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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by savehk, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. Sorry we still learn Cantonese and write traditional Chinese.
    Many secondary schools are using English as main teaching language.
    All universities use English as teaching language.
    English remains the mainly used business and official written language.
    There's no courses taught in simpilfied Chinese. However, over 90% of primary schools are using Mandarin to teach Chinese, due to the fucking damn government!
  2. fishypants Moderator

    Interesting. I did not know that.

    What help can we (supporters outside HK) offer?
  3. For British Citizens, you may help to sign the following:

    Which urges British government to give pressure to China for issuing the White Paper about the 'One country, two systems' basis of Hong Kong. As Britain is one of the country involved in the Sino-British Joint declaration, which promised Hong Kongers that our lifestyle wouldn't change.

    For people all over the world especially Americans, you may help to sign the followings:
    The above one urges the world not to sell weapons to HK police. All of you have to know that we're peaceful protesters. Or say, the most peaceful protesters in the world.
    This one urges the White House to give pressure to China for not deploying the PLA to Hong Kong, and don't let the second Tiananmen Massacre happen in Hong Kong. Tiananmen Massacre was happened in 1989, killed many students protesting in Beijing for democratic China.
  4. praline Member

    I adore this!!!! Its stuff like this that earns respect from the rest of the world. I do have to wonder if the homework photo is staged though!

    China is giving them the Wed. deadline to move out. Stay safe kids!
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  5. anon33 Member

    I found out that there are support activities in 27 cities across the world in the past weekend and then some. Here are my contributions of my research in the most appropriate place - why we protest.

    10/1, already small hours there, is the big day of China, the 7/4 equivalent. This is the original day for the Occupy Central movement, now becomes Occupy Hong Kong. It is organized by the normal opposition, politicians, unions, and just ordinary people. But the students, some born 1997 after the British had gone, had other ideals. I think they try to outdo Taiwan's success in occupying the parliament - an almost purely student movement. They failed to occupy any government offices but sparked a much bigger movement. The Occupy Central changed their date to support the students, risking running out of steam before 10/1.

    Initially the groups have fundamental conflicts. The Occupy movement insist on peaceful and legal means. There had been many massive demonstrations approved by the govt before, but didn't achieve anything major. The students are more aggressive. A few days later, it's a nobody's movement, or everybody's movement. There's no leader to arrest and no single place to clear. Basically it's like they blocked the interstate on both sides of the harbour, and then some, a spot as far north as the border with China.They surrounded the White House (govt offices), the FBI (police headquarter), and Redo Drive (prime shopping centers).

    As for the umbrella tech, as with most inventions, it's pure coincidence. It had been 33 deg C for days, over 100 F ). With high humidity, it's extremenly uncomfortable without air con. Right now they have a rain storm and more is coming. Everybody have umbrella's and that's for everyday survival. Even if you have cars there are not many covered parking space, or any parking space at all. You are always exposed to the elements if only for a minute. The most usual ones are of shorter than fore-arm length with a spring in it. It will extend and deploy into a full size umbrella instantly when you press a button. For women there are compact ones the size of a slim canister so you can put it in a handbag. It has to be made of quality stainless steel to withstand rain storms and typhoon. And they are made in China. With no place to put it down they carry it all the time. If something nasty is coming at you, it's reflex action to point and press the button. The rest is history.

    As for the tear gas, I think the riot police never though the well prepared students survived pepper spray with cling film, goggles, and march at their riot shields with hands up. With only two line deep and nothing in between the advancing army, someone shit in their pants and fired. That's what is seen from the video. But then, they are equipped and authorized to do so.
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  6. anon33 Member

    The torch app as never seen before? The main occupy site is full and people are asked to go to the other sites instead.
  7. none given Member

    What more can we do?
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  8. anon33 Member

    One major incident accidentally lead to the current situation is that HK people are very pissed. Literally there was a pissing contest between HK people and Chinese, both online and IRL. In general, HKer and Chinese don't hate each other. Most of the HKer's are there because their parents or grandparents walked across the briefly open border facing nothingless and great risk. Many still have relatives in China.

