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    Cross post from planning thread

    #OpInnocence Press Release 2 & Rally Info. Please RT for Child Rape Victim! "

    Anonymous Operation Innocence ---- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
    Press Release 2 and Rally Information
    May 22, 2013

    Greetings. On Saturday, June 1, 2013 at high noon, Anonymous will host a rally at the Hancock County Courthouse, 102 Court St New Cumberland, West Virginia in support of Baby Jane Doe and the good citizens of the Ohio Valley. Anonymous is deeply troubled by the release of alleged baby rapist Tyler Graham. All citizens should feel the same way. Will it be allowed to continue with no outcry? No, it will not.

    Anonymous demands to know why Graham was released when the courts, after his last arrest, specified that he be held until trial. He violated release conditions once, should we not expect a repeat performance? What provisions are in place to prevent this? We demand answers.

    Is Baby Jane safe within her present surroundings? Anonymous has reasons to believe this is not the case. Has the West Virginia DHHR done a full and complete investigation as we demanded? We have no evidence of this. Again, we demand answers.

    Anonymous invites Tyler Graham, his attorney, the parents of Baby Jane, and all other interested parties to attend our rally and state your version of events. We invite local and National media to join us. It is your duty to bring this story to the citizens of the Ohio Valley and the World. We suggest you cease ignoring us and do your jobs. You will find we are not easily ignored.

    This will be a peaceful rally. We remind everyone that the Hancock County and City of Weirton Law Enforcement community is not the enemy. They have done their jobs well, they have been let down by the system just as the citizens have. We rally in support of them, not against them.

    We ask rally attendees to wear red if possible to represent our anger at the current situation.

    That is all

    We Are Anonymous.
    The Corrupt Fear Us.
    The Honest Support Us.
    The Heroic Join Us.
    Expect Justice.

    Twitter Contact: @OpInnocence
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    Currently, in W.V. there is not a restriction as to where registered sex offenders can reside or work in coloration to children. HB 2220 would rectify this by amending §62-11D-3. Electronic monitoring of certain sex offenders under supervision; tampering with devices; offenses and penalties. To further read
    1)“any person convicted of committing a sexual crime against a minor pursuant to article eight-b, chapter sixty-one of this code, who is on probation, parole or supervised release, is subject to global positioning system monitoring as a condition of probation, parole or supervised release for the duration of his or her life.”
    “NOTE: The purpose of this bill is prohibit sexual offenders from residing within one thousand feet of a school or childcare facility. The bill requires persons, as a condition of probation, parole or supervised release, convicted of sexual crimes against a minor be subject to global positional system monitoring for life. The bill also provides for a felony penalty.”
    Fyi, the cost of monitoring is to be passed on to the perpetrator.
    Unfortunately, HB 2220 has been in holding in the Judiciary Committee since 2/13/13. The lead sponsor is Ruth Rowan, co-sponsors are Kelli Sobonya, Alan Romine and Troy Andes.
    Victims right to a speedy trial: Several States like Florida, Utah, Oregon, New Hampshire…in their Victim’s Rights Statutes, guarantee victims the right to a speedy trial and dispositions to “minimize further suffering of the victim.” Under W.V. code 61-11A-6 State guidelines for fair treatment of crime victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system no such consideration is made, nor, at the time of this composition, is there a HB or SB advocating for such.

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