Orlando anyone?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by drstrangelove, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. drstrangelove Member

    Orlando anyone?

    Is anyone planning anything for orlando this month. the turnout was great in the past................someone or anyone post here if you are interested.
  2. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Okay, I should ad this: There may or may not be anything planned, I just don't know of anything right now. However, I plan on doing something in the near future, even if I'm alone out on Colonial. But more importantly, I want to get together with a few people and discuss other possibilities for the future. I know the CO$ must be setting up tables somewhere in central Florida. According to their site the only other locations near Orlando are in Plant City, Tampa, Clear Water, etc. And for the record, someone posted on another thread that no one seems to go in or out at the CO$ location in Orlando. This is not true. I reside within a ten minute walk from there and several times in the past month I've walked past and observed a little bit. Plus there is quite a bit of foot traffic especially on Saturday evenings and throughout Sunday.
  3. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    So do something.

    To my understanding Orlando has not been active in months.
    EDIT: And by Orlando, I mean Orlando anons, not scifags.
  4. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    I don't think I've heard anyone say that there isn't any traffic... I mean, look at the videos from 2008. There was a shit ton of it.

    Anyway, good luck. I look forward to seeing some guy in a wheelchair choke himself on the side of the road next time I go to Orlando.
  5. ravenanon Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    When this all started Orlando was great to watch. If I remember correctly they protested before the world wide protests. Orlando was very inspirational to me.

    I have heard so take it for whats it not worth that the laws require permits and $. HOWEVER, its just something I've heard rumored.

    I'm located out of ATL but will help support you in anyway I can.
  6. Re: Orlando anyone?

    You're right. Orlando had the first IRL Chanology raid ever in January '08, well before the first global monthly protest in Feb '08.

    That first inspirational raid video is still on youtube.

    The Orlando March '08 planning thread on here has lots of good info and refers to permits:
    And the Post game:

    To help get the word out, feel free to use the Florida Chanology decentralized planning forum as well: Florida Anonymous
  7. amaX Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Orlando protested all the time and had great numbers. I was fortunate enough to protest with them on Feb. 3, 2008 which was a week before the first global protest.

    Many of the Orlando Police were bad. Even though there was great respect shown by the Orlando Anons toward the general public, Scientologists, traffic, and the police there was great disrespect from the Orlando Police Dept. toward Anons. I actually thought we were all going to be arrested the day I went there even though we did everything the police asked even when we legally didn't have to do so.

    I would hope the police were better these days in the light of Anonymous' history of peaceful protests around the world.

    .1532. :(
  8. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    I'm glad there were some posts here. Starting tomorrow morning I'm going to find out once and for all about permitting requirements, what's allowed and what is not, as well as actually contacting OPD's public affairs office. I did speak to someone from that office earlier today and have an appointment for next week. If someone goes and lays out what the picketing will involve, when it will start and when it will end, they in turn will provide me/us with more room than in the past. I know no one is supposed to be a spokesperson for anon, but I am willing to do much of this to get things going so we can continue. What I'd like to do is rent a space across the street from them and set up shop.

    anyone interested in another raid? let me know.

    By the way, My goal is to identify the Private Investigators CO$ is using. I have the ability and experience to get this information, but I need help. Being unemployed is great. I have all day to do this.
  9. Kilia Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    This was done on either Jan 27 or 28th, 2008

  10. amaX Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Tread carefully, Anon. There were Orlando Anons who organized and they were namefagged so they could go along with the requirements that Orlando said they required. Even though these Anons did everything by the book and carried copies of all the laws the cops harrassed them was never easy in Orlando. These Anons did not fly by the seat of their pants and there was still trouble.

    Good luck.
  11. Budd Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    if TL then DR

    MY PROTEST HISTORY: I was working out of state last year when it all started but I read about it online, and as soon as I got back to town I high-tailed it down to Colonial.

    That was probably in July; I showed up with a sign, hat, and bandana. There was nobody to be seen. I did see a young guy go back and forth a couple of times, turns out later online that he was there to protest also, but gave up and I think quit the cause also.

    August through October I led protests attended by five to ten people each time, and no repeats. (?) This was daytime, between 11 am and 3pm usually. November was a candle-light vigil for an emotionally-troubled protester who ended his life; no relation to the Anon cause. Then in December I left on this current job which has taken me to several states... and also let me attend protests in New York City, New Haven CT, and Phoenix AZ. Thank you boss-lady for paying my way so I can meet some lulzy peeps!

    ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT: OPD may have been difficult at the beginning but in Aug-Oct they were nothing but friendly. Patrol cars frequently drive by just to check things out and make sure we are being good, but the sector chief or whatever came by afterwards and stopped to talk with us. Very friendly and professional woman.

    DO NOT stop and sit on private property unless you have their express permission. OPD cops did give a stern warning ticket to a young female Anon who was tired and hot, and who sat on the base of the sign on the corner where the sandwich shop is, the one with the big awning. Personally, I think the Scilons called in a complaint, saying it was from the sandwich shop. Dunno.

    I had called OPD Public Affairs Department and the nice lady said you do not need a permit unless you have a large group of people. Ten was no problem. Probably fifty or a hundred you would need a permit. Surprise (with our Southern Hospitality bacKKKground) you can wear masks too!

    Personally, I stay on the public sidewalk on the other side of Colonial, so there is no problem with us being on or near their property. (The tattoo shop guys were nice and friendly, but don't ask to use their bathroom too much. "I told you to go before we left home!") Also, I keep walking and don't stop and just stand there. Don't know if there is a law or rule, but it just seems to make a better protest, plus it keeps the blood moving in your legs.

    SIGNS: There is LOTS of passing traffic on Saturdays between 11 am and 3 pm. Make your signs big and EZ-2 read. Break down and buy a new FAT marker. Make your letters big. Keep the message simple and easy to remember. Old election signs make great signs, but so do pizza boxes and nearly anything cardboard.

    SUPPLIES: Water and a camera. A "public" guy (I didn't even know what it meant at the time) came out and photographed us, asking our permission. We were all masked so had no problem with it. Hey, SOMEone inside is going to see it!

    ENDS AND ODDS: There were four guys from FullSail who came by one month to take a bunch of pics for a documentary they were doing for school. Never heard from them or saw the documentary. Anybody out there know them?

    Once I was tailed back to my car and and OPD car followed me for a couple of blocks. Again, probably a CoS called in a phony complaint, and they had to at least put forth a show that they followed up on it.

    In the fourth months I led protests, I can count on two hands the number of people I saw go into the building... and have fingers left over. First, there is NO pedestrian foot traffic on that part of Colonial. Second, it is an ugly block; CoS shares the building with a nail salon, and there is a dollar store next door. Classy.

    Once a senior-looking guy walked out with maybe three young guys, and they went to a Chinese place down the street. That was more traffic than they had all day long.

    Oh, the night of the Anon candlelight vigil was a big nationwide celebration of something Sci-esque, the reason I went down. There was NObody going in or out of the building the whole time I was there. :)
  12. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Well, I spoke with a very friendly, oh and very hot cop today. She hangs out at a bar I go to sometimes and I asked if I could hire her in an off duty capacity to keep the dogs off. (the way bars and events hire cops) She said she's do it for free! Seems OPD is getting harassed by CO$ about their poor handling in the past. needless to say, i told her i'd let her know and she gave me her card. There were apparently other anons who have been asking the same questions as well of other officers and it was even brought up at a morning meeting. All the officer would do would be to park a marked car nearby and they would remain by the vehicle if any trouble started. this would keep the other officers who patrol there from stopping and checking things out.

    In another matter, did anyone get tags or names of any private investigators or people posing as investigators? i mean those working for co$. there may be an issue in another part of the state where improperly or even un-licensed individuals were following people. someone from clear water did a great job posting their names, business contacts, addresses and even got a good photo of one. As a licensed pi here in our fair state it really pisses me off and hurts my industry when this happens. so now that I'm pretty much unemployed, I'm going to donate my services and conduct counter surveillance to hopefully catch one on video violating the law. the state takes these types of violations very seriously and if any of us can just get one incident of harassment on tape, not only would the investigator be liable, the person who hired him would as well. plus there could be criminal charges if the pi continue to follow when it is clear the target of their investigation knows they are being followed.

    any help would be appreciated.
  13. Kilia Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    You go Orlando!!
    Blessings and <3 to you all!
  14. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Okay, a couple of more things and then I must sleep!