    HKer's are in general pissed off by the mainlanders in recent years because of the amount of tourists and immigrants. But that's a long story. Recently, HKer's posted adult women pissing publicly in HK. It's not like in some of France where they find somewhere decent at the corners, or in some of UK when they were drunk outside of the pubs. (I was authorized by locals to do both.) They just squat as if there is a squat toilet below, beside the front door of hospitals for example. The pics went viral and the mainlanders are not pleased that they are shamed that way. They decided on a day to bring all their kids to HK and piss wherever they want.

    The thing is, it's not a big deal when mainland tourist litter the squeaky clean underground system. It's the fact that when they are told by locals or staff politely not to do it, they act as if they are the boss and untouchable. In China you have thugs like gangs to enforce the laws, so if it doesn't scare them they don't care. When the border was closed tightly, mainlanders admire everything HK. Now they feel superior or untouchable because HK is under China rule.

    All these sorts of thing can be laughed off, but you have to experience it when somebody insist that your front yard is a public dog toilet and encourage their dogs to poo on it everyday. That sort of pissed off on top of economics and political problems.
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  9. anon33 Member

    If the flag (Chinese) raising ceremony is 8 am, it's less than 3 hours to go and we can only watch if anything happens before the big moment.
  10. anon33 Member

    I feel your pain. Taiwan & HK together have 30 million who write traditional. 7 million speak Cantonese in HK, unknown massive number of people in South East Asia, and most of the Chinese restaurants across the world. I am surprised to find out that China has local Cantonese TV channels in recent years and available as cable overseas. I don't even know they speak Cantonese anymore.

    But for foreigners, learning Chinese usually means Mandarin (and simplified). And that's what is available in High Schools in some US states, I would think mostly California.
  11. praline Member

    In the news feeds and links the Hong Kong'ers are passing around "Anonymous survival guide for citizens in a revolution" I am seeing links to it everywhere.
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  12. praline Member

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  13. fishypants Moderator

  14. fishypants Moderator

    Can you contact the petition creator? There are some language errors in the description which makes it unclear. In particular, "We doubt “One country, Two systems” is threatened or even abolished." has the opposite meaning to the intended "We suspect that “One country, Two systems” is threatened or even abolished."

    I've copyedited it below, if you can contact the petition author then maybe they could amend it?

  15. OK I'm now contacting him.
  16. fishypants Moderator

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  17. No tl;dr please.

    Some informations updates and views.

    Now, as some has said before, this has changed to a revolution participated by all citizens.
    The protest is now being called "Umbrella Revolution".
    You may refer to the links I and other members shared above for more infomation.

    Today is the fourth day of the revolution, originally being called "Occupy Central".
    The Occupy Central was first introduced by the
    Democratic Party and 3 guys.
    However, this has changed completely to a protest with no leader and organizer.
    No one is controlling the protest, and we HongKongers could still protest peacefully.

    Some has mentioned about the flag rising ceremony.
    It was finished without any protesters disturbing it.
    Some citizens went there and protest peacefully with themselves in white T-shirts with Yellow Ribbon on it.

    In this situation, we're occupying important places over the city, including Central, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Admiralty, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, with Admiralty as the main one since the gov HQ's are there.
    We're planning to occupy gov HQ's entrances and exits if the government do not reply to us.

    When emergency vehicles like the fire trucks and ambulances enters, we would give a way for them to enter the protest area.
    We cooperate with others well and don't allow anyone to influent our protest.

    These days, some people might be sent from the gov to pretend like protesters.
    They carried knifes or cutters etc and "joined" our protest.
    We solved the problem peacefully everytime.
    We won't allow anyone to make others think we're not protesting peacefully.

    Rumors are in the city everywhere.
    Some say the PLA will come to HK.
    Some say the Riots will use real bullets towards protesters.
    We kept ourselves clear-minded and ignored these unreasonable speeches.

    Moreover, some wanted to make ourselves to give up our defences.
    They give improper commands to protesters and some listened to them since they declear themselves as the temporary leaders sent from HKFS.
    We shame on these people.
    We just want the gov't to listen to us.

