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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by savehk, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. praline Member

    In face of violent provocation from anti occupy movement individuals, unarmed protesters lock arms on Friday as they protect a barricade in Causeway Bay.

    Source: Philippe Lopez / AFP - Getty Images

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  2. anon33 Member

    My analysts seem to be right, the traids are out. It's a bit complicated as the traids are also sort of "patriotic" (pro China). It's a bit like in Japan where the gangs are part of the establishment. If a rich guy or a Chinese official want something done but have no reason to ask the HK govt to do it, they can ask the traids. It's a good sign as people stand up against the traids. That means they are more fed up with the govt. If you cross the traids in any way, they will remember you and send a gang to beat you up afterwards (as in other countries but they never use guns, and not knives unless when they want to eliminate rather than intimidate). Now it's their turn to be afraid to be identified, using masks. Camera tech works against traids.

    It is uncertain who is behind the triads. Among other things, like possibly still having a fake label underground shopping centre, like the street sellers pay protection money in the densest part of HK, the highest concentration of hostess clubs is in that area. There is an incident reported that water is poured down from a residential high rise. Now I know that there are a lot of people from Mainland China living in that area, some a pre-war (WW2) high rise. It make sense as people who tolerate to live there have to make a living there or they can't move away. Many of them of course like democracy but others are programmed generations to be "patriotic".

    The govt office is completely blocked. The protestors approve and carry in the supplies for the police guarding the buildings. The police said they are not going to clear the protestors for now but earlier Leung said everything must end on Monday. So that's the next crucial moment. Sunday will have larger numbers.

    The involvement of Anonymous is a mixed blessing. For example, the girl in the video said initially the police dragged her away from possible danger, from a clash in the front line. They just dragged for too long and there were no other abuse. Anonymous got some news coverage once they announce their involvement. I would think they have somewhat more drawing power in HK than if they announce their involvement in some incidents in US. One reason that Facebook is popular in Asia is that much more people are hacked in such high connectivity and high density that some are afraid to click on the open internet. But then the first attack is on some companies? and the Industry Exhibition website? The govt news website is better. But unlike China, the govt news channel is unlike a propaganda channel, is in a way better than tabloids. And newpaper like SCMP can report straight facts, but just that the complementary are trash - "no good journalists left in HK". If they know the pro-China newspapers ...
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  3. Yui

    Hong Kong Police used excessive force again, it appeared to be a single incident, but it is not...

    In this video, a guy had complained to the coach driver for not turning off the engine. This coach was to carry police officers... later police offices returned and yelled at the guy "You think we police are pussy? we work 12 hours a day now and you still want to toy with cops?"

    Police made the guy knee down when the frisked him... judge it yourself!
  4. Bozhkov Denis Member

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  5. Bozhkov Denis Member

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  6. Bozhkov Denis Member

    About the need for protection...

    FOTO. Nokia 3310 has stopped gas chuck, shot by police in Hong Kong.

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  7. Yui

    Thank you for everything you said...
  8. anon33 Member

    The analysis I received of the Nokia 3310. The original model was on sale in 2000. A decade ago, the handset was on the used market for HK$300, because that's the price carriers will pay for a trade-in. And that someone from China still wants them. Now that a guy in China is willing to rent out his girl friend (no sex) to buy an iPhone 6, it's unlikely that anyone still carrying the 3310 in HK is shot by a bullet.

    From live video, volunteer students staffing the supply tents in Mongkok retreat to the govt office site, because of too much harassment from anti-protestors, especially towards female students. It was reported that police did not interfere, not protecting the protestors. But the occupation in Mongkok doesn't seem to be affected. A narrow opening one man wide is created for administrators to go to work in the govt office. The rationale is, if workers can go to work, there should be no reason for clearing the protestors on Monday. But what exactly is civil disobedience?
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  9. rof Member

    You get a Hmong and take his cock.

    At least that's how we roll.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hong Kong protests dwindle, but talks with government likely to go nowhere | Reuters

    Hong Kong pro-democracy protests that brought tens of thousands on to the streets last week dwindled to a few hundred on Wednesday after activist leaders agreed to talks with the government which are all but certain to go nowhere.

