Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by HouseSpiderV2, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. EastAnon Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Are you delusional? Someone claiming to be Anonymous, and now we are all guilty by illusion?

    If i go around spreading lies while claiming to be a Scientologist, does that make you guilty? Either you know who did what you claim was done and sue him, or you know nothing and STFU.

    Anonymous is NOT AN ORGANISATION as you would like it to be. It's a loose collective. It's not anything like your dreamcult, where you are partially responsible for crimes commited by other Scientologists.

    Now, please go back to your favorite pastime on trolling YT vids and shut up about Real Life. You wouldn't recognize a PartVan if it hit you.
  2. Faggot Police Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    i think i hear the chans growling with hunger....
  3. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    We don't take responsibility for things we didn't do? Scandalous. Here's a suggestion: why don't you threaten to sue me for starting the Great Chicago Fire while you're at it. Meanwhile, your out-2D behavior is being reported to your precious cult. Enjoy ur Ethics!
  4. anonandsuch Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Be sure to mention that he is a member in good standing with us at enturb:) We wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea now would we:twisted:
  5. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action


    And any lawsuit you file will have to list, in court, which parts of the info is TRUE. That then becomes public record, and allows your info to be spread further. FAIL.

    Sry, but the only crazy loonies we know about are the scilons that have documented, filmed attacks on Anon. FAIL

    No more that you can protect innocent children from abuse done by the cult. FAIL

    We've been saying that for years, and now David Miscavige can read it for himself, coming from a porn-distributing Scilon. ( Davey's mentioned so this will be sure to wind up on his desk). FAIL

    We would ask you to write after you enter RPF, but people who enter are never seen again. Enjoy your trip...
  6. anonandsuch Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Now he's viewing tustin ca -oc thread, me thinks he hopes to find his proof there
  7. 043 Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action


    Can you please explain to me how your actions here and on YouTube are in keeping with KSW?
  8. basil Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    ... or how living is KSW, to be perfectly honest.
  9. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Just two quick observations:

    1. If our gay porn peddling personage (as in 'person who peddles gay porn' and not necessarily 'porn pedlar who is gay') is, as suggested OSA, would that not entitle him to a free pass to 'Club RPF' if (okay, when) David Miscavige hears of his activities ?

    2. El Ron was strongly 'anti-homosexuality' (I recall he actually thought it was a disease)

    That's what makes it so interesting when you consider the number of public (and 'alleged' closet) homosexuals that appear to hold high level positions within the organisation.

    And now, we are presented with someone who, in El Ron's eyes, would no doubt be far more guilty - a Scientologist who actively profits from the very activity that El Ron despised and hated so much.

    The only parallel I can draw is that it's like a person of the Jewish faith setting up a pork sausage and bacon factory, and then advertising the products on TV !!!!

    For the record, I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, the Jewish faith, pork products, or anyone else who knows me.

    But it does seem that our dear friend is more than a little confused with his ethics. Perhaps a course of auditing would help? I hear that the FreeWinds are doing a good deal at the moment (and perhaps you could get your gay porn onto their 'in cabin' pay per view while you are there?)
  10. Smurf Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Blah..blah..blah.. same old TRs. *FLUNK* How's Mr. Wedgwood, Oliver? Is he still living in Tustin? Last I heard...
  11. oschaper Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    He has been several times asked very polite to remove personal information that has been associated with his videos which he refused. I also made it clear that I had not intentions to block his right to speak freely. He choice to make this a bigger issue and now everything will go its course.

    You guys don't realize that this is not an issue that involves the Church or Anon but a personal request. He made this issue blow up into this ridicules issue and has now caused even more damage.

    Well, he is not so stupid to show you the promotion of violence but his actions had consequences. He might be personally a nice guy but he crossed a line that I would never have crossed.

    Well, let me see, I have been rick-rolled last night on one of the office lines that we use about 90 times. If you like the recordings provide me with the FTP space and I'm more than happy to uploaded (just PM). His public post within this site have elevated a bad situation even worse and he will need to accept the reality that his actions cause a reaction.

    And I ignore them. They have not anything better to do with their time, sad but not my problem. Sure people using my image (which is actually old) and waste their time to post it online but what's the point about? It will be a matter of time and these images are gone.

    Don't get me wrong, because one person is unstable does not mean that the rest must be bad. See on both sites you will see people that do things that could have been avoided and some just take pleasure in the fact that they can attack.

    Would I reacted in the way HSA did? No because I don't need to see proof if he claims that his personal security is threatened. If the removal of information that I have posted (although I would not post or distribute somebodies personal information without permission) would make him a bit safer, I would remove the information and it would be not a big deal.

    Believe me I don't need to wax my ego at all. I tried to keep a low profile until he made sure it receives the attention within this forum.

    All I have seen is a contradiction of the initial statements of Anon, because the Anons are turning against Scientologists that speak out and exercise their right of free speech.

    I can but I wont show proof online. I always stated that I have not problem to show them in person and I even offered him this option. Remember I like to control my personal information and I would hate to have my full name all over the Internet, something I have been able to prevent.