  18. White Tara Global Moderator

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  21. Random guy Member

    There's very little I can do from my native land, but there's always the Anonymous credo: Keep yourself informed, inform your friends and family.

    We have no lack of small problems in my small nations, but all of them pale compared to the Hong Kong demonstrations. Good luck today Savehk, and take care!
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  22. We are safe, from 29 Sep until now.
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Fake Occupy Central app targets activists’ smartphones with spyware | South China Morning Post

    A fraudulent smartphone app claiming to coordinate the Occupy Central pro-democracy movement has circulated online, a group of programmers said on Wednesday.

    The spyware is disguised as an application for Android smartphones or tablets, Code4HK, a group of coders trying to improve government transparency in Hong Kong, said.

    Activists first received a link to the application in messages from a phone number unknown to them on Tuesday. “Check out this Android app designed by Code4HK for the coordination of Occupy Central!” the message read.

    Lau Sau-yin, a spokeswoman for Occupy Central, said the organisation had nothing to do with the spyware. Code4HK also said that none of its members developed or distributed the application. “None of the Code4HK community has done any application on [Occupy Central] at the moment nor sent the message,” the statement read.

    The number that shared the software could not be reached on Wednesday.

    Once downloaded and installed the application requests access to information on users’ contacts, browsing history, approximate location, text messages, and phone call history.

    Siu Cheong Leung, a senior consultant with the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre, said suspicious behaviour by the application included recording audio and obtaining the location of the device. "It's a malware with spy behaviour," he said.

    Continued here:
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  24. praline Member

    VERY powerful. As much as I love these students I did not think this protest was going to do any good. I was wrong. It is touching the soul of everyone.That is where real change comes from...

    7.26pm: In a letter to students and faculty posted on Facebook this afternoon, Professor Joseph Sung Jao-yiu, vice-chancellor of the Chinese University said he worried when he saw demonstrators, including some of his university’s students, dispersed by tear gas on Sunday evening.
    “When I saw on Saturday afternoon that students who 'claimed' the People's Square were removed one-by-one, I could not hold my tears. It was a 'smooth' action in which some 100 protestors, among them many students, were arrested. I saw student leaders exhausted, pale (probably because of sickness), and helpless, waiting to be arrested. When I saw on Sunday the use of tear gas in Central against the crowd, I could not hold my tears. In these few days, when I see students sleeping on the street, scorched by the sun, hit by storm and yet picking up garbage on the road, I could not hold my tears.
    "I respect the students for their peaceful and persistent effort in requesting freedom of expressing their opinions. I was touched by their courage and their sacrifices.
    They are only fighting for their dreams, though they may not understand the whole complicated issue. Let us give our students the greatest tolerance and leniency. Here, I call upon all to refrain from using force of any kind. I request the authorities to exercise their discretion in prosecuting the arrested students. I urge opening dialogue between the Government and our students."
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  25. praline Member

    What will China do? Shoot a cardinal?! Talk about a PR nightmare when a cardinal of China is out there with the protestors LOL

    01.10am Admiralty: CY Leung's resignation is the only solution to resolve the Occupy Central crisis, says Cardinal Joseph Zen. "CY Leung must step down, otherwise nothing can be concluded," said Zen. Arriving at Civic Square at Tamar after midnight after he "failed to go to sleep", Zen said if the government could tell people to "pocket" the current electoral reform that only allows Beijing-approved candidates for the chief executive race for the time being, "then why can't [Leung] step down for now?" Zen said Beijing did not trust Hongkongers and had no sincerity in offering the city real universal suffrage as it promised. "But now we have landed a position that we cannot go back from," Zen said. He said the government was stupid to use tear gas on people who had committed no serious crimes. "They are just taking up the roads. The movement has been reasonable and well-planned," he said. "I admire the young people."
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  26. praline Member

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  27. Bozhkov Denis Member

    Familiar story ...
    I can only wish you good luck and give some advice.
    1. Of advice - wear ballistic glasses (they are quite cheap, but many will save sight - Protection from traumatic weapons and stun grenades), helmets (eg construction helmets), and shields for those who occupy the front position.
    2. Do not attempt to lift stun grenades - tear off a hand.

