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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by savehk, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. fishypants Moderator

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  2. Bozhkov Denis Member

    Thanks, but it is not a violation of the right.

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    "Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law".

    Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

    Article 9 - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
    1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought.
    Article 10 – Freedom of expression
    1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.
    Article 11 – Freedom of assembly and association
    1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.
    2. No restrictions shall be placed on the exercise of these rights other than such as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.
    P.S. Freedom - not a right but an opportunity. I understand that western people is difficult to understand that in order to protect their rights is necessary to go on offense. But not every law is equal to the moral foundations of society. That's what saved people and not talks. If we relied on the conversations of politicians, many of us are killed one by one.
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  3. Bozhkov Denis Member

    About tips.

    During such meetings do not forget to organize volunteers-physicians and to organize training courses and first aid.


    Poisoning from tear gas well help citrus. By explosions stun grenades will have to get used to (the body adapts pretty quickly). Also taking into account the approach of cold weather organize items heating (front positions will be enough barrels).

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  4. fishypants Moderator

    I can't speak for sue, but I don't think that WWP has any problem with non-violent acts of civil disobedience against repressive regimes.

    Personally I'm all for them.

    (Although tyre smoke could indeed be toxic to protesters).

    No really, we (by which I mean 'western people') do get that.


    ^ "Live Free or Die";, motto of the French Revolution. (And later, the US state of New Hampshire).
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  5. Bozhkov Denis Member

    Tire set on fire only when the threat of assault positions.
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  6. fishypants Moderator

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  7. Bozhkov Denis Member

    Yeah, but bloody revolution for the EU and the United States have experienced decades earlier, and many unfortunately it forget these events and think that everything can be solved peacefully. But a peaceful solution is possible only when both sides are eager to do so. Unfortunately the government is usually assumed that they are stronger than society, which ultimately leads to bloodshed
  8. Bozhkov Denis Member

    Forgot about the main thing - turn off the phone when you go to a meeting, we have many arrested or abducted because of these errors.
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  9. fishypants Moderator

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  10. Bozhkov Denis Member

    Yeah, but this is an exception from the practice. In addition, as a victory Mandela in South Africa, this victory achieved social pressure on the economic structure of the enemy.

    P.S. By the way good for reminding me. We specifically to distribute brochures and programs with lists of companies and stores that belonged to politicians asking them not to buy their goods. On of some deputies it really had an impact.
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    Info about the umbrella revolution in English.

    Updated news:

    WEAPONS have been transported into the Chief Executive Office. Police lied to demonstrators that they were about to transport food and medicine into the office, and asked the demonstrators to give way to an ambulance. 2 police vehicles foll
    owed that hundreds of polices were spotted that they were about to move WEAPONS into the office, including,

    38mm plastic bullets, real bullets, tear gas (in silver bottles). It is believed that the wooden boxes contains guns for tear gas.
  12. anon33 Member

    Another critical moment in about 5 min, the deadline. People surrounded Leung's office. It's probably true the police is ready to defend at all cost if people charge into it. It's not likely they will or can clear the crowd from the office and outward. Leung is playing delay tech by a press conference now. The chancellor of the #1 and #2 university came out together to the crowd to stress safety for the students.
  13. anon33 Member

    Obviously some students want to charge. And the number is too much for the police to surround the crowd and clear from behind. If Leung is not at all concerned (ignore tech), he will not hold a conference and promise to send #2 to meet the students ASAP. Another outcome is that there are sufficient students to surround Leung's office indefinitely, plus other occupy spots.
  14. rof Member

  15. anon33 Member

    Calm standoff for now. Some protestors are angry, the only real "concession" is that they can block the govt & Leung's office for now. The govt building is already blocked for a few days now. Staff had already handed special computers and cell phones to work off site. Old govt office and a backup office were prepared if not already being used.

    Earlier, protestors blocked police reinforcement arriving by van to drive into the govt building. They did allow police to walk pass them and walk inside carrying barrels and barrels of supply with closed lid, labelled "for disturbance".
  16. praline Member

    It is soooo wonderful that people are showing support all over the world!!!! The kids in T square didn't have that.

    I have always been a cynical protestor. Nothing ever comes out of a picket line. These protests of standing to support HK are so wonderful.
    It puts China in a sticky situation. They will be less likely to use deadly force for the whole "save face" part of things.

    It also gives these students encouragement.

    I still am skeptical about this protest working but it has had global repercussions. It is letting people know who are behind evil dictators or governments the world is done.
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  17. praline Member

    I wish I could like your post but I am still not allowed to like stuff =) watch out when I can though :D

    Bozhkov Denis ~ how dare you think because we don't live in violence everyday we don't understand the price of our freedom in the USA or western world. Americans have sacrificed so much since 1776. As well as keeping our own government free we also have lost millions of soldiers all over the world helping other countries in freeing themselves.

