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Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Recovering Scientologist, May 27, 2011.

  1. Drive-by OT...............
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    Advance! 206


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    "I spotted a shark heading right for me" but I managed to escape by putting two mortgages on my house.
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  5. afternon Member

    This is obviously a feeble lie- unless an OT scientologist would like to demonstrate his/her "OT powers" with some sharks again- Starting with Miscavige!
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  6. Gottabrain Member

    Photo is stolen, so we don't know size or type of shark. It could easily have been a dolphin.

    Sharks pretty much leave people alone, big or not. It has nothing to do with OT powerz.

    Moving quickly is NOT a good idea. It attracts the shark's attention. Sharks don't normally circle, either, they just chomp all the fish within reach as they swim or chase them down. This Scientologist is bloody hopeless. :facepalm:

    My personal shark encounter was in Queensland, Australia during a 1-week nature kayaking trip. About 8 of our group were in kayaks. It was a beautiful day, so I and a few others decided to swim across a water channel off the ocean. We were all cruising alone when a huge shark came along. He was within six feet of me and two other women, no kidding. We were terrified.

    The tour manager told us to move slowly toward the beach but not change our pace. Wise advice. The shark continued on his way, never pausing or changing direction or pace. He was fast, alright.

    That's how most shark encounters go here. There are exceptions - and some amazing stories of dolphins distracting sharks away from surfers, too.

    Dolphins have OT powerz, you know... :cool:
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  7. Bubbles Member

    There's a perfectly rational explanation for this.

    When the shark realized it was a scientologist,

    he hurriedly swam away, hoping the stupid wouldn't rub off.
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  8. I heard the OT had a Squirrel Buster Productions cam on and the shark swam off because his tech wasn't standard.
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  9. I will share my own. :D It was the summer of 'Jaws'. All the jokes in the pool were about the movie. People were really aware . I was about 12 and I was, along with the cousins, taken to a beach up in Massachusetts. I was wading and spotted a fin pretty much moving into the mass of people.

    Nobody else was noticing. Even the lifeguards weren't reacting.

    So I went up to the shore and told my mom. Things went fast after that.:rolleyes:

    It was only a four foot dog shark or something. The wildlife guys who came to get him said he was probably sick to be so far inshore.

    But yeah, I once got to get everyone out of the pool by yelling 'shark' for realz.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I can't wait for the OT shark show at SeaWorld. I mean, if you can tell a shark to circle, what can't you tell it to do?
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  11. Perhaps the human-shark communion works both ways.:eek:

    I wanna see this here OT's stats!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Ok here's my OT story. It's made up.

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  13. Anonymous Member

    When the aliens were making circles at Hemet, they picked up some cows by accident and one of them was dropped in the ocean. If I hadn't used my OT powers to call a dolphin to rescue it and escort it back to the beach, the cow would have drowned.

    Thanks for all the fish!

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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology produces miracles — but you only get to hear about them in one place

    By Tony Ortega, June 30, 2016


    We want to thank the tipster who sent us our favorite section of Scientology’s newest Advance! magazine, the publication of the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA).

    We really enjoy the “OT Phenomena” in each issue, a collection of fun stories submitted by advanced Scientologists with all of the miraculous things they can now do since Scientology made them superhuman.

    You see, Scientology tries to keep this from the public, but what its members are really doing is getting themselves up the “Bridge to Total Freedom” so they can get to the point where they will be paying several hundred dollars an hour for counseling to remove invisible alien beings from themselves. It’s a form of space-age exorcism that helps you rid yourself of hidden “body thetans.” As a result, your immortal self, a thetan, can then do all sorts of amazing, supernatural things that low-level Scientologists can only dream about.

    This is the stuff that keeps people coming back for more, until they’ve spent half a million to two million dollars, and have disconnected from everyone who might frown on this as nothing more than self-delusion. But we love it! We can never get enough of these stories, and we don’t understand why Scientology isn’t more public about all the spooky stuff their OTs can do. So let’s dig in!

    Continued here:
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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    As Scientology declines, its members are even giving up on their spooky super powers

    By Tony Ortega, September 5, 2016


    We want to thank Artoo45 for alerting us to the latest Advance! magazine, which has always been one of our favorite Scientology publications. It’s in Advance! that the “OT Phenomena” column runs. Jefferson Hawkins, who once edited Advance!, tells us that column was one of the most popular things the publications division put out. And we can see why.

    It’s in this column that the highest-leveled Scientologists, the privileged and wealthy few who have reached the “Operating Thetan” levels, share a glimpse of the way they were bending the universe to their wills with the superhuman powers promised at the upper end of Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.” And back in the day, oh what powers and abilities those OTs had.

    If you’re one of our longtime readers, you may remember excerpts that we ran at the Village Voice from copies of Advance! magazine from the 1970s and later. In those columns, Scientologists would relate that they could leave their bodies at will, travel across space and time, and perform all sorts of miracles (or figure out, from several states away, what the color of your patio furniture was).