    Sorry I was not present in SF but it is our goal to keep the piece and ignore the protests. In many cases the numbers of protesters which is going down is proof that this will not last forever.
  12. oschaper Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Well, you're free to check it out. Don't be to disappointed if I don't be there because I moved in 2006.
  13. 043 Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Enjoy your chanwich.
  14. oschaper Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    I think you missed that statement in which I made it clear: One or two bad apples don't spoil the tree or I don't accuse all of you. I want the perk to be caught and brought to justice and I don't care if he is an Anon or Scientologist.

    Sorry but you can't make me responsible for your problems with Scientology but I would be man enough to take responsibility for my action. Would you?
  15. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Ok, sorry Oschaper I have to do it because you turned on me personally. I thought you were cool, but as I see now you truly have been taken back into the Church and turned on us, so I have to call you out, our private communications are now over.

    Thank you for leaking all those dox to us over the past few months Oliver. I tried to keep it a secret that you personally broke copyright by giving all that information to us. The recordings you supplied Anonymous were a great help to the cause. Thank you too for verifying to Gawker that it was indeed Hubbard's voice, and supplying them with the audio in the first place. Oliver, you have helped Anonymous in the past but I don't think you can give us any more secret documents, as you havent supplied them to the council in a month, so your usefulness to us is now over. OSA, let me make it easy for your little brains, This is the man who has leaked some of the most incriminating dox to Anonymous. Other Anons, please verify this, as it is the truth.
  16. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Shoot !!!!!! So Oliver was 'Deep Throat' ??????

    I thought it was someone else.......
  17. Prozac4Tom Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Dude, we promised not to reveal the source of the most important leaks. Now you have made us look bad for not keeping our word to Mr. Oliver Schaper. I understand that he has turned against us, but that didn't mean we had to turn against him and make this publicly known.

  18. 043 Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Way to go, TopGrunge.

    Mods, edit/delete before our source is exposed to OSA plox
  19. Faggot Police Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    thanks fer da dox, nao go perform random sexual acts upon yur self, you who sleeps with mothers....
    is that better language random?
  20. Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action


  21. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Thinking back, we had a check from Bayer last month for an 'O. Shaper' which we couldn't account for.

    I wonder if this was a typo?

    Anyone seen LE about - better see if he still has the check!

    (NB We thought it was an 'in house Anon joke' - as 'O Shaper' is the facial expression made when someone is about to give a BJ!)
  22. Faggot Police Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    well, he does hav a faggot pron site
  23. anonandsuch Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Now now top grunge, revealing our source of the most important info we have about the CO$ is very bad form, some admin should really do something about that post before the OSA gets ahold of it and decides that our very dear and very important quasi leaderfag gets volunteered for the Sea Org and is voluntarily rpf'd
  24. Massive Arity Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Except, I don't really believe you that is not an issue which involves the Church. I absolutely believe it does, and I believe you are being dishonest. He didn't blow the issue up ridiculously, you threatened to sue him. He reported that you were threaten to sue him over posting information which is public. Also, alot of people find it ironic because your church and several members of it have done the exact same thing, including harassing phone calls and legal threats and stalking, and NOT been sued, because it is technically legal. You'd rationalize it the same way: doxing your enemies.

    Maybe, maybe not. But frankly, you're asserting he is responsible for promoting violence, and I'm still skeptical any violence has or ever will come of it.

    Of course they do. Oh gosh, rick rolled, seriously? I'm sorry, but I'm not rolling over in sympathy over something like this. That's not what you are threatening legal action over. Stop tangenting irrelevancy. Where's the proof of violence and compromising personal security? Office numbers are pretty public things I'm afraid. By the way, there are simple things that can be done to lock down against this simple prank. Sheesh.

    It's funny and public. When things get released on to the internet in a public way, you lose control over. People get to mock it and copy it and use it however they want. Ignore it if you want. In fact, no one here is saying you shouldn't ignore them. But, LIBERTY is an American right which says that if one guy finds it funny to mock your picture, then he is allowed to do so without your interference. It's not like Anonymous doesn't clearly mock itself constantly.

    Kind of. But so? Anonymous has a very minimal unifying ideology/doctorine/order. Your church, on the other hand, has mountains of well documented doctorines that ENCOURAGES MEMBERS on a regular basis to carry out ops that are far more serious than "rick rolling offices 90 times". If one member of Anon does something that crosses the line, the rest of Anon neither encourages it nor cares. They suffer their own consequences. But frankly, I'm skeptical of any such claim on this one until you provide evidence otherwise.

    Basically, even if people on both sides make mistakes, the difference is that on Anonymous sides, it's because somehow is unstable or a fuckwit on their own. On the Scientology side, as per on continued criticism, we can point to specific doctorines that encourage and elevate behavior as the appropriate action. Furthermore, it appears by all evidence (this includes countless legal battles under rigor of hundreds of experts, judges, legal men) that this is carried out on a continous, very large scale. Biggest difference in the world.