    We don't live in that kind of violence every day because WE DO NOT PUT UP WITH IT. Our country had the first terrorist. Read up on the Minute men and green mountain boys. My G-G-G- great grandfather was a member of the green mountain boys.

    We enjoy our freedoms but they were not given to us. We earned them.
    I understand the need for freedom world wide is great. I know there are people in helpless situations. I support these any way that I can BUT do not demean any country's people who have already fought the good fight and earned their democracy. By far we "get that" we still "get that" EVERY SINGLE DAY.
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  18. praline Member

    Over here in America the HK story has fallen off the front page. Its hiding way down at the bottom somewhere. We have the big Ebola scare and people here are more focused on the threat close to home. What news that isn't about ebola is all about ISIS.

    I bring this up for a good reason ~ HK protest are there in order to get the world's attention and its not. Either hold off a little while to let the Ebola scare drift off the front page or step up the protest.
  19. rof Member

    ISIS=Ebloa=CYLeung=Obama=Cameron=Putin=Lizard People
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  20. praline Member

    You forgot about North Korea! They are on the front page of CNN this afternoon. It seems they have been digging tunnels to south Korea.

    Ok new plan Hong Kong ... start digging tunnels to the McDonald's. GO GO GO :D
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  21. Bozhkov Denis Member

    Do not confuse the struggle for security (fight against terrorism) and the struggle for inner freedom.
    I watched with interest the action occupation of Wall Street and the protests of students in the UK and they all ended in the arrest of participants. I have included the next day, the TV expecting to see more people who came out to defend the right to protest. But nothing like this has not happened.
    Western society is currently at the stage of life in which it is trying to isolate themselves from any radical social bursts.

    At one time, when I studied the issues of intellectual property, I specifically analyzed the western practices (including the legal system of the United States). The laws of the United States in terms of any relationship that affect the regulation of relations of interaction between the individual and legal entity - are far from democracy. Unfortunately, I also do not see much resistance society.

    P.S. I'm not talking about all the people I'm talking about the bulk of society.
  22. praline Member

    Occupy Wall Street is a really bad example. Every person I know was against it. The silent majority were against it. In our area the occupy movement was a big huge drug den of party animals who made a mess, pissed on the streets and got drunk and did drugs. That is not my government talking, I saw it myself. I sympathize with the cause but the occupy movements I saw should not be compared to protests. Due to the vast majority against the occupy movement in this country its not a valid example.
    People were arrested at the protest for committing crimes not for just standing there protesting.
    Americans are smart enough to read through the bullshit. We know which protests are important.

    If you watch the movie Blackfish you will see a larger majority of Americans united for a common goal, shut down captive orca programs. This particular movement I am very much a part of and that is why I bring it up.

    With all of that to the side America has been protesting for 250 years. We have been doing it long enough that most realize standing on the street with a sign for your cause is only wasting your time. Picket lines are like FB debate~ you holding that sign is not going to make people suddenly change their mind and side with you. Protest do not have to be violent to create change. Being middle aged (ewww hate that word) I know several people who marched with MLK and participated with the civil rights movement.

    Frankly if your not finding protest in America up to snuff its because your not looking at the right protests.
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  23. praline Member

    Another great protest movement is women's suffrage. Look online for the movie, "Iron Jawed Angels" or anything about Alice Paul. She was bad ass!
  24. Bozhkov Denis Member

    These events took place at the beginning of the last century, I'm talking about the present stage.

    This local shares.

    I did not say that the protests must be cruel, but western politicians are already tired of constant statements that any action should be only in the framework of the law and be peaceful, even when you shoot you have to stand by and do nothing.
  25. fishypants Moderator

    Scottish independence referendum. Happened just the other week.

    Scots campaigned for a referendum on independent nationhood for Scotland; they got one.

    (The Scottish independence campaigners lost to the other Scots who didn't want independence, but that's another story. If they'd won they'd have got independence).
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  26. Bozhkov Denis Member

    This by the way is a good example.

    P.S. Our consultants are already in China, helping to organize rallies. So hold on guys, everything will be fine.
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  27. praline Member

    Women's suffurage was less then a 100 years ago. The civil rights movement was less then 50 years ago. Protest against the war in Vietnam was less then 40 years ago,

    1970 Women's strike for equality
    1978 equal rights amendment
    1980s American's were huge on protesting apartheid
    Supporters of the west Memphis free actually got a death row inmate free ~ and he was found guilty THREE times. He was free under the Alford plea due to public pressure.
    last year:
    This year:

    Our country has had many effective protests. You can't take 1 protest ~ occupy Wall street~ and use that as the end all be all of American activist.
    And those are only the protest off the top of my head. There are many MANY more I am missing in my old age.
    Just because we aren't currently protesting some major subject or venue doesn't mean we don't like to protest. That is just silly to think that :D
  28. praline Member

    Ongoing is the marriage equality movement.
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  29. fishypants Moderator

    Right. That's a really good example. Marriage equality - the final step in full equality of rights for homosexual people - is happening.

