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    Here's a brief summary.

    I have adhd. to get my medication I signed a contract that allows a drug test. No biggie. it was with my regular Dr, everything was always done in-house free. then one day i get a bill from quest for 150 and my dr office said that its for the drug test. they sent it to quest. i asked about the other months and they said that they took the urine but didnt have it tested.

    i called and they said that i did sign the contract to be tested. i didn't contest that I signed it. i brought up the fact didn't tell me that there would be an ungodly price involved. they said they didn't know, its up to my insurance. Again true, i dont contest that. But just because they are on the legal side of things, doesn't make it right.

    They are in charge, they are in control, they could have easily called my insurance company and asked what the price would be and notified me that it would be 150$ and let me choose if i wanted to proceed if they really cared about my well being. They know i have a low paying job.

    Anyway they are looking into what can be done, like quest is just going to waive the fee, right.

    if they come back saying that there is nothing to be done but for me to pay it. i'm going to suggest that they pay it since they caused this problem by not giving me the chance to decide if i had 150$ to spare.

    By them doing that, they have injured me and my household in a roundabout way. so unless they want to remedy the situation ill tell them ill protest. They will think that i'm going to protest the testing but that's not the case.

    if they don't remedy the injury they caused i will start notifying the public about the common problem of Drs not taking enough care about the whole process and using the facts from the situation as straw that broke the camel's back. I'm sure there are tons of people that have fallen victim to this same lack of foresight.

    I dont think its libel if im just naming them as a fact of what was done and how it pooly affected my life.

    sure they didn't break the law but when plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create a moral code that allows it. sure that sounds extreme but its what im just brainstorming.

    isn't it a common public belief that an important step in becoming a doctor, medical students take the Hippocratic Oath. And one of the promises within that oath is “first, do no harm” (or “primum non nocere,” the Latin translation from the original Greek.). the policy of them just being allowed to spend our money willy nilly is ridiculous. They don't get to play pop goes the weasel with our wallets.

    Any opinions or advice will be appreciated.
  2. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    It’s tough when you get mandatory drug tests because you’re in a position of no control. Fucks.
  3. 20GuageTicket Member

    Thanks for reading it. Yes the health system sucks at the moment.

    I'm not disputing that they are legally correct. But just because you are legally correct doesn't mean you are doing things in the correct way.

    They should care about what the patient is subjected to and allow them right to personally accept or deny what's about to come in their direction.

    If they would have taken the time to see the big picture and seen that this could affect me negatively instead of just saying we didn't know what your insurance was going to charge makes them part of the problem. The could have easily helped me avoid this charge even if it means not getting the medication.

    Soooo I'm just looking to clarify my thoughts into something that is word crafted correctly.

    Anyone out there feel what I'm saying and have a better way to explain or express it? I'm just trying to get prepared to make my point and I'd like it to be correct, as short as possible and intelligent.

    Plus can I protest on the right of way in Orange County Florida, if I'm following the rules.

    How do I connect them to it without being liable?

    If it's necessary my goal is to avoid protesting by stating the facts of what could take place, so that they will remedy my situation.

    I'd also like to easy the pressure if it goes this far, by concluding this is not a battle that I'm looking forward to.

    This is not a loss for them, if they decide to remedy.

    All I've done is successfully defend my house from financial injury and at the same time consulted them in how to possibly make their practice seem more human in a positive way.

    People like positive humans it builds trust. People don't like to leave a Dr for a different one if they feel the Dr truly has their best interest at heart

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