    I live within walking distance and we can arrange somehow on using my restroom. Just don't steal my shit and don't plant any bugs! There are plenty of street parking spaces nearby. As far as name fagging, (don't laugh at me but I had to look this up because I'm a generation older than all you people and was not sure what it meant), I will get someone else to pull permits, etc. that will not be attending. As for me, even if they see my vehicle, because of my past employment, my tag will not come back unless a cop runs it. Anytime that is done, the information on who and what agency did it is open under the sunshine act, so it's easy to find out.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    There is a good chance there might be video of something like that on You Tube already, people have been video taping their scilon stalkers for almost 2 years now and have been posting it there. I don't recall any florida stalkers off the top of my head, but there is video of anons being followed in cities all over the world.

    also isn't it a little bit strange to announce openly that you are a PI out to find stuff on a public forum ? especially if it is a public forum that the people you are trying to find stuff out about are most likely reading ? And in doing so aren't you violating the code that says once someone is aware they are under surveillance that the person doing the surveillance is required to stop ?

    Just know that each anon acts alone, yourself included.
  16. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    No, I don't find it strange at all. There were people out in Orlando watching your back and of course the co$ knew about, I have no doubt about that. Besides, I'm in no way worried about being identified. I welcome any type of harassment from them. I've done nothing illegal, plan to do nothing illegal, and have never slandered co$. I have nothing to fear from them. I'm 45 years old, served in combat, been injured and was once detained, deprived of food and water, and beaten to a pulp while traveling through El Salvador in the late 1980's. Since then I've suffered severe social anxiety, depression, physical pain and look forward to a drastically reduced quality of life. So as I said, I'm no worried. Though I'm not going to wear a sign announcing who I am. I understand some people's fear or worries about being identified, however, it seems that most of the PI's these people hire are the bottom feeders in the industry. Since my last post I have discovered that in almost every raid in the U.S, anons burned their tails. And in most cases they were able to get tags. Hell, in one video over on clambake, they posted a video from clear water and the idiot pi actually passed them so they were able to shoot video of his tag. Apparently someone ran the tag and now we know who he is, where he works, where he lives, etc. So we're not dealing with real professionals anyway. Never the less, just because I'm posting here does not mean they know who I am or where I live, or anything about me at all.

    I respect your concern and am glad you spoke up, but no worries on my part. I am a professional, and have always practiced my trade with ethics, and the highest respect for my clients, employers, and yes, even those I've investigated.

    Besides, unless I told you if we happen to be out there some day soon, no one would know.

  17. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?


    Regardless of how the OPD behaves NOW, they were uncooperative in the past. If they're better now, great, but cover your ass anyway.

    I'll get in touch with a couple of the oldfag Orlando anons I still see around, even if they're not up for raiding they could probably get you some "administrative" sort of information regarding protesting in Orlando.
  18. LocalSP Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    I'd like to hang with you guys but I won't be in Orlando till Nov.
  19. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    I watched the videos from the Orlando events and other than the very good video of lee sheldon, I did not see anything else of interest in this matter. I must say, you guys and gals did a superb job with the video as well as staying peaceful. I know there were at least two PI's working for co$ on April 9th, but it seems they were inside the org all day. I suspect they were hired as body guards or maybe to just document and ID the anons. They entered very early in the morning through the back door. Look at this aerial photo. The "Church" is on the left side of the building and the entrance can be observed . Here's the link from the Property appraiser's Office: Oblique View

    Channel 9 has a bunch of video from one of the days, but I don't recall if they covered much of it. Maybe a press release in the future?

    Speaking of sheldon, you ever notice how may dentists and chiropractors are scientologists? Quite an eye opener.
  20. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Fullsail? There are three employees at fullsail who are involved in co$. All three work administrative positions and one is in the admissions office. Back around 2004 there was a bit of a link to the two places. They both seem to operate in very similar ways. Now I'm not saying fullsail is a co$ front, but I do believe the school has a link to co$ as far as higher ups and administrators. The same goes for The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

