Osama bin Laden killed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 1, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The ideal scenario would have been for Bin Laden AND the US secret services who raided the compound to have been mortally wounded, all are terrorists working to advance a sinister and murderous ideology after all, but we'll take what we are given.

    And fuck you if you disagree with that.
  2. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Well I guess that settles that then.
  3. fallingspider Member

    you mean the USG's addiction to abritraily delcaring war on things? Why does that sound familier, I swear I've read that somewhere. I think we should make a list of things for the USG to consider next since we've won the war on terror.
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  4. over9000OT Member

    Ah yes... the Secret Service.

    Do tell, what is the "sinister and murderous ideology" being advanced by the Secret Service?

    Yes, yes, fuck me... I got it. If you could kindly answer the question, I would truly appreciate it.
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  5. the anti Member

    they protect current and former national leaders and their families, and investigate counterfeiting... so evil
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  6. Rockyj Member

    In comedian Jimmy Fallon's monolouge he asked what's going on with all this dumping in the ocean?
    First BP dumps all this oil!
    Then Japan dumps all this radiation!
    & NOW Osama Bid Laden?

    (sorry can't upload vid here)
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  7. eddieVroom Member

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  8. sharonbaker Member

    Awesome news for all.. Infact we have celebrated this day like a Christmas. But don't think that terror has been finished... Just take care of your self.. Good luck..
  9. Anonymous Member

    What would you suggest as far as taking care of myself? A cupboard stocked to the brim?
  10. Sponge Member

    and so it begins...

    more here...

    LOL idiots.

  11. Anonymous Member


    On the other hand, let's hope there are no trigger-happy Met Plods still out there - R.I.P. Jean Charles de Menezes!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Well let's see - perhaps "secret service" is a little simplistic, so there's Blackwater - sorry it's been renamed because of all the bad PR to Xe Services LLC... yup, always plenty of "wet work" available for those willing to take the blood money.

    Let's see an example of the fine US servicemen in action.

    Raymond Allen Davis. Google him.

    Yet another fucking nazi working for the advancement of sinister and murderous ideologies that the US government seems to hold so dear.

    I just wish the US government would fuck off and stop trying to be the world's police force. They are not, they never will be.
  13. DeathHamster Member

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  14. Now, if only we could capture other high-ranking terrorists like Janet Napolitano...
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    Anonymous, the yardstick of Protest!
    Yes, they really did embed the video on their story page.
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  16. xenubarb Member

    I wouldn't have missed him...bang bang...
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Greenwald's insights, he sure makes people think:

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  18. Now it looks like the government is not going to release the photos of UBL's bullet ridden, stinking corpse. CNN had the former ambassador to Pakistan on this morning. She said we do not need to release the photos because we should just trust what the government tells us. Now I'm no insane 9/11 truther; or inbred, functionally retarded birther but come on.

    She also said that if we do release the pictures, now is not the right time to do it. When the CNN host asked her when would be the right time she said the we should wait until there are no extremists in the streets burning American flags. Wat?
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  19. anonymous612 Member

    Shut up for a second.

    The phrase you're looking for is Special Forces. The Secret Service are the guys in suits that bodyguard the president. I think both the Secret Service and Special Forces would appreciate you being able to tell the fucking difference.

    And Blackwater, as you damn well know, is a mercenary group, not US Special Forces (or the Secret Service, for that matter, although that'd be lulzy). And "Raymond Allen Davis"? Private security contractor (meaning another mercenary) and CIA. Neither of which are US Special Forces or the Secret Service.

    Now, I think general consensus is the security contractors are a rather disagreeable lot, for various reasons. I don't think anyone is going to argue that with you. I also find it unlikely anyone is going to argue that the CIA is full of saints saving the world from evil (actually, Herro might be willing to argue that side with you, go bother him instead). But get your fucking terms right, because having a problem with the CIA is a hell of a lot different than having a problem with the Secret Service or special forces.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    All drawn from the same gung-ho ignorant "woo! USA IS NUMBER ONE!!11! bucket of shit scraped from the same sewer from where I'm sitting.

    Just watching all the cheering when Osama was confirmed dead reminded me that Bush was just as much a terrorist as Bin Laden was.
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  21. anonymous612 Member

    You realize of course he's not the president right now?
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  22. eddieVroom Member

    Here's something simple: If/when OBL's finance streams grind to a halt, he's probably dead.

    They may or may not miss OBL, but they will sit up and notice of a lack of money.
  23. over9000OT Member

    What sinister and/or murderous ideology does Blackwater/Xe/Triple Canopy/Grey Group/alltheotherPSCs have? Money? Hey hippie, tell me how you paid for your Birkenstocks and free range, organically raised, humanely picked and respectfully prepared bean sprout tofu. I'm going to guess money. Your use of the term "wet work" is not only laughable, it proves that you've been reading too many rabidly retarded conspiracy websites. Wet work. HA!

