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    Published by Anonymous Australia on November 19, 2014

    Greetings world, we are Anonymous

    Our final direct message to the KKK will be uploaded tomorrow. This war has just started.

    We are legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Members of the Ku Klux Klan, you should have expected us.
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    I haven't seen the list, just some pictures.
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    Meanwhile, Commander X is forming his next plan of attack:

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    Whatever did I just watch? So suitable.
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    TAK KKK and Police Ties Statement

    Published by Anon Dad on November 20, 2014

    Several days ago, the South East Missouri Chapter of the KKK known as TAKKKK distributed flyers in Ferguson, MO making lethal threats toward activists on the ground. In response, several activists asked Anonymous to launch #OpKKK. Local Anons in the St Louis and Ferguson area then launched #HoodsOff as a way to identify Klan members who might try to embed themselves within the protester community.

    After identifying multiple members of TAKKKK, we discovered that 3 of the highest ranking members were present at a Darren Wilson rally in Imperial, MO, that had previously been rumored to be organized by the Klan. At the time of the rally, both The Klan, and the organization known as "We Support Darren Wilson" denied this claim, and it was then dropped.

    But, after several identities of TAKKKK members where posted online, the "We Support Darren Wilson" group removed multiple photos from social media that where taken at the rally. The photos where removed from social media BEFORE we made public our findings. This made us suspicious, and we then continued to search for the Darren Wilson/TAKKKK connection. The circumstantial evidence was overwhelming.

    Then we got a tip. A source came forward claiming they had information that would link Frank Ancona and TAKKKK to Darren Wilson and the events unfolding in Ferguson. After multiple conversations with the informant, we where able to confirm this person was not connected to Darren Wilson, but instead had direct ties to his girlfriend, Ferguson Police Officer Barbara Spradling. We were so focused on Darren Wilson himself, that we let the fact slip by us that Officer Spradling was from the Imperial, MO area where Ancona co-organized the fundraiser for Darren Wilson.

    During the time that we where verifying this information, the global collective of Anonymous joined in on #OpKKK thereby taking this operation to the next level, taking multiple Klan websites off line, and taking over the national KKK twitter page. #OpKKK then began to gain the attention of media around the world, and death threats towards Anons from Ancona and other members of TAKKKK started to come our way.

    Then, early yesterday morning we received an email from our whistle blower that read like this: "This has gotten out of control. They want to kill you. And after you release this information, they will want to kill me. I am scared for my life right now. I am begging you to please do not release the information that I gave. I'm afraid that because the information I provided is so specific, that it will definately be traced back to me, and I will be in danger. I am a long time supporter of Anonymous, and have trusted you with my identity. Now I feel my life is in your hands. I'm begging you please. I have a family to think of."

    All Anons involved in this where immediately notified, and spent most of yesterday discussing this matter. We went back and forth about this situation, and debated on how to handle this plea from the whistle blower. We decided to try and take the information that we where given and connect the dots ourselves. We were unsuccessful.

    After much deliberation, we have decided as important as this information was, we will not endanger the life of any person. We believe the information to be too specific to this person to release to the public. We will instead, hold this information until we can connect the dots ourselves, without putting innocent lives at risk. We are confident that as we continue to expose members of the terrorist organization TAKKKK, we will no doubt connect them to Ferguson Law enforcement on our own.

    Ex-TAKKKK member Henry Harrell has come forward saying "I know for a fact that the TAKKKK had a lot to do with what went on in Ferguson". He then stated that certain law enforcement in the area are silent members of TAKKKK known as "Ghoul Squad" and continued by outing the recently deceased Leadwood, MO Police Chief as a TAKKKK member.

    We know for a fact that Ancona was called in to Ferguson by Ghoul Squad members employed by both Ferguson and St. Louis County PD.

    We will continue our efforts to expose all law enforcement affiliated with TAKKKK, while at the same time protecting activists on the ground in Ferguson fighting for justice. Furthermore, the global collective of Anonymous promises to continue its war on the terrorist group known as the KKK.
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  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Awesome restraint.
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  10. quote from RT...

    “Before going any further, we’d like to address our idea of freedom. After exposing Klan members and seizing the Klan’s websites and Twitter accounts, Anonymous members faced much criticism regarding freedom,” the message reads in part. “Anonymous stands for freedom, so why would we strip someone of his or her freedom of speech? The Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist group. The blood of thousands of human beings are on the hands of Klansmen. In most of Anonymous’ member’s eyes, the KKK no longer has the right to express their racist, bigoted opinions.”

    what if the government had seized their accounts? surly a lot of freedom loving people would rightfully be up in arms over the assault upon their rights

    and is all this blood on the hands of the current members of the clan, or former members? are you a terrorist because your father was one?

    as much as i dislike racist self-serving pricks, this is the dumbest and most irresponsible crap i've witnessed

    running ops against an entity like a corporation that has no rights is very different than preemptively attacking individuates for their beliefs, and because they might participate in a "terrorist" activity at some point in the future

    while i hold a great deal of admiration for the collective as a whole, i have to say that the dipsticks who pulled this shit off are a fucking embarrassment
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  11. meep meep Member

    The KKK are preemptively attacking individuates for their beliefs. They were still lynching protesters in the 60s and are making death threats now.
    The KKK aren't threatened with death- they got exposed for death threats. Ferguson protesters have the right to know who's trying to intimidate they with death threats and who might show up at Ferguson to kill them.
    Are you a terrorist because your father was? You fucking disavow your fathers.
    Darren Wilson is supported by racists.