    Us? Well, most people, like you, exaggerate the worst of Anonymous's actions. Are some members obnoxious? Yes, so? Violent? No. Not buying it. Not even a single case of this I've ever seen. The bomb threats on 4chan are dishonest, BECAUSE 4CHAN ITSELF REPORTED THIS GUY TO THE AUTHORITIES, and you don't see anyone idolizing that idiot here. Also, the video which Scientology put out claiming Anonymous was going to 'blow up' churches was shown to be hijinked. Why is that the quality on the youtube version is lower than the Church's DVD version? Raises some flags, don't it?

    Work that out with HSA. Here, the problem is that he legally obtained your information. You cannot force him in any way to remove it without a legal precedence. If you've got one, go for it, which I don't doubt you will. The other option is to not blow this out of proportion yourself and realize that once people get their laughs in, as long as you aren't doing anything, like intimidating harassing or stalking members of Anon, we won't have any reason to care about you.

    You sure never kept a low profile on Youtube. In any case, low profile means stop deliberately pissing more people off by saying things which have shown to be false. Your information /was/ public, and it /only/ required 3 things that were on your youtube page: first name, last name, general location. Furthermore, your comments are extremely trollish and baiting for emotional feed. Don't play the victim here. I don't buy it one bit.

    Actually, Anon is being obnoxious. You have every right to continue speaking. But we're just going to shout our point out even louder and in ways that shock and infuriate you. Can you please show how this infringes on your right to exercise speech?

    Then until further notice, skepticism. PS: I have every reason to think you are full of shit based on your organization's documented DOCTORINE and behavior.

    Statements like this are troll material. Nice little jab there, LAWL. Have fun with ignoring, which you Scientologists clearly can't do (Ever seen all those videos online with those scientologists doing such a great job of "ignoring"? Peh. IT gets under you guys skin, and you come out to play. The whole world can see it.)
  25. Prozac4Tom Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Top Grunge, if Dwarf Midget comes down on Mr. Oliver Schaper too hard for providing us with church documents, I'm holding you personally responsible! I can get your pay reduced from Eli Lilly! You have been warned!
  26. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    It doesn't matter! What else could he leak us really?? At first it was cool, but he got a little annoying when he started spamming Youtube to make Co$ think he was a staunch defender but this is just over the limit. Besides, we told all our real sources to stay off enturb so they couldn't be tracked down, and he broke that rule, and then went after another Anon when he became afraid that his information posted by Anonymous would link him back to us and his leaks. I don't know for sure what his reasons were for turning against Anon, but whats done is done. OSA has already read this.
  27. Randomness Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Again, stop flaming.

    oschaper, if you want to participate in this discussion I would suggest that you offer the courtesy to address the questions that you are being asked, otherwise you are simply going to be treated accordingly, as many of us suspect that you are "trolling" with the intent to garner as much "incriminating" evidence as possible to support a foundless lawsuit.

    We call this a lolsuit, it is laughable.
  28. anonandsuch Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Damn he's been replying to this thread for the last five minutes, it's okay you don't have to deny being one of our leaks anymore...
  29. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action


    The Cleaner is needed!

    We need to get Oliver's 'status' removed from this thread before the next GoogleBot run, as someone has inadvertantly mentioned the leaked CoS dox and emails.

    From the logs, we have approx 70 mins b4 next GBot visit.

    NB For the n0obless on this thread, please do NOT socially bookmark this thread (i.e. using the little icons under the left hand side of each post you retards!) until it has been sanitized.
  30. Randomness Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Sorry, I'm caught up in other things, BRB enslaving a population.
  31. meatpopsicle Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action


    . <= the smallest violin in the world playing a sad song for you. try complaining about that to Paulette Cooper, Larry Wollersheim and the thousands of children harmed by the Cult of $cientology.

    you are trying to punch the internet, and got butthurt instead. THE GAME? YOU HAVE LOST IT.

    so you have supposedly reported stuff to the cops with dox. THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?

    oschaper = DO NOT WANT
  32. muldrake Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    "Perk?" You can't even speak English, and you couldn't even afford to hire a lawyer for your repeated bankruptcy filings. Do you think you are intimidating anyone by repeatedly posting "fickle matter" to this web forum? The only reason you aren't banned yet is that you're a funny guy. Like a clown. You're here to amuse them.
  33. anonandsuch Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    He's still replying, man is this going to be tl:dr bawwwing about how we are all bad nasties and he's a poor widdle vic or what
  34. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    I would just like to point out that the record clearly shows that the only things I've ever advocated Anons or anyone else to do in regards to oschaper is feeding his youtube troll posts cause they increase the stats of the video, and I once encouraged Hollywood Anons to send backup to Tustin for a protest because oschaper was complaining that there weren't any pirates at Sea Arrrgh (a claim not supported by video evidence).
  35. anonandsuch Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    And he's still replying, potential epic tl;dr
  36. anonandsuch Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    now he's gone back to viewing
  37. Kilia Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Meh, It looks like he's sitting on the reply window to get our goat. lol
  38. The Shadow Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    lol, the man just keeps digging (and I should know)
  39. Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    So, we're past the countdown.

    If yer not served tomorrow he's 100% full of shit.
  40. anonandsuch Member

    Re: Oschaper Threatens Me With Legal Action

    Fix'd it:twisted:
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