    I don't need to google Ray Davis. I've met him. (BTW, contractor =/= US servicemember) Guess what dipshit? The things you see and hear on the media are window dressing for an agenda. Do you really think you have the whole story about what happened there? Really? If you do, and I bet that you do, I hope that you're enjoying whatever direction of spin you're getting. Also, way2godwin'slaw.

    What are these sinister and murderous ideologies you keep talking about? I think US foreign policy is pretty clear (broadly speaking): worldwide democracy, capitalism, Judeo-Christian belief systems and a general respect for human rights. Other than the Judeo-Christian belief systems, I really don't see a problem with any of that. When (if?) you respond, see if you can avoid hyperventilating into your recycled paper bag. Seriously, reasoned discourse can go a long way... especially when you have already shown that your are a loony wingnut.

    US, the world's police force? Oh, FFS. Look, it's hard being the hegemon sometimes. See if China does a better job in about ten years. Until then, put down the crackpipe for a few minutes, get off your lazy ass and go get a political science or history degree. Hell, Harvard and several other universities broadcast their classes for free on the interbutts; feed your head instead of parroting whatever retarded agenda you read on the back of a Rage Against the Machine CD case.

    I'm going to step outside of myself here and say something you may never hear again: you probably have reasons to be pissed off, maybe even rage. You may have valid points. You may be able to change some of the things that you think are wrong. But your language, the way you interact with reasoned human beings, will make your opinions unacknowledged, your feelings marginalized and your hopes for the world sandwiched between "Piltdown Man" and "Roswell" on the crazy kook shelf.

    Protip: No one that studies the interaction of politics, warfare, the economy and culture uses words like: wet work, secret service (unless referring to, you know, the Secret Service) or Nazi (unless referring to, you know, the Nazis) when referring to someone they fundamentally disagree with

    Full disclosure: I'm an asshole.
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  24. anonymous612 Member

    also, I corrected your word choice. Saying that Special Forces and the Secret Service are two different things isn't gungho ignorant patriotism, fuckface, it's fact. Not even obscure fact, it's common knowledge, and only speaks to what a dumbass you are that you aren't aware of it, because even my kid nephew could tell you "secret service? those are the guys that protect the president, right?"
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Sarah Palin syndrome?
  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. over9000OT Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    I had no clue that he was one of those people who-should-not-be-read. I suppose if I had known that beforehand, I would not have found his essay insightful.
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  29. over9000OT Member

    Read him all you want. Just remember that he is a linguist and a philosopher. Not an economist, political scientist or historian; you know, people that might have a professional leg to stand on this particular subject.

    Noam Chomsky has written over 150 books: zero of which are peer-reviewed economic or political science books.

    Noam Chomsky is about as qualified to speak professionally about global dominance and international relations theory as a medical doctor is to talk about Corvettes.

    Read as entertainment or understanding that he is a layman, Chomsky has his place. Used as a source when discussing international relations, not so much.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Still waiting for the pix and so do many families of 9/11 victims, who want to see definitive proof that the bastard is dead.
  31. Anonymous Member

    An no-credentials-to-show anon advising me to not give weight to the opinion of a no-credentials (in his opinion) notable awarded writer. Is this irony or what?
  32. I only use Chompsky, Ramsey Clark and Whoopi Goldberg when forming my political opinions.
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  33. Yeah, that is our foreign policy, except when we like dictators more than an uncertain democracy. I suppose you've never heard of Assad, Mubarak, Qaddafi, Omar al-Bashir, Musharraf, Bouteflika, Khameini, or Hu. Also, our domestic policy in the last decade has hardly been any better. Illegal wiretaps, a return to COINTELPRO-type tactics, and strip searching people for exercising their constitutional right to travel in violation of the Fourth Amendment. The freedom of movement was affirmed as recently as 1999 in Saenz v. Roe.

    I suppose it could be worse. I could be in Orange County. (NSFW)
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  34. Anonymous Member

    At last - someone with a little perspective.
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  35. I don't have perspective. I'm just someone who wants to see the terrorists pay. lol

    Edit: I said that in jest, but the laughter is my way of coping with how pissed off I am at how fucked up this country has become.
  36. Unknownhackah Member

    The bastard is dead, it has been proven a few times now. However, the real pictures will appear on the internet in a few days. Pretty sure of it. WikiLeaks ftw!1111
  37. Anonymous Member

    Your accurate perspective is appreciated regardless. It's good that some people remember Osama Bin Laden was actually bankrolled by the USA, and his family were friends of the Bush family.
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  38. I hope they put a cube of pork lard in his mouth before they dumped him overboard.
  39. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Highlighted the error in your logic. If I heard right, the Bin Laden family disowned him after he started acting like a squirrel on crack and declared war on the US in the early 1990's. The US was their pals during their fight against Soviet Russia until the Taliban came in and fucked all the shit up.

    So, just because somebody has a serial killer in their family everybody should lynch them as well, even if they are innocent of wrong-doing?

    Now if they have been helping the dead fuckwad, I say nail em to a cross and burn em. However until credible dox come up, they are innocent until proven guilty.
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