OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Emma C, May 4, 2009.

  1. Emma C Member

    OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult


    This is purely for those who want info, or have attended the raids & protests against this cult.

    flickr group, complete with shoopable pictures, leaflets, protest signs, etc:
    Flickr: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    and there is of course the epic blog run by a good friend of mine:
    Diamond Way Cult

    I have been away from this forum for ages, and didn't manage to answer some PMs and stuff but there we go for those who are involved in this.
  2. Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    No one cares about your issues. This is a personal army request, denying it doesn't change that fact. Welcome back to the boards, go kill yourself. <3
  3. Relyt Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Honestly, I think this could be a good place for people to get the word out about other cults.
  4. Relyt Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Scientology's influence on other cults, or just coincidence?
  5. lothar Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    zOMG Amway (whatever their current name is) is next..
    What about WBC.. blah blah

    Kill yourself.
  6. Relyt Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Why can't any of you let people speak about other stuff on this board? At least this time someone brought up something that's actually a threat to society, and even on the level of Scientology. Everyone knows WBC isn't a threat to anything.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Well, you obviously do care, since you post in this thread on the chit chat forum. What will you do next? Complain about non-English posts in the Internationalization section? Or about nonsense posted in the dome? Do you really think someone cares what you care about?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult


    The Diamond Way case is a little more complex than your average UFO cult;
    they claim to be a variant sect of mainline Buddhism; and there is some controversy within the Buddhist community over whether they are what they claim, or just another cult.

    What makes it confusing (and annoying) is- their connection to one of the loopier, and cultier branches of Buddhism to begin with. Mainstream Tibetan Buddhism- is generally considered co-equal with other existing Buddhist lineages, but some (e.g. Government of Communist China) consider them an evil cult.

    Some of the complaints (not all) about divergent practices at Diamond Way centers are Tibetan weirdness. (example: Serving alcohol - pretty much against core teachings, but in Tibetan tradition its not banned outright.)

    Perhaps the problem is- lack of awareness within the greater Buddhist (Tibetan) community, that Nydahl isn't just crazy and a bad teacher, but in fact a cult culty- but there seems to be some reluctance to call them that outright.

    I wonder how Non-FLDS Mormons feel :/
  9. genoramix Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    diamond way cult?? since when this cult has even 1/100th of the power of scientology?
    all cults are a threat to society, but Co$ is the only one to have such power and influence even among politicians....

    som imho, fuck the diamond way cult, we've got srs biz going on here
  10. Relyt Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Uhhh, Masons anyone?
  11. Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Because we're censoring your free speech. GB2 posting your penis in the Dome.

    You're right. I do care enough to tell you to kill yourself. Congratulations! 8D
  12. Relyt Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Seriously, why can't we have threads like this? I posted something about a political cult a while back and it didn't get the same reaction as this thread.
  13. Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    'cuz we're more interested in internet censorship. Find us a cult that bothers our internet and maybe we'll care.
  14. Relyt Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    You do realize that there are plenty of people on this board who didn't get into this because of censorship, at least not initially, correct?
  15. Haruhi Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Is the thread closed?

    No, you big whiner.

    If you want to talk about shit like this, THEN TALK ABOUT IT IN ITS OWN GODDAMNED THREAD. The one that you can see on this very page.

    Inb4Relt bawws about not being able to talk about his tinfoil.
  16. Snake Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    I only care about taking Scientology down. /thread
  17. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    And hot guy on guy action. You know AO in those thigh highs gives you a chubby.

    /thread again.
  18. TypingChimp Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    If I were a betting person, I'd say they're probably too painfully polite to say that they hope Warren Jeffs is getting fucking assraep'd in prison. They may even be too painfully polite to admit to themselves they hold that level of hostility towards the FLDS Profit.

    I've known a few in my day, and somewhat know how they think.

    This is just because I can.

  19. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Coincidence. Ole Nydahl got into Tibetan Buddhism in the 60's when he was doing hash smuggling and then went off the rails at some point. His major problem is that his support of the dark horse candidate for the 17th Karmapa has isolated him and all of his centers because like, 95% of the Tibetan Buddhist world has accepted the other child as the 17th Karmapa and no amount of sending monks to beat up other monks in India can change that.

    It's actually quite interesting:
    Karmapa Controversy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ole is very well-received in Europe because he's Danish and he kicks out people who disagree with him, but got a poor reception when he came to speak in America.

