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Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Amos Elroy, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Amos Elroy Member

    I think a more long term strategy group is needed. I do not mean that strategy shoudl be openly published here, as it would be equally enlightening to the regime goons.

    Rather that there be some means by which cores of activists can be formed around this task and act as a resource for the leadership.

    There are obvious challenges for this to happen, and my hope is that discussion here would help come up with a method to convene such think-tanks, while protecting them from infiltration by regime intelligence people, as well as jeopardizing the participants security through exposure.

    Let me start with an idea:

    I think it would be advisable that there not be one, but many pluralist groups working each separately and than forwarding their ideas and suggestions to trusted entities outside of Iran. In this manner no one group will poses a comprehensive scope of the ideas and strategy suggestions.

    This is very important, please put your mind to it!

    Meanwhile, you are welcome to read my blog
  2. Enara Member

    Your blog... whose adress is???

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