OpSyria - To Dictator Assad and all other terrorists operating in Syria

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  2. Anonymous - #OpSyria

    More than 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict in Syria.
    Anonymous has been actively involved and contributed towards the uprisings in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.

    For far too long we have witness the barbaric, unjust and brutal treatment of the Syrian people. Time and time again we have observed these war crimes. From the chemical weapons and scud missile attacks employed by Bashar-Al-Assad, to the growing number of questionable and violent actions taken by some of the opposing groups, it is clear the whoever the citizens may rally behind, their safety and security is ultimately transient and not guaranteed. The accumulation of war crimes has irritated our nest and the time has now come for us to take action.

    Dictator Assad and elements within the Syrian opposition, you now have the undivided attention of Anonymous. You are failing your country, you are failing your people, your country faces following the examples of your Egyptian, Lebanese and Tunisian counterparts. Our request is a simple one; cease fire immediately and stop the violence towards the innocent or you will feel our wrath.

    To the people of Syria, know that Anonymous stands with you in this war against terror.
    We vow to do everything we can to hinder war crimes played against you. We will raise awareness in every manner we can. We will assist you in putting an end to this carnage. We have put together the Anonymous Syrian Care Package which contains instructions in Arabic and English that will aid you in areas of conflict.
    We encourage you to download this information, keep it on your person and share it with your fellow Syrians to the best of your ability.

    We are with you in this war. No matter how alone and abandoned you feel, no matter how many atrocities you face - know that there are many of us working around the clock, concerned and attempting everything we can to catalyse change. We are oceans far from you, but closer than the jugular vein. We, together, can conquer adversity.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not Forgive.
    We do not Forget.

    Dictator Assad, oppressors of the Syrian people, EXPECT US!
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    Thanks you and where i can get Anonymous Syrian Care Package?
  4. Anonymous Member

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    Uprising in Lebanon?

    Was Anonymous behind the Muslim Brotherhood opposition to secular government, or behind the secular coup against the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Can't wait for OP WWII.
  9. Anonymous Member

    A good and interesting question, but I don't know the answer.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is barely understood by most folks. I know a great deal about the history of it, but current affairs about it are things I've let lapse, except that they are extremely dangerous mofos.
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  11. Hey, if'n I sides with all-a y'all there terrists freedom fighters, does I gets ta eat human hearts like that feller I seen on YouTube? :)
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    A fine example is look how Anonymous assisted in over throwing a dictatorship in the middle east by providing internet care packages so its people could communicate and fight as one.....pure awesome sauce
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    When people come around with medals to award for helping fundamentalist, murderous, atheist-killing, woman-raping, child-marrying, gay-lynching, church-burning, sectarian sharia theocracies take over from relatively secular dictators, I might just have to turn my medal down.

    Iran was the test case, for actually bringing democracy to a theocracy. It hasn't worked yet.
  15. demarquis Member

    Well, one thing we can do is support the Syrian Nonviolence Movement. They have a facebook page The more people who like them, the more visible they are.

    They support a number of on-line campaigns:
    A petition to support the free press in Syria:

    Keep yourself informed: Syria Deeply is an amazing site with a huge amount of updated info (check out the interactive map tracking reports of refugees and fatalities):

    Support women in Syria: esp. the recent wave of hunger strikers, like this one:

    Amnesty International is organizing an email campaign to agitate for more protection For civilians in Syria:

    If you know of any other important online campaigns, post them here.
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    :D Together we can make the difference
  17. Anonymous Member

    together we can make a difference.png

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