  30. fishypants Moderator

  31. fishypants Moderator

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  32. Bozhkov Denis Member

    Also quite old for example, I mean a period of not more than one generation (20 years).
    Not only Wall Street, well as weak public reaction on the processes in relation to Jamie Thomas, Scott Makkozlenda, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and all similar cases.
    If you want to give an example, it would be logical to give an example to the protests of immigrants in California (if I'm not mistaken).

    It's not so much the protest movement as an attempt to develop the society opinion on the matter. Usually protests arise from the reverse side - the religious-minded citizens. In this regard, the most fertile ground right now in the UK, where atheists more religious citizens.
  33. fishypants Moderator

    Re gay marriage

    Not really, you have it the wrong way around.

    Public opinion has been quite strongly in favour of gay marriage for a while now, the law has more recently been catching up.

    Source poll:

    Change over time:

    I know what you mean. Increasingly the secular and moderate-religious population (which is most people here in the UK) is rejecting religious bigotry.
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  34. fishypants Moderator

    OCTOBER 1, 2014
    National Day Dawns on the Hong Kong Protests

    Today is National Day, commemorating the sixty-fifth birthday of the​ People’s Republic of China. Extravagant fireworks displays and flag-raising ceremonies will take place all over the country as part of a seven-day celebration called Golden Week. In Hong Kong, however, the tens of thousands parading down the main thoroughfare are marking a very different occasion. October 1st is a day of reckoning—the deadline for the Beijing-backed government to meet demands for reform set by the leaders of the pro-democracy movement, which now enters its third day of citywide protest.

    As Evan Osnos wrote earlier this month, political tensions have been roiling the semi-autonomous territory ever since Beijing announced that, despite earlier promises, it would use a committee filled with pro-Beijing loyalists to vet candidates for the position of the city’s chief executive in 2017. The demonstrations started unassumingly on Wednesday, when students staged classroom strikes and sit-downs to protect the election plan. On Friday, when high-school and university students stormed a square near the government headquarters, the police responded with pepper spray. Overnight, the clash spilled onto the streets around these offices as city youths met head-to-head with police officers in full riot gear. The sea of blue uniforms and black helmets facing off against protesters armed with nothing but umbrellas, raincoats, and homemade gauze masks covered in Saran wrap quickly reverberated the world over.

    On Sunday, things escalated dramatically when the police started to fire tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds in Central, the city’s famous financial district, injuring more than forty demonstrators. Instead of being deterred by the unexpected police aggression, however, Hong Kong residents, along with members of Occupy Central, have flooded the streets to support the protesters and express their outrage. The government’s call for the protests to end has fallen on deaf ears; the crowds have only continued to swell over the past two days.The battle raging between the police and pro-democracy protesters on the streets reflects a keener struggle to sway the hearts of the traditionally conservative Hong Kong mainstream. At stake is not only the matter of the 2017 election but the question of what risks the citizens of Hong Kong—a former British colony that was promised certain political rights when it was returned to the mainland, in 1997—are willing to take in showing their opposition to Beijing. Many in the older generation had previously been skeptical of the radical methods of the pro-democracy movement. Beijing is likely hoping to convert the ambivalence of those enjoying the status quo into acceptance of the Communist Party’s edicts.

    More important, the conflict potentially exposes much larger underlying issues for both Beijing and Hong Kong. For Xi Jinping and other Party leaders, the greatest risk of relaxing political control in Hong Kong is the signal it sends to other restive regions, such as Xinjiang, Tibet, and Taiwan, a democracy that China currently regards as a rogue province that it must one day reclaim. According to polls cited by the New York Times, the most “disaffected and potentially volatile sector” of Hong Kong society is not the students or the middle-aged activists but those looking for employment, who are feeling pinched economically by the influx of mainlanders. For those men and women, democracy must seem like a tangible cause around which they can readily rally.

