Ottawa Protest, January

Discussion in 'Canada' started by thevoxbox, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. thevoxbox Member

    Ottawa Protest, January

    Being a resident of DC, I've been talking to Ian Shapira (the reporter for the Washington Post). Met with him in person today, he's very legitimate and very interested in Chanology's cause. Now, my student visa should be approved once I get to the border tomorrow (fingers crossed for me, guys!), and he's going to talk to his editor about flying up to Ottawa to attend a protest with us. The only thing is that he needs a date to request it for.

    We should get on this! How does the afternoon of the 15th or 16th sound to you guys? Maybe the 22nd or 23rd? Thoughts?
  2. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Ottawa Protest, January

    Other than this coming weekend (the 8th), I think I can make it. We don't usually do afternoons, but variety can be good.

    I'm good for any of those dates. Anyone else?
  3. thevoxbox Member

    Re: Ottawa Protest, January

    I could swing for mornings, actually -- I just assumed that early afternoon might be warmer, but I am a noob to these parts. I'm in Ottawa as of today, I'll be bringing along a friend and hopefully Mr. Shapira. Any of the dates listed are still good on my end!
  4. BahamutXone Member

    Re: Ottawa Protest, January

    I'll need to check my schedule to see when I can set something up (unless someone else wants to take over permit duties). There are other cities that are far better at this than we are, though.
  5. thevoxbox Member

    Re: Ottawa Protest, January

    Since I'm not familiar with the laws, I'd be super grateful if you could handle the permit stuff. And yeah, he knows that there are better cities -- I told him that the protests up here generally only range from 2-10 people, and showed him a picture of how pitiful our org is, but I think he may be planning to attend protests in other cities as well. I know I've heard noises about him heading to one in DC too.
  6. thevoxbox Member

    So, unfortunately Mr. Shapira isn't going to be able to join us for our protest, but my friend and I are still gonna come. How goes the permit stuff? xD
  7. Anonymous Member

    I can't come to one this January but if a later one comes up closer to my home of Saskatoon plz post.
  8. thevoxbox Member

    I think you might be better off trying to link up with Canadians who are closer to Saskatoon... dunno about the other guys in Ottawa, but I'm afraid I'll never be a good resource for protest info in that area, given how far it is. xD
  9. BahamutXone Member

    There isn't going to be a raid this month. With the rise of the other project on this website, I have to seriously reconsider my involvement with Anonymous.
  10. thevoxbox Member

    Fair enough... bummer, though I totally understand. Having to do some consideration myself. All the best, man.
  11. so, is there still a active cell in Ottawa?

    I am from Germany, stuck here for 2 month and might would want to participate and meet some people there.
  12. BlooAnon Member

    AFAIK, I'm the only one from Ottawa that still visits WWP. We haven't had a protest for quite some time as it is only me left still active and one anon isn't exactly a cell.

    I keep the others informed of the big news, but that's about it.
  13. It would be awesome if you have any information - connections welcome. I have send youa msg in the inbox.

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