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    I notice that North Carolina has a recent anti-abortion law out there and a homophobic law NC Amendment 1 which prevents Gay Marriages and etc. The state's healthcare system is messed up also. What can be done about this???
  2. Anonymous Member

    Hi Nona1984,
    I see you joined a minute ago. What is it that you think that should be done and how in the world did you find this forum?
    Doesn't planned parenthood and gladd have their own planning community?
    Just sayin cause right now, the nsa is watching us, Bradley Manning is imprisoned, Aaron is gone and well, Freedom of Information and Chanology is kinda what we do around here.
    No need to answer the above, good luck.
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    Follow me on Instagram/twitter
  5. Nona1984A Member

    I am for real an anon. Not a nypa.
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  7. Asheera Member

    There are a few things wrong with this. If you lurk moar you'll learn what those things are.
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  9. Nona1984A Member

    Nypa means "not your personal army"
  10. Nona1984A Member

    Basically a nypa is a prankster
  11. Asheera Member

    Now take your education a few steps further, and consider that 'being anon' and 'nypa' are not mutually exclusive...
  12. Nona1984A Member

    I am new just learning not lurk moar
  13. Anonymous Member

    Sweetie..just go and lurk more.
  14. Nona1984A Member

    Fine. I'm shutting up
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Then go lurk more. Try the "new members start here" forum and check out the "Welcome" thread and the" ask questions here" thread. If you want to start a group on your interests you can, but the way you started this thread and asking us to follow you on twitter will not work here. Start by reading more about WWP, then if you want to start a discussion post dox (sources) to back up what you see as problems. There are people here that will help with your interests.
  16. Nona1984A Member

    Ok thx. Finally!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Google "Moral Mondays" . It is old school civil disobedience and a demonstration in downtown Raleigh every Monday during legislative session, where people volunteer to get arrested and shit. Over 400 have been arrested so far. Here are some other linkety links for you to hook up with like minded folks in NC.
    If you are near Raleigh, come to the legislative building starting at 5 with sign. (Info about Moral Mondays)

    Planned Parenthood twitter-- they organized a demonstration in less than 24 hours this past week when NC legislature tried to take advantage of the holiday weekend to pass a restrictive abortion bill-- one almost as bad as the one in Texas. They are going to mobilize again this coming week. Moral Monday tomorrow will be a big one.

    Lastly, link to Equality NC

    There. That should get you started.

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    @Nona1984 both twitter and Instagram
  20. Anonymous Member

    Are you actually IN NC?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Cuz I will be down at the legislative bldg tomorrow protesting with Moral Monday
  22. Anonymous Member

    C'mon down and put your money where your mouth is
  23. Anonymous Member

    Can't seem to find those accounts.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Look harder. I found twitter. Not following, no value there. Better things for my eyes to work on.
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  26. Nona1984A Member

    Ig: nona1984a twitter:Nona1984A yep nc
  27. Anonymous Member

    come to protest tomorrow Downtown Raleigh, I will buy you a cup of coffee or beer whichever you prefer. Bring friends I will buy you two
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  28. Nona1984A Member

    When will y'all be in Greensboro NC protesting?
  29. Anonymous Member

    It's an hour and a half for you to get to Raleigh dude
  30. Nona1984A Member

    I know it's just a long story the reason why. I will tune in the news about. I wish y'all luck and a safe protest.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Not much action in Greensboro, but will ping you if there is something worth reporting.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Protest tomorrow against HB695 downtown Raleigh 9AM.
    cd28cb095dd1b7124bcb99e5459cb406_normal.jpeg Planned Parenthood (@PPHSNC)
    7/7/13, 8:46 PM
    The #NCGA's attacks on safe, legal abortion are unprecedented and dangerous.Fight back! Tues, July 9 at 9 am at #NCGA
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    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1373339434.221469.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1373339458.833529.jpg

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    This was really big. There were at least 3,000 people there, hundreds filed into the legislative building chanting "Our house, our house" and 70 people volunteered to be arrested in an act of civil disobedience when they refused an order to disperse by the capitol police. Over 700 people have been arrested during the course of these protests. The CEO of NC planned parenthood volunteered to be arrested, several clergy, one awesome guy dressed as Uncle Sam, the NAACP head, there were state senators there, people came in on busses from Charlotte, Asheville and the Greensboro areas. Older folks, younger folks, gay, straight, racially diverse, even the Occupy people were there. Grandparents were bringing their grandkids and carrying signs. I saw several doctors wearing their lab coats.

    And we will be doing it all again next Monday. The theme will be Women's Rights, and all the speakers will be women. Today planned parenthood planned another demonstration.

    If you are anywhere in the area, I recommend you come on down. Starts at 5PM, ends shortly after the busses take away the arrestees, usually 7:30- 8PM.

    Pics at links, or just #moralmonday on twitter.

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  37. Arceusaur Member

    yes i do agree everything is messed up, schools are corrupt parents dont seem to notice.
  38. Anonymous Member

    For those in NC:

    This coming Monday, Moral Monday, 5PM, downtown Raleigh at Hallifax Mall in front of the Legislative Office Building. The theme this week is women's issues and all the speakers will be women. Purple is the color. Also, to reiterate, getting arrested is totally voluntary. These are very well staged and peaceful protests. I have been a part of many, many protests and have organized a few myself over the years, and these are the best organized I have seen.

    More info:
  39. Nona1984A Member

    Trace Zimmerman down and get justice for Trayvon Martin. He did not deserve to die at all especially by racists nazi George Zimmerman #OpZimmerman
    This message by Nona1984A has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  40. Anonymous Member

    You go trace him, asshole. NYPA!

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