    It is doubtful that Beijing will back down in the near future and acquiesce to the demonstrators’ demand that it revise its 2017 election protocol. (The protesters are also calling for the removal of the Beijing-appointed chief executive, C. Y. Leung, who is highly unpopular.) To keep the contagion of protest from infecting the mainland, Beijing’s central propaganda department has taken powerful measures to remove any mention of the demonstration from social media. Over the weekend, authorities also banned Instagram, presumably to stop the spread of photos coming out of Hong Kong. On Monday, the phrase “Occupy Central” and the name of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement were banned from searches on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

    Two decades ago, when Hong Kong was returned to mainland China after a hundred and fifty years of British rule, the doctrine of “one country, two systems” was put in place. The idea was that the city could serve as some sort of beacon. Instead, the prospect now is of a paralyzed urban center and planned student sit-ins, an uncompromising government and armed police ratcheting up the use of force. Twenty-five years after the Tiananmen Square massacre, in which Beijing violently cracked down on a peaceful student protest for democracy, the images of umbrellas, which so far have not been censored on social media, have come to represent a movement. On the eve of National Day, a blogger by the name of Citizen Liu appropriated a well-worn line in the lyrics of the Chinese national anthem: “Arise all those who refuse to be slaves,” he wrote. “Open your umbrellas.”
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  35. Yui

    Protesters in HK are now under attack, the situation is getting much worse...
    Mafia in HK were hired by HK government (Chief Executive) to crackdown the protest. Many witnesses and protesters claimed the HK police was not intervening at all even that happened right in front of them.

    Anonymous please, please do all possible to help protesters.
    justice is not served at all in HK!
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

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  37. Yui

    Anonymous,please help us...

    This is from Amnesty International Hong Kong
    4 Oct 2014 0120LT

    Hong Kong: Women and girls attacked as police fail to protect peaceful protesters

    Hong Kong’s police failed in their duty to protect hundreds of peaceful pro-democracy protesters from attacks by counter demonstrators on Friday evening, Amnesty International said.

    Women and girls were among those targeted, including incidents of sexual assault, harassment and intimidation, as counter-demonstrators clashed with pro-democracy protesters in the Mongkok and Causeway Bay areas of Hong Kong on Friday evening.

    "The police inaction tonight is shameful. The authorities have failed in their duty to protect peaceful protesters who came under attack," said Mabel Au, Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong.

    "There has been a heavy police presence during the past week, but their failure tonight risks fuelling an increasingly volatile situation."

    Amnesty International has first-hand witness accounts of women being physically attacked and threatened, while police stood by and did nothing.

    One woman at the demonstration in Mongkok told Amnesty International how a man grabbed her breasts while she was standing with other protesters at around 4pm. She also witnessed the same man assault two other women by touching their groins. Several police officers witnessed this but failed to take any action against the man. Fellow protesters then intervened to prevent the man attacking any more women.

    Police reinforcements appeared only hours after the atmosphere became violent, but the police still struggled to maintain control.

    It is unclear whether the police simply underestimated the risk posed by counter-demonstrators, or whether they decided not to intervene.

    The authorities have an obligation to protect peaceful protesters from violent attacks. Demonstrators must be allowed to exercise their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

    Under international standards, a peaceful assembly does not become illegal because some counter-demonstrators act in an unruly or even violent way.

    Since the late afternoon, the situation has become increasingly tense, and police seemed to have had difficulty maintaining control. Observers reported that police forces were not sufficient for several hours, despite widespread reports of an urgently deteriorating situation.

    The police have made some arrests, but this seems to have made no affect on the counter-demonstrators.
  38. praline Member

    My heart hurts for you. There are people all through history who have stood where your standing and felt the same fears in their throat. Take stock in what this protest means to you and what your willing to give. If you stay then learn some self defense moves. Teach it to those girls! If that man is close enough to grab breast he is close enough to get a finger in his eyeball. Don't go for the crotch ~ they are expecting that! Fingers right to the eyeballs girls and then as soon as you can get free fall back away from him. Let the men deal with the pervert. Do not expect to be protected by the police.

    Guys if at all possible take the front rows. Some of those ladies are sooooo very very tiny.

    My heart breaks for you guys. Stay strong. Know there are people everywhere praying for your safety. Most importantly ... don't be dumb. If it gets out of hand back off. You are the peaceful ones. <3 <3 much love.
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  39. praline Member

    This is a FB page (hush I can hear the groans from here!! Be nice!)
    It has lots of up to the minute verified photos. They just posted more a few minutes ago.
    At this point in the USA its almost impossible to get news ~ at least updated news due to the Ebola, Isis murdering UK citizen and some mysterious illness paralizing kids in Colorado (no weed jokes either! This is serious business LOL)

    Here is the link. Like I said great photos.
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  40. praline Member

    It also looks like someone has been busy :D

    (00:48) Anonymous Asia posted on their website a claim that they took down It is suspected that they made use of a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack to accomplish this. JMSC reporter confirmed that the website is out of connection.

    Source: Anonymous Asia, JMSC Reporter Justin Tong
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