....even tho I'd leave the door ajar. Anyway, I wouldn't put it past a Scifag to plant shit to make it look like you did it to make them victims
  40. Rorschach Member

    <3 TY!

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