    Your tears are delicious.
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    As we all know KKK has been around awhile, join this thread to take a stand and make your presence known against them. (targeting skinheads also)
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  20. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I don't believe it is necessary for anominity in protesting the kkk, they are openly reviled by most citizens already, for many years, and there are all sorts of groups already formed that oppose their ideologies and freely express their disgust at racist extremism at a grassroots level imho.
    The primary objective here is to expose the vile and demented cult created by LRonHubbard, scientology, its insanity and actions, and get the info's out to the world for mass inoculation against falling for CoS' smoke & mirrors, mind raping, soul-destroying, stupidness.
    Lurk moar and get some reading done, lots and lots of reading.
    Stay on target!
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  21. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Ogs, you know that their was some serious friction between the KKK and anons in Ferguson, right? They've made some pretty serious threats against the collective. It is kind of an anon op, much like Scientology. Members of the hacker collective Anonymous are targeting the Ku Klux Klan after the designated hate group reportedly threatened protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. The hackers claim to have seized two KKK Twitter accounts and say that they have launched denial-of-service attacks against a number of white supremacist websites affiliated with the Klan. The group has also publicized personal information allegedly belonging to KKK members. “We want the KKK gone, forever,” a person going by the username “SiX” told The Huffington Post on Monday in an Anonymous Internet Relay Chat about the operation. “Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing.”
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  22. RavenEyes Member

    Please stop with the "Stay on Target This site is only about the cult" stuff. That hasn't been true for over 5 years now. Plus those memes are so dusty, Ogs. :eek:

    There are many other things going on in the world, this site, and with Anon. Most, if not all, of any new members of the past several years have come for other topics.

    Thanks. :)
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  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Thank you Ersatz!
    Yes I've heard about this and followed some of the news regarding it lately, but is it anything to do with this little corner of anonymous? Given that one of our protocols (so to speak) here, is to stick to legally and peacefully that which irks us (cult abuse etc.)?
    Most of us around here know we are but just but one small part of the collective that wishes to speak out against injustices and profanities-against humanity in an anonymous fashion, but I have always thought that when you start adding 'causes' to such a focused and small-ish group such as exists here, that there is a chance the lines become blurred, I mean in such a way that it can become counter-productive to those who are focused on what aspect of the fuckery we choose to focus on.
    In a leaderless, random, faceless community, where pretty much anyone can put on a mask, make a vid, do their thing, and call themselves 'anonymous', I think it is important to remember the concepts of compartmentalization, cells, and keep in mind that there are as many opinions as there are people.
    Though lots of times folks can find their directions by some of the advice given here, find others of like mind and places to gather etc,, I do not think that WWP is quite the rallying point that some think that it may be/want it to be. Frankly, this site is not even set up for such an influx (I am thinking security-wise) of anony-warriors with multiple causes.
    The world faces many, many ugly/deadly problems, every country/nation/society has hurdles to cross to deal with the abstractions, within and from without, its like some huge rainbow of douche-bags and I don't have to list all the shit and abstracts the humans face every day, there is some pretty sick stuff out 'there', and given that I've always personally tried to keep my focus on what can, and potentially be, accomplished by the peaceful dissemination of information and on-the-ground picketing, so RE I would like to say I understand your point completely. As for the old memes thing, yeh, I'm almost fucking 60, so ancient and stupid... gine me a frikken break eh! :p
    For many things we've been presented here over the years there are other solutions and groups that are already addressing the particular issue, and pointing people to those places is a fine thing imho.
    I'm not sure if I have expressed this in a sensible manner, its the cats in my own brain I suppose, but I truly feel that for each place that supports a certain cause needs to keep due vigilance on their targets and those wanting to 'help', just as much to prevent tainting/diverting the focus, as to keeping people safe and secure.
    Yeh, probably just being my own (at times long-winded) derpy self, but this is sort of how I feel, and I do tend to ramble at times, as many of my detractors are fond of pointing out, but I see no bad thing about bringing awareness to people and continually pushing for at least some sort of comprehensive level of understanding and keeping an eye on the 'big picture' thingy thing at the same time.

    Yeh yeh, tl:dr *sigh*

    I go nao.
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    So what is the plan small copy.png
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    Looking at me like I owe you money@0.jpg

    You looking at me like I owe you money...
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    smh lol
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    I dont get how this shit s a joke to you guys lol, kill the KKK
    Anon Royal
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  32. Ersatz Global Moderator

    It is what we do here. We laugh while working legally. We do not condone violence.
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  33. Anon Royal Member

    lol again, do you really think i want us to run around wth guns capping the KKK? no... kill them as in end their exstence...SMH:rolleyes:
    Anon Royal
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    ROFL SMH...
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    For the haters....

    Attached Files:

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    Anon Royal
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  37. Ersatz Global Moderator

    It is my job as a mod to disclaim posts that say things like "kill" anyone for your protection as well as ours. So what is your plan to eliminate the KKK?
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