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    July 4th, a couple of us Anons in Tennessee will be handing out copies of The Constitution. We would like to see our numbers grow here. There is of now no active cell in our region and we would like to change that. If you would like to meet up around the same area,

    We are going to be at the World's Fair Park,
    there is a festival in Knoxville on July 4th there.
    We are going to be there at approximately 3:00pm.
    It is free admittance with free parking and plenty of people.

    We hope to see you there. :)
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  2. anonsoldier Member

    So like printed pamphlets? Books? Will you remember to have a URL anywhere?
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. anonsoldier Member

    So no URL. Then how will people know who you are, why you are there, that you're looking to increase membership in whatever it is you're a part of, how they should do that, or what any of that entails? I'm sure you've got an answer for all of that, right?
  5. Anonymous Member

    No I don't. Not for all of it, I am getting things together and I do have many ideas on what to do, I was thinking flyers, and posters. Do you think I just picked the location on a whim? I found the place that would be the most active in knox that day, lots of people to talk to and make impressions on. Talking to people in person is alot easier than on here I can tell you that. Even with a mask on..
  6. anonsoldier Member

    Have answers to all of it. If you can't answer the basic 5ws then no one is going to listen to what you have to say, regardless of the topic or how many copies of the Constitution you pass out. Put URLs on your flyers on posters.

    Did you see me comment on the location at all? No, I didn't. This is you getting defensive, exactly like I keep pointing out. Right now you're going to make a lousy impression on a lot of people, congrats. You have no links for people to follow, you can't answer on the spot questions about who you are, why you're there, what you want people to do, or where they can go for more information via the Internet. Here you can stop, consider your response, and then type it. Even if you fly off the handle in your typed response your fingers are going to be slower than your brain. Not so in person. I've time and again seen knowledgeable folks from the forums become useless in person at raids because they can't form a coherent response. You think it's easier? You're in for a rude awakening. Good luck.
  7. Anonymous Member

    From the July4th website:

    The website also links to a YouTube channel which has a touch of the moonbat.

    Seems like little more than undirected rage wrapped in a flowery vapid prose that will tingle idealism but ultimately deliver nothing of value. OP should buy a punching bag instead. It will help them get out their rage and will be equally as effective as this shoite – with the added benefit that they won’t have to endure being a public spectacle (an almost certainty if their postings are anything to go by).

    While you certainly get (deserved) visceral comments thrown at you, those comments do contain useful, practical and actionable advice. Here is the piece of advice for this visceral comment: how about get together the facts pertaining to your local representatives as they related to the erosion of constitutional protections, and then making those facts a key part of your message? A sort of ‘name and shame’ the fuckers, something that has at least chance of doing something useful. I’ll even get you started. Lamar Alexander voted in favour of the FISA Sunsets Extension Act of 2011 (reauthorised portions of the patriot act), voted against The Feinstein Amendment, S. Amdt 1126 (which aimed to remove language regarding indefinite detention in NDAA 2012), voted in favour of the NDAA 2012 (which included indefinite detention), he voted in favour of the FISA Amendments Act Reauthorization Act of 2012, etc.
  8. By, for, and of the people? The white ones with money and slaves? That America?

    Y'all are a cult.
  9. rickybobby Member

    Agreed that written material should contain more specifics-- perhaps a flyer to be handed out with the constitutions entitled

    "Why Are We Handing Out Copies of the Constitution?" or some such thing in plain, noninflammatory language, not flowery Anonspeak. Also--let's say you are wildly successful and you get several people excited with what you are representing and they want to DO something. What do you tell them to DO? Call their congressman and say "we're mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore?" Go to a website and join a petition? Run for office? Come to a meeting or a protest? Take that opportunity to bring them into the fold, just know what fold you want to bring them into.
  10. Anonymous Member

    How about you quit telling me not to be defensive and stop being so damned argumentative. seems to me like you just want someone to argue with...
  11. Give the guy a break, he's got PTSD from "al-Qaeda" farting shooting in his general direction.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Not all of America had slaves, if you remember your history books correctly, there was a civil war over it. -_-
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  13. Anonymous Member

    See thats the thing, I don't exactly know what to tell them to do, I was unsure myself, and I don't really want to tell them to go join this forum because honestly, If this is anyones first impression of Anonymous, they probably won't want to have any further involvement. This isn't my first impression of anons thankfully, but what exactly do I tell them to go look at? A url for what exactly? There is no official page, no official youtube channel, and I get different opinions on what anonymous really is, people on this forum think differently than others, so I don't exactly know what would be the best bet for me to refer...
  14. Anonymous Member

    sucks man.
  15. No, the War Between the States was not fought over the future of slavery. There was more to it than just that one, obviously important, issue.

    Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863 (unilaterally and without authority, as the Southern states had seceded and formed the Confederacy, with its own President) in the hopes of their major uprising, which never took place. He achieved his goals, nonetheless, plus slavery was ended, being a Southern institution as you correctly pointed out.
  16. anonsoldier Member

    Just the vast majority. Slave ownership was present in every colony, just to a lesser degree in the less agriculturally oriented economy of the North. Even the "we must be free" Puritans codified slavery into their ruling laws.
  17. anonsoldier Member

    Shit, that's the fun part of the job. I'm just sad no one on the forums calls me a baby killer and means it, anymore. I feast upon that hate...
  18. Anonymous Member

    I know all of that, The civil war was one of my favorite topics in school. I've studied it quite extensively, I didn't get all into it like you did nor did I say that it was only over slavery. I was just saying that not all of America was pro slavery....
  19. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, It's terribly sad that you don't get called a baby killer anymore, why don't you go outside a kill a puppy to lift your spirits.........
  20. anonsoldier Member

    See, I feel better just knowing you're the kind of person who tells people to go kill animals.
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  21. rickybobby Member

    Okay, so you need to think a little harder about your goal. My understanding is that what you want is to network with other like minded people and get together a cell. Because of your treatment here, you are reticent to use WWP as the hub for that. If you don't have an alternate forum you can direct them to, then you need to create one, so you can build your network. It's not as anonymous, but as long as you guys are staying legal, you don't need multiple layers of anonymity.

    While I am sure some more computer savvy Anons would have superior suggestions, here are some easy choices for you:
    --Create your own webpage or forum just for your cell
    --Create an anonymous Gmail/Hotmail/whatever free email account using a wifi network that is not yours, then use that to get an "anonymized" email addy from a service like Hushmail or Hide My Ass (google them). Use that addy to create an FB page, Yahoo or Gmail group, orkut group or google hangout, whatever.
    --Use your email addy or FB page or group as the contact on your fliers.

    You also have the option of creating your own thread for your own cell, and you can direct folks specifically to the TN Anon thread. Watch for them to post in the thread, and greet them. It will be YOUR thread for YOUR cell, so you can tell the hazing folks to STFU. Or.... you can usher them to the New Members thread where there is no trolling allowed.

    Regardless, if your goal is to find like minded people, what you are doing is using the Constitution distribution to find those who are concerned with the same things and want to be active. Give them a forum they can connect with each other, and you can connect with them and get the discussion started.

    My advice to you is to give it some thought, figure out what you are really trying to accomplish, and this will help guide you. What SPECIFICALLY do you want to accomplish with your outreach?

    Is your goal purely education? Give the web address of an educational website.
    Is your goal to network? Give people some way to find each other and make plans.
    Is your goal to raise awareness of Anonymous? Point them to some websites, or the documentary "We Are Legion: The Story of Anonymous." It's available on YouTube.
    Want to pick up chicks? Dress nice, smell good and pass all the girls your digits.

  22. Anonymous Member

    lmao first, some funny shit in there, second thanks for the great advice, thirdly not a dude so I don't pick up chicks :) lol
  23. Anonymous Member

    Just like I feel loads better knowing you're the type of person that was in the military.....
  24. anonsoldier Member

    LOL. "Was". LOL.
  25. Were the people you offed human to you?
    Actually, you would seem to have something in common with a certain late Teutonic dictator, who loved animals but despised people.
  26. anonsoldier Member

    And you assume that just because I've been in a war zone I've killed people. Mmmm, it's like the good old days are back again!

    Also, Godwin, you lose!
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. anonsoldier Member

    Budget cuts, haven't you heard?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Hey, guess its back to the baby killer days hmm.
    nah for real, not all military personnel are bad, some of them have minds of their own, and a conscience for starters. But there are some that are just plain fucked up, a guy I knew for years went to Iraq, broke into this house where a 14 yr old girl was and raped her in front of her family. He got dishonorable discharge of course, but the point of me sayin that was some just follow orders no matter how inhumanely, and some go and do vile shit on their own like he did. But then some are really good people just trying to do the right thing.
  30. Anonymous Member

    I’ve harped on a lot about how this shit involves work. ‘Thinking’ is one such example of that work. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to collate a large body of information and distil it into a public message you can use.
  31. Anonymous Member

    ah that explains it, if they keep cutting the budget they're not going to be able to send another 30,000 over seas, for something that is clearly worth the debt, deaths, and suffering.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Animals are more caring than most people lol.

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