    The student-led protests have calmed since clashes with police more than a week ago and the number of protesters calling for universal suffrage has fallen dramatically since violent scuffles broke out at the weekend between demonstrators and pro-Beijing opponents.

    Friday's talks will focus on "the basis for political development", the government said, referring to plans for a 2017 election of the chief executive, Hong Kong's leader, but it was unclear how discussions could reconcile two such polarized positions.

    Protesters had called on the city's current leader, Leung Chun-ying, to step down and any breakdown in the talks is widely expected to trigger another cycle of protests.

    Continued here:
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  11. anon33 Member

    Occupy HK is still going on with down to a few hundred in some sites. After public outrage, police were seen to be embedded with the protestors to protect them from traids in Mongkok. One speculation is that the govt knows thousands and thousands of protestors will come out in a moment's notice, as long as it's off work and off school. There's no way they can control the angry crowds and heads will roll, not fired by HK people but by the PRC masters. Now they can gain some brownie points and blame the remaining protestors for blocking up the traffic, making everyone very miserable. Heads will probably roll a bit later.

    Anonymous DDOS'ed People's Daily !? It was a success as reported in some media. I don't know how reliable and how successful as NDTV (=Fulong Gong) is one of the media that reported. Some other websites are indeed blocked. Almost certainly the HK police arrested a few people who innocently clicked on some attack links. One said he dropped out in middle school, probably meaning he is not clever enough to DDOS the HK govt websites.

    There will be a talk coming up, no well ending predicted.

    The Australian media investigated and reported that Leung took bribe, and/or escaped tax. Such a coincident? Leung had been on Chinese state media talking for a while, which is usually reserved for "great" Chinese leaders. It was to show that Leung will not be replaced and the China is behind him and his policy 100%, so resistance is futile. Now, one speculation is that it is the Chinese who leaked secrets to the Australian media, so they can replace him in no time to show their absolute power over HK. It could be some HKers who leaked, or sympathizers who are Australian/British.
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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hong Kong leader ready to meet with students | Associated Press

    Hong Kong's leader says he is ready to start talks as soon as next week with student leaders of the pro-democracy protests that have rocked the city for nearly three weeks.

    Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said Thursday officials have been negotiating with the students through middlemen in the past few days, and authorities are now ready to hold talks on democratic reform.

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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hong Kong police clear protesters, barricades at key site | Reuters

    Hundreds of Hong Kong police staged their biggest and boldest raid yet on a pro-democracy protest camp before dawn on Friday, charging down student-led activists who have held a key intersection in one of the main protest zones for more than three weeks.

    The operation in the gritty and congested Mong Kok district - across the harbor from the heart of the civil disobedience movement near government headquarters - came while many protesters were asleep on the asphalt in dozens of tents or beneath giant, blue-striped tarpaulin sheets.

    The raid was a gamble for the 28,000-strong police force in the Chinese-controlled city who have come under criticism for mounting aggressive clearance operations using tear gas, baton charges and a violent beating of a handcuffed protester by seven policemen on Wednesday.

    Storming into the intersection with helmets, plastic riot shields and batons at the ready from four directions, the deployment of 800 officers caught the protesters by surprise. Many retreated without resisting.

    "The Hong Kong government's despicable clearance here will cause another wave of citizen protests," said radio talk show host and activist Wong Yeung-tat, who donned protective goggles over his white-rimmed glasses and sported a boxer's sparring pad on his arm as a makeshift shield.

    The police sweep of the protest camp in Mong Kok had been expected for several days. It further reduces the number of protest sites that have paralyzed parts of the Asian financial hub since September 28, but could reignite retaliation.

    "We have urged protesters to maintain a kind of floating protest strategy to guard the streets," said Wong, flanked by protesters who stared down advancing lines of uniformed police.

    Police gave a short warning on loud hailers before moving in although no direct force was used, witnesses said.