    I'm not really invested enough in getting in a monastic power dispute in Tibetan Buddhism to take up protesting time against Ole, but if you've been burned by him (or if you're a woman, raped by him) then I would understand your enthusiasm.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    thank you <3
  21. Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    I'll dissagree with you on your opinion about meditation....
    This group's intensions is to take money from people (victims)
    but meditation is a nice thing... Haven't you see what the shaolin monks can do with the help of meditation? Also it clears your mind and relaxes you
  22. Belladonna Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    I would suggest that it is because there are so many of these groups that it would choke WWP to death.

    Take a look here to see if you agree with my point
    Cult Education Forum :: "Cults," Sects, and "New Religious Movements"

    Here is a thread dedicated to Diamond Way
    Cult Education Forum :: "Cults," Sects, and "New Religious Movements" :: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism

    I hope anyone concerned with a cult or exploitative group will take the time to find the right place to address it. Cults suck.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    who are you disagreeing with?
  24. WTF Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

    Thread necromancy
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: OT: Ole Nydahl & Diamond Way cult

  26. Anonymous Member

    Thank you lama for teachings of the nature of the mind. Thank you for the blessing and transmission. I'm so rich because You entered in my life. This took many years to accept You as my teacher but in these years I've seen that you live as you teach and you are unshaken and you are a walking prove of a compassion. Airport after another. Thank you. I'm so grateful to have you live in my heart 24/7.
  27. Karmakagyu Member

    Lama Ole has the support and recognition as Lama of another Kagyu Kamas such as Shamarpa, 2nd in range the Karma Kagyu lineage and Karmapa XVI / XVII. The confidence in the Lama is important in all Tibetan Buddhism, specially in the old schools. But is a confidence to somebody else who has meditating more than us, not a fan club. Probably in whatever group, who meditate less do develop some fanatism, but that is a personal think, not a fault to the Lama.

    People is encoraged to taste if they like the meditations and the vision. But also is encouraged to go deeeper in one meditation or group (Diamond Way or another), because being an "spiritual tourist" don´t develop yourself.

    Tibetan name is a tradition in all Tibetan Budhism Lineages.

    Lama Ole is a Yogui (please try to research about that and tibetan culture) and also an exponent of the 60´s, and it had an opened relationship with his wife, to some conservative people this is traumatic.

    All the meditations can be done, high practices such as Phowa are completely opened to students off all lineages and traditions. Questions are completely opened.

    Lama Ole has 40 years travelling around the world, being every 4 or 5 days in a different country, this can be not pleasant for to much people and such a big responsability having 70 years old. The only motivation of this is to spread the Dharma. Yes, for this is necesary money, collected selling books and another thinks, is just a fact that in the world you need money to do things.

    Meditation is the same that other lineages in the Vajrayana tradition. I ve experienced meditation with other Lamas of the Drikung Kagyu tradition and the structure is the same. According to this all Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism is a sect (2,500 years old sect)
  28. Anonymous Member


  29. I was drugged and rapped by this guy aged 14... I have felt ashamed all my life because of his.
    I awoke half way through, but was paralysed, to him humming on my tummy, telling me what a great blessing it was ! fuck you Ole , one day I will find you .
  30. my best friend was also drugged and sexually assault at the same TIME she was 13.. That man gave us sleeping tablets we trusted him he violated our bodies and told us it was our greatest blessing !!!!!
    13 and 14 !!±!!! two little English girls . raped in Spain whilst Katia and marek sat down stairs knowing.
    then shipped off to Germany by them to start a different life . she was so brain washed by them that she still works for them in there media production. the schwarzenburg zentrum covered it all up.
  31. Ims

  32. Tits or GTFO
  33. Angelina_ Member

    There should be a research on diamond way members intellect rate....most of them seem pretty demented, wonder if it´s the effect of the practice.
    It probably becomes a disorder with the time....Men enjoy acting abusive and drink to excess there
    their practice is more like a mindless repetition that rather has a brainwashing effect...they act like criminals and consider it cool, being a "bad boy" is
    simply a trend.
    From my personal experience, sexual abusive behaviour is a norm there and I was continually oppressed to go to bed with them. They demand a fee for
    every visit of the center and attemp to drain you for money all the time . When you critise you get harrassed and stalked.
  34. Angelina_ Member

    btw lama ole is retarded for over ten years...if you know a lttle about psychology, you´ll see traits of psychopathy there

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