Orange County Ideal Org Opening, Postgame - June 2nd

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Sam Urai, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. i'mglib Member

    I'll ask her what she meant, because it seems like she could write a text book on how to de-program someone from Scientology.

    Also, tell Signpost his signs were a hit, and people wanted to take them home for future enturbulating. The OC Weekly liked them, too.
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  2. adhocrat Member

    I took notes during the video. She was a fount of great information and new signs.
    "Oh Sign Post, Sign Post, calling Sign Post...white courtesy phone, please."
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  3. Two pathetic/funny comments:
    "Santa Ana is going to be a community in every way as healthy as Downtown Clearwater."
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  4. CaringCitizen Member

    I look forward to doing it again! Who doesn't have fun with such a great crew and then running away from an asian woman on a saturday afternoon! It was like being in a video game! What a blast! I loved it all! You all rock! END SCIENTOLOGY. END MASS BRAINWASHING. END THE MIDGET.
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  5. the anti Member

    I like the comments so far.

    Dylan says:
    June 3, 2012 at 4:05 pm
    This is one of the most beautiful churches of Scientology I have seen. Everything about it is just stunning. So nice. Thanks for posting the great article.
    Thomas says:
    June 3, 2012 at 6:27 pm
    Awesome piece of independent journalism… finally someone who says it the way it really is!
    If the support by public offices continues… Santa Ana is going to be a community in every way as healthy as Downtown Clearwater.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    RightOn must be salivating over potentially two whole families worth of names for the big list.. if they want to put their names to this.
  7. the anti Member

    more lame comments on there, like this one.

    sounds bogus to me.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I'm here. I was painting all day. Thanks for the ack :)

    Fabulous raid SoCal. They were definitely PTS
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  9. Great to see a mix of familiar faces and newbies. I frickin' love you guys.
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  10. i'mglib Member

    Ok, I'm back, and here it is:

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  11. another123 Member

    old URL is 404ing
    Also, new blurb:
    A few are unhappy about the new Church of Scientology’s Santa Ana ideal org
    mention OCweekley article & OCMB among other things...
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  12. adhocrat Member

    Thank you
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Crisp butt - seems it even glows.
  14. jensting Member

    Nice. Very nice. Could make a good loop for a demo, eh? If they kvetched about copyright you can just ask what version they mean and if the old version is still copyrighted...

    Best regards

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  15. Sam Urai Member

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  16. Chipshotz Member

    Yes, I particularly liked "It's not your fault"
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  17. Anonymous Member
    Well, mainly unhappy with the cult in commen, I guess.

    Is there a video around?
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  18. Diablo Member

    I bet she has a large bacon strip on the other side of that ass....
  19. another123 Member

    via twitter: LimeLife: Reporter-Infiltrates-Scientology-Event--Lives-to-Write-About-It
    There comes a time in our daily adventures where we discover that we're really not welcome in some places. Enter Josh Dulaney, a reporter from Orange County who happened to stumble upon a Scientology event in his California 'hood.
    Though the controversial church originally told local reporters that they'd let it be known when their Orange County Ideal Org would open, they neglected to inform the OC Weekly. This didn't stop Dulaney from crashing the party, as he uncovered the facility in downtown Santa Ana. [more]
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  20. Budd Member

    So Cesar Chavez is now the hero of Garden Grove, or at least Scientology?
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  21. Sam Urai Member

    Yeah, can you imagine how Cesar Chavez would react to his name being invoked at this particular ceremony? How ironic is it that the name of man who devoted his life to labor organization is invoked in celebrating the grand opening of a building which depended largely on the slave labor of Sea Org members?

    On another note, the clams got the OC Register to recycle their puffery. It looks like they are dominating the comments section. Poons please!!
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  22. the anti Member

    damn, you have to comment from your FB account. rather not do that.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Me too. I watched the video again. A pretty easy thing to do. I noticed she was holding up some signs this time :) A really good one.

    MANY OT's

    Anyways, this is that I got...

    Why do ex scientologists need to be deprogrammed?

    Why can't you look at me?

    Have you read OT III yet? I have! Menu menu (frigging spel chek) Xenu Xenu Xenu

    You don't have OW's or Withholds

    Is your spiritual freedom on the line?

    Do you disconnect from people just because they tell you to?

    Do you Hate going to events?

    Is your courtroom (mod edit: course room?) empty? <oops! Thanks

    Somewhere else it's 10X.

    Are you Wrong, or is your church fucked up?

    Why does scientology have so many enemies?

    Are you afraid to go to ethics?

    You ARE NOT a bad person. Your church sucks!

    Why do you ignore policy violations?

    The "Basics" is altered tech.

    Ever lose your spouse to scientology?

    Can you be friends with whomever you want?

    Will you go to ethics if you have a beer?

    Do what you are told. NEVER question.

    Why is it always "What did I / you do wrong"?

    and one I came up with.

    Where you this abberated before scientology?

    edit: It does kinda glow doesn't it?!?
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Sam Urai Member

    From reading the article, it doesn't appear that anyone from the Register actually attended the event; basically they printed the sound bites spoon-fed to them by the cult (fail!). The picture was courtesy of the cult, so the whole thing was a win for a particularly lazy journo, unlike Josh from the Weekly who tried to infiltrate the bash.
  26. Anonymous Member

    This is a real picture. The scilon one looks fake.
  27. Sam Urai Member

    Holy crap, you're right. I took this pic and I can tell you the camera angle in their picture doesn't exist - there's a huge parking structure where they supposedly took the picture from!
  28. Anonymous Member

    They demolished traffic signs and accidentally a whole parking structure?
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  29. Chipshotz Member

    Thanks. that's what I was going to ask. Can they get this far from the building? Looks shooped as usual.
  30. Anonymous Member

    And this comment from the "admin" who posted the article (notice I said posted, not wrote?) regardiing the protest of the opening:

  31. Anonymous Member


    Original quality photos (Warning - all links below are sci links):
  32. RightOn Member

    still wearing that wedding band, eh Davey?
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  33. Anonymous Member

    A large quantity of Shrub Tech:

  34. the anti Member

    can you post a larger version?
  35. Rockyj Member

  36. They stopped using their standard pose shot of DM with his right arm out and hand on the podium. This is a big mistake, now DM's small stature is accentuated. He used to look like a mighty commander now he looks like a peon!!!
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  37. Sam Urai Member

    Why yes I can!


    And this:

  38. That was my first reaction too, that the picture looks very strange. Almost like he has a child's body or something.

    Not like it matters or anything, just weird.
  39. Anonymous Member

    ^^^this. The picture of the crowd at an angle to the front of the org is remotely possible. But the one almost having a frontal view is very impossible. The photographer has to stand on the wall of the parking structure opposite the org. If he stood back further on the side, he couldn't see that much of the crowd. BTW, DM's big stage would had occupied half of the street. Can you pack so many people in the remaining space?
  40. Tony Ortega did an article about how they used this pose over and over after seeing my posts about it:

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