    Continued here:
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  14. rof Member

    that shit will get un-fixed

    or my name isn't David D. Davidson
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

  16. anon33 Member

    I believe this NYT photo is current after the barricades were dismantled. As one of the student leaders briefly mentioned about floating occupation, they seem to have addressed one of the logistic problems of the occupation movement, and confronted the ignore tech.

    Mongkok was reoccupied in no time due to several reasons. Few people live in the island side and none live near the main protest site. You have to get there by old ferry or tunnel, which is easy to get to, but are extremely easy to cut off. It's a matter of comfort zone in Mongkok, the heart of everything and everybody knows where to go or where to hide when being dispersed. (There are three hotels just in the picture frame.) Each building has a population the size of a village and there are countless of them. You can't stop people coming or going unless the police occupy the streets themselves. In theory, Tienanmen could happen if you block off the streets but how can you charge in?

    Again, if Mongkok went down, other sites are easy targets.

    Leung repeatedly said that there is zero chance that China would let HK select it's leader by direct voting. I think everybody knows and that's why there is the split even before the occupy central movement officialyl starts.

    The pro-democracy politicians are largely discredited. They know there's zero chance and they can't do anything except internal split within their parties, or being accused of sold out the HK public.

    The Occupy Central movement were started by University Professors, which if my source is correct, were involved in earlier student movements when they were students. Now they are in better position to start student movements even though they are winners of the status quo. But still, critics say with university tenure they have little risk compared to students and workers being black listed.

    If you give any pro-China spoke person a chance, they will say the word illegal three times. That's why other than one of the student camps, everybody stress the importance of legal civil disobedience. They know in China there's no need for a reason to lock you up. In HK, probably they need reasons for now but probably not for long.

    The umbrella revolution was started by the camp of students that knows they need an Arabic spring type of "revolution" to change anything. (c.f. Leung's zero chance.) And they are well prepared. They think the Occupy movement killed their chance, by being satisfied to occupy a park peacefully near the administrative buildings if the govt let them.

    If you own an apartment, you need steady income to pay the mortgage, and you will be fine for may be two generations. Even real estates in China cities are hot. Those are the people who don't support the occupy movement, or indifference due to zero chance. Two generations is a long time and anything can happen in China.

    The communists' worst enemies are the have-nots. If you work hard enough to get into a good university, chances are that you can't repay the student loan. The more trade and integration with the Chinese economy, the lower is the salary and the demand for HK graduates. It is one of the reasons behind the Taiwanese student occupation of their parliament. It is no big deal being black listed or unemployed, with starting salary of a graduate dropped to just over US $700 a month.

    An important factor driving people out to the streets to have real votes is the inability of the Chinese to control corporate interest and tainted food. They are the same thing. And that many large corporations all belongs to powerful communist families. HSBC, a global bank where H stands for Hong Kong, was convicted of at least money laundering, even though there's absolutely no Chinese involvement. Some people should wake up to the myth that "the rich should be left alone to make money, their best ability". That is not good if that's your money they made. In, HK, it has been decades that the real estate tycoons actually run things and set the apartment price.

    Fake, harmful food (and pollution) is always a big problem in China. They managed to export it in a huge scale by Chinese companies. No bank officials go to jail even with all the convictions and fines. But it's a lot worse when these big corporations deliberately make money by using fake food unsuitable for human consumption in any standards. Well, these companies officials are untouchable or they just fly away when the govt dare to look for them. HK and Taiwan have good standards in the past. Recently, a Taiwanese FDA remote branch use DNA to detect falsely labelled cooking oil. But the central govt or bigger officials just aren't interested to know. It's now so bad in Taiwan that when you buy say milk, the person next to you will tell you that it's Monsanto (not actually Monsanto but you can imagine that).

    China began to produce organic food, even USDA organic. Otherwise, probably nobody will drink their tea or anything after Lipton is affected. But then 60% of China is polluted according to a recent report. Nobody is safe unless you use certified water source! With a real vote to each person, they could have a chance.
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

  18. anon33 Member

    Low battery just when reporters were asked to go away.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    A view of the artistic protests of the Umbrella Movement
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  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    anon33 thanks for the great analysis
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  22. White Tara Global Moderator

    More at link;
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