    Most people entering and exiting the building on the days of protests are utilizing the back entrance which faces Hillcrest Street.
  21. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Remember, I can walk now!
  22. Smurf Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    While you very capable Orlando anons are at it, could you do something about the Lake Eola fountain??
  23. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Well folks, I guess I'll be the only one out there today. There's rain in the forecast but it's a go for me. those of you going to clear water, have fun, be careful, and stay dry
  24. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    I wish they would just sink the fountain and put a giant aquarium filter in the lake!
  25. Belladonna Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    If you build it they will come.
  26. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    I wen out to the orlando location today for a few hours. i brought my notebook and portable printer and sat at vega's cuban cafe on the picnic tables. as long as i bought food and had three cafe` con leches, they were cool. they even let me lug in with and extension cord. gave out a few flyers and had a very unpleasant woman approach me. she came from the north side of 50 and altaloma avenue. i recognized her from a previous raid video. she laughed at me because i was alone, but the cool thing was that when she walked up, i was printing out a flier for a young girl and her boyfriend. the shades were drawn and they had black fabric covering the entrance doors. the first time i walked to the doors, someone pulled the signs hainging from the inside. they were cardboard offset printed signs about some even they were having next weekend. any, it was not a bad day at all, just a little boring.
  27. Re: Orlando anyone?

    Sounds good, but we've got a saying around here that applies: "Pix or it didn't happen".

    So if you didn't get any this time, be sure to get some next time.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?


    Great Job drstrangelove. Hopefully there will be more next time. put the word out sooner next time and maybe a better turn out, but your being there was great.
  29. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Thanks anonymous. One other thing, there was a large yellow moving truck parked behind the facility. Looked like an old ryder truck with the logo's removed. I've never seen it before. Maybe materials for their upcoming event?
  30. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    I took video on my Sony digital 8mm so I need to transfer it to my hard drive. Plus I want to ID the woman was who approached me. It'll be up in a day or so.
  31. Budd Member

    Re: Congratulations Orlando!

    It was the big sign on the corner of the Vega's Cuban Cafe lot where the young girl sat down and was given a stern warning by the OPD. Again, I think it was probably the Scilons who called her in, trying to get something ANYthing on us.

    Glad to see they are friendly these days.... if you buy something.

  32. Budd Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    OK, you OrlandoAnons... I will be back in "The City Beautiful with the Fountain Awful" as of October 9 and am looking forward to some failproof enturbulation there on East Colonial.

  33. Smurf Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    How things have changed at the Orlando Org. When I lived in Orlando on Bennett Road, there was the Naval Training Base across the street and the Taco Bell at the end of the road was streaming every night with hot Navy guys. The Navy Base has since closed (one of the many that were on President Clinton's chopping block to save federal money). It has been replaced by a maze of upper-class homes, condos & apartment buildings.

    The Org on Colonial was struggling financially and the only staffer you always saw in the building was Evelyn, an elderly Sea Org lady in her 70's (who has since died). There was such a siege mentality at the Org that staff & public were required to enter the building through the back door... it was dank, musty & always smelled of urine. (Florida's infamous humidity didn't help).

    The best part of being at the Org (when you had some $$ to spend on lunch) was a famous buffet restaurant next door called "Morrison's Buffet" (it is now a Dollar Tree). The food was good, plentiful & cheap. There were always long lines getting into the place.

    The Orlando raid videos brings back some fond memories. How things have changed in a decade. OrlandoAnons rock!!
  34. Re: Orlando anyone?

    [ame=""]YouTube - In the Navy[/ame]
  35. drstrangelove Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    FYI: The closing of the naval training center was a result of the Gramm-Rudman bill passed into law in the late 80's. It had nothing to do with Clinton's administration. In fact our sorry excuse for a congressman at the time, Bill McCollum, ducked the issue while decisions were made to close bases. It really had more to do with Mayor Freddrick and soon to be Mayor Hood who wanted the property to build a utopian city within a known as baldwin park. The only problem with Baldwin Park is that the people who live there are allowed to come and go at will. I say put barbed wire around the place, sterrilize the yuppies and leave them to fend for themselves!
  36. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    On that note, this thread has taken a turn for the delightfully wtf.
  37. Smurf Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    President Clinton's administration was involved is some respects, but not the original creation. You are correct. Personally, I liked Mayor Hood despite being a cold, conniving bitch.

    Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)
  38. Anonniemouse Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    The Orlando org has been targeting Celebration by slipping flyers under doors of the apartments and homes. The coverage has been extensive to the point of two per residence. The COS will also have a stress test table at the Southern Womens Convention at the Convention Center this weekend. The stress test table is unconfirmed, it's what they have done every year, I'll try to get confirmation.

    Spread the word.
  39. terryeo2 Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Do you have a pic of the org with the dollar store next door? Thanks!
  40. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Orlando anyone?

    Because Celebration isn't creepy enough as is.

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