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Do some research and answer this question. What is your standing on the police force in the USA?

Against the police using unnecessary force 1 vote(s) 100.0%
Support police in all that they do 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Recently we had a protest here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The protest some what went as planned but the message was sent. In two days there will be another protest but from the other side and we are asking our brothers and sisters located here in ABQ to come join us as we have a our own protest the same day as well.

    Hacking and cyber attacks are welcome but not mandatory. Wear a mask or a bandanna to hide your identity. If you are armed in these protests we do have one requirement and that is to not draw your weapon on anyone unless they draw one on you. We will remain peaceful as long as they remain peaceful. Graffiti although allowed is not recommended.

    The theme of this protest is to end the murder and shootings of innocent civilians and to end police brutality.

    We welcome you.

    Note: ATTENTION! There is a chance you may be arrested for any and all illegal activities. Depending on the charges you may be able to be released as protests are legal and being arrested for simply protesting is a violation of your rights. New Mexico is an open carry state and so an officer would not have the right to take your weapon, they DO NOT have to see your I.D. or any form of I.D., you do not, by law, have to give them any information regarding who you are, and they are not allowed, by law, to detain you because you are not committing any illegal crime. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND FIGHT FOR THEM!
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  2. laughingsock Member

    Bro, take your hacking shit else where.

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  3. We don't promote cyber hacking, but you can't stop hack attacks. They will happen regardless.
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  4. laughingsock Member

  5. Your image has no meaning for me. You obviously don't care for much and have no purpose in this feed if you will not join us.
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  6. laughingsock Member

    This isn't the place to discuss illegal shit. Open fourm is open.

    Get it?
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