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  2. Who gives a shit.
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  3. 00anon00 Member

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  5. laughingsock Member

    Ffs....who's going to click on a link that sabu avitar posts?
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  6. Felix Steiner Member

    They still haven't taken the Website off the grid.
  7. xmadman69x Member

    Anonymous hacks Ku Klux Klan's Twitter


    Last updated 13:33, November 18 2014


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    It should be a cardinal rule of the internet by now: Unless you want to humiliate yourself, don't anger Anonymous.
    The internet's best-known group of "hacktivists" has taken over the Twitter feed of the hate group Ku Klux Klan, according to The Guardian.
    As The Guardian reported, the KKK was threatening protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Anonymous, ever hungry for an opportunity to focus its efforts, launched what it called Operation KKK, revealing the identities of Klan members in the St Louis area.
    The KKK then made a questionable decision to taunt Anonymous, tweeting: "Our Kommunity is not at all scared of the threats from anonymous. Just try us. You'll regret it."
    So, naturally, Anonymous took over the KKK's Twitter account, announcing their successful hack with the tweet "We told you we would attack back." The Twitter handle @KuKluxKlanUSA now bears the Anonymous logo of a man in a suit with his head replaced by a question mark.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I do. Doxing KKK idiots makes me hard.
  9. Why not dox the black panther party, (or similar groups) , too.
    For balance.
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  10. rof Member

    Because you are a wigger.

    Go suck a cop dick.
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  11. funions
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  12. rof Member

    It's humans, you reptile.

    Go take a Biology course.
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  13. KKK Threatens To Shoot Anonymous Activists In Missouri

    By Tiffany Willis on November 19, 2014

    It’s been a busy week for the KKK. They’ve had their hoods ripped off to reveal their identities, had their lame online accounts hacked and seized by Anonymous, and have even been calling and threatening writers who write about their nefarious activities. They just can’t stop the stupid — they’ve even accused hacktivist group Anonymous of being basement dwelling wankers.
    The fact is, they started this war with Anonymous when they threatened to use “lethal force” against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Guess what? In a move that will shock absolutely no one, they’re now threatening to shoot anyone they see wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in Missouri this week.
    Frank Ancona has now threatened to shoot anyone wearing Guy Fawkes mask in response to #HoodsOff #OpKKK
    — Anon Cop Watch (@AnonCopWatch) November 19, 2014
    Frank Ancona: Cease and desist all actions in #Ferguson You are considered an outside agitator and will be dealt with as such. #OpKKK
    — Anon Cop Watch (@AnonCopWatch) November 18, 2014

  14. Anonymous Member

    Blowing this a bit out of proportion don't ya think? While the comments are retarded as the day is long there is no direct threat to Anons in anything this clown has said.
  15. OpKKK twitter suspended but KluKluxKlan twitter still hijacked.
  16. OpKKK twitter account is suspended

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  17. the anti Member

    Found on the facebook page of a confirmed klansman. To bad about how much the KKK and the nazis have in common.

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  18. laughingsock Member

    Lol, they paid for names of anons that can be found on YouTube.

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