Oswald Hanciles Responds to Journalist Sorie Fofanah

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    Oswald Hanciles Responds to Journalist Sorie Fofanah

    - Wednesday 7 March 2012. By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

    “….…Very recently, Oswald Hanciles , a former college mate of the President was appointed as Special Adviser to the President on Media Affairs. He is struggling to make an impact in a saturated media landscape. All these guys have never been in mainstream journalism. They have at best been irregular columnists in obscure newspapers….Instead of portraying the positive development strides undertaken by the President, the Presidential press boys are busy lampooning the main challenger of the President to the President in the November polls…...”

    MANJOROKA, by Sorie Fofanah (Editor) Global Times, Monday, 5th March, 2012 .

    Profuse and Profound Thanks to Sorie Fofanah

    Sorie Fofanah: I now publicly thank you profusely and profoundly for publishing in your widely-read newspaper several of the news releases emanating from my office, and articles in THE OSWALD HANCILES COLUMN. On the very day you published the commentary which I excerpt above, one of my articles – titled, “Njala University’s Newest Doctor of Science Education Faces Big Challenge” – was published. The article was devoted largely to the 2012 convocation of NUC, and, brought out details on the bio-data of the scholar who earned a Doctor of Science degree, Dr. Aiah Kebbie – as well as excerpts from President Ernest Bai Koroma’s speech as Chancellor of NUC. Last week, I was overjoyed when you took the uncommon step of giving my column – titled, Ernest: “I am a Dreamer” – banner headline on your front page of March 2, 2012. That article was on the President’s triumphant ‘dream’ articulated during the launching of the Makeni ‘Arch of Triumph’; and had details on the bio-data on the First Mother, Mrs. Alice Koroma; bringing out the intense Christian passion of the First Mother, a probable ‘source’ of the vision and humility of President Koroma. Given the content of two articles RECENTLY published in your very newspaper, Global Times, I don’t think your words above – accusing the ‘Presidential press boys’ of “lampooning” the SLPP presidential candidate - are really directed at me, Oswald Hanciles. In nearly all of my releases, and articles, since taking up my new position, there is almost no direct mention of the SLPP presidential candidate – rather, I have been bringing out it graphic details what the President has been doing, within State House, and in other parts of the country. Surely, these are RECENT public records!!!

    I invite Sorie Fofanah for Hatha Yoga Lessons

    Sorie: I humbly invite you to my residence on a Saturday or Sunday for Hatha Yoga exercises. At least three times a week, I do Yoga exercises in the morning. At 57 years of age, I can stand on my head; bend backwards from standing up position and touch the ground; do forward stretches to easily press my palm on the ground….Can, you, Sorie, about twenty years my biological junior, do that?!! The physical Yoga gives me mental agility as well, Sorie. And, emotional and spiritual discipline!! One of my Yoga mantras is: “Criticism and praise, honor and dishonor…they are all the same…”. Under normal circumstances your criticism would arouse a chuckle in me. (By the way, I was the Executive Director of the Scientology Mission in Liberia in 1989/1990; and in 1990, at the Scientology Technology Center on 190/191 Ikorodu Road, Palm Grove, Maryland, in Lagos, Nigeria, I took Scientology courses - learned rigid emotional control). I only respond to what you write above because of the chilling lesson embedded in George Orwell’s book, “1984”: that is, if a man is allowed to tell a BIG LIE consistently enough even the most strong-willed persons would begin to believe his BIG LIES!!. Importantly, the explicit and intrinsic lies which you write in the excerpt above impinges on the sense of judgment of the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma. Let’s set the records straight.

    More craziness at link
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