    Former church members have told us that these stories were important because they gave lower-leveled Scientologists the motivation to keep plugging away at their courses and forking over ever-increasing amounts of money. It was a powerful incentive, to get into the OT levels and begin to enjoy these spooky powers that were hinted at in Advance! magazine.

    More recently, however, we’ve noticed something of a decline in the OT Phenomena column, which perhaps mirrors the decline of Scientology itself. Is it a result of having fewer people to share their stories? Or have Scientologists begun to give up on some of the more outlandish perceptions about what the “technology” of L. Ron Hubbard is capable of?

    We don’t know. But as you’ll see in these most recent OT stories, the tales being related are little more than coincidences that result from confirmation bias. Where are the great ghost stories? The tales of wild exploits while exteriorized? Are even the superhuman dreams of Scientologists dying along with the church itself? Judge for yourself.

    Continued here:
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology sells miracles, and we can’t get enough of them

    By Tony Ortega, January 21, 2019


    As much as Scientology wants the public to think of it as a totally not weird self-help group that offers things like improved communication and business acumen, the reality is much stranger and, frankly, a lot more interesting.

    What Scientology really offers is a yearslong pursuit of esoteric practices that lead to superhuman powers, granted as a church member reaches the “Operating Thetan” auditing levels.

    These upper-level secrets are not cheap. And to entice members to keep forking over the big bucks, for decades Advance! magazine has been printing ghost stories, er, totally true and factual accounts of Scientologists discovering their new supernatural skills obtained while they are going through their OTs.

    The magazine calls them “OT Phenomena,” and we can never get enough of them.

    Our thanks to the reader who sent us the most recent issue, which contained these accounts of Scientology miracles.

    “Open Up,” Says Me!

    After a solo session I went to the Examiner and then got into an elevator to go to the Solo Board I/C. I got off the elevator, began walking and then realised I should go to another floor instead. When I turned back around, the same elevator doors opened up and I got in. The people inside were smiling at me. I found out that someone inside the elevator somehow picked up on the fact that I would need to get back into the elevator, so they brought it back for me.

    And after this happened, whenever I needed the elevator, I would simply walk up to it and the doors would immediately open for me. — L.M.

    Now You See It, Now You Don’t

    I had a blurry eye and felt somewhat uncomfortable for months. While I was out of the country I had it checked out by a doctor and was told it was “dry eye.” But this didn’t handle my discomfort. Something was still not quite right.

    When I returned home I went to my ophthalmologist, who is also a surgeon and very thorough.
    He looked at the top of my eye under the lid and saw a calcium deposit underneath the membrane trying to poke its way through. He numbed my eye, and then poked back with a cotton swab but it was still there.

    My ophthalmologist told me that he could remove it and right there in his office, I agreed. He put numbing drops on my eye, got out his scalpel and placed it on the table.

    He was about to begin. Turning my upper eyelid inside out again, so he could take another look, he joked, “I think I did something like this 40 years ago as an intern.” I smiled, and we were both very uptone. And all the while I was looking at the razor thinking I would rather not have him cut into my eye.

    However, I was not ridging, avoiding or getting restimulated about the situation at all. I simply put my attention on the spot of discomfort.

    He then picked up the razor and said, “Wow.” He comm lagged, then inspected my eye some more. “It fell out,” he said.

    “I don’t know where it went, but I can see where it was. There’s even a small mark but it is no longer there.”

    I knew this was because I had the power to simply get rid of it. — K.U.

    Loud and Clear

    I visited a friend whose horse had been kicking his stall for some time. This was new behaviour. The weather was extremely hot, and the horse was inside of a barn that was even hotter.

    I got near the horse and perceived what was going on. After a period of time, I suddenly got a very strong perception of the problem and got a picture of something that looked like turpentine smouldering in the heat near some straw. I found my friend and asked if there was any chance there was an open vat of kerosene or turpentine near some straw.

    She went down to a part of the barn relatively far away from the horse and there it was.
    Someone had been painting and left the supplies out. It was then cleaned up fully, and after that the horse stopped kicking the stall. — K.D.

    Safe and Sound Protection

    One day my co-worker was about to drive backward from the parking lot. However she did not notice the gigantic crane truck heading her way. Lucky for her, I did. And I did not agree that he would drive into her car. So I had my intention fully directed at my co-worker so that she would look at me and stop her car. She did. And I prevented an accident. All this happened quite calmly and without any panic. In fact, she did not even notice the truck at all. — R.F.

    No Job Search Required

    One day I had the idea that I really wanted to work in marketing and to start on this as soon as possible. So I simply decided, without even thinking about how it was going to happen, that I have a marketing job. That weekend a CEO of a local company came to an event. He told me that he wanted to meet up with me soon since he needed to hire someone to manage his company’s marketing. The following weekend we met, we ate and we spoke about the job. I was then hired. It was the easiest and most effortless accomplishment ever. And I’m doing so well, I’m even getting a promotion to Marketing Executive Director. — P.D.

    More at

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