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    Kirstie Alley Sued Over Weight Loss Supplement
    The company behind dietary supplement Organic Liaison has been using before and after weight loss photos of Kirstie Alley to promote its product, but Marina Abramyan believes Alley's recent 100-pound slim-down had nothing to do with the program she touts on QVC. On Friday, Abramyan filed suit against the actress and Organic
    Liaison, in the hopes of getting an injunction that would force them to remove claims in their marketing copy that assert the "Fat Actress" star's weight loss was the result of her use of the product. Abramyan maintains that the real reason Alley lost weight was her participation in "Dancing With the Stars."

    All right. Ray Cassano was the guy hawking "Super Blue-Green Algae" (also known as cyanobacteria) in Clearwater, as a cure for what ails you. In the 1990's, I bought a bottle of that crap from the company in Oregon who sold to him and it just gave me headaches. It went in the trash.
    Carrie Slaughterbeck

    Age: 23
    Clearwater, Florida
    Died (untreated heart condition)
    March 27, 1997
    A prominent Scientologist convinced her to take algae capsules. Carrie had an irregular heartbeat, and died of a heart condition that the algae may have exacerbated. Church officials denied she was a member until shown her certificates of attendance. Read more
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  2. Thanks, I was trying to figure out who Carrie Slaughterbeck was.

    My money's on lipo for he 'miraculous reduction' but one's own mileage may vary.

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