    3. Standing protest will not last long - you need to fix the position set tents, build barricades.
    4. The best defense - burning tires (even protect from APCs) - mounted on the front edge of the defense.
    5. After two months of confrontation - the people or diverges or radicalized.
    6. Learn to resist the police attack - win a discipline and skill, luck is not calculated.

    7. Get ready to organize food deliveries and resources with the help of volunteers (the core of volunteers - small and medium business).
    8. Well, just in case - if they go to the assault:

    From the global.
    Do not count on a peaceful outcome - prepare for the worst. History shows that the real revolution does not happen without blood, unfortunately.
    Petitions and appeals to the international community will not help (will only be "concerned") - count only those who stand next to you.
    Do not count on politicians - they just try to get yourself more preferences.

    And again, good luck.
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  28. praline Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Denis, I think that advocating burning motor vehicle tires to be a very bad idea, and probably illegal. Please don't promote illegal acts on WWP. Thank you.
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  30. praline Member

    Night owl ~ I respect you opinion a great deal and also believe law abiding protests are the way to go ... BUT... the protest itself is illegal. The blocking of roads and buildings are illegal. Their very being there with an umbrella is illegal so the tire debate is a bit silly.

    Burning the tires CAN make you very ill though. You are burning some nasty materials. You can also cause a fire if not extremely careful and a fire like that among protestors could be fatal. For safety reasons its a bad idea but then again for safety reasons standing in front of tanks and armed police isn't really high on the old "safe and healthy" list either ;)
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  31. anon33 Member

    From the flag raising ceremony, now I understand that there are different camps even within the organizers, which are university professors, university students, and high school students. Nothing spectacular happened at the ceremony, the next deadline is Oct 2. Let me state the obvious. Oct 1 and 2 is a holiday and most people who want to come out will be out. You notice that protesters go back to school and back to work and then come back in the evenings. Very few people left in site in the small hours because they need to sleep. It's not like the occupy wall street and such, that many protesters will camp all day. That's why the original occupy central starts oct 1, and the other student movement took action on a Sat. If nothing happens they many people will go back to work and school and may not be back for the long haul.

    The protesters have quite a lot of things to worry about. Outsiders won't thing of Fulong Gong? It's one of those. HKer know that many Chinese are sympathetic. They just don't want to be too sympathetic. They don't want it to be an anti-Chinese anti-communism campaign. Hence in the ceremony some want to charge, some form human chains to prevent. There could be some deals that they can watch from afar if they are not planning to disrupt the ceremony.

    What you see the unique things they do in the protest, it is not their choosing. I don't know how reliable the poll is, 47% support the occupation. The other half probably mostly support direct democracy but losing a few days business or salary is too much for them since they don't believe China will concede. It's not voting and not a referendum so they need more people to support them for any success. So the govt is playing the blame game. They left the road barricades, the underground and everything else for the protesters to run the place. If anything goes wrong, the protesters are blamed and lose support from more locals.

    So blocking Mongkok is not in the original plans. Budda knows how many buses have to be diverted and they have to close the busiest underground stations of Hong Kong, probably one of the busiest on of the world. Now I understand why some protestors don't like it too just as the PLA. Protestors are not comfortable with the residential high rise surrounding them. It just take one crazy to create a lot of chaos. And there used to be (or still is) the fake labels central. If they lose business, you don't know what the triads will do. After a crazy driver try to ram into the crowd, some people donate their car as road blocks. And they expect to get back the car in one piece. That is the sort of thin line the have to run. They don't need the car that much but they need that sort of spiritual support. If anything went wrong they could lose support fast. So they clean up the trash so no local will complain.

    I don't know about HK facebook but when facebook is the most popular site of the land, typically many people share things they don't verify or thing about the actual source. Actually facebook is an improvement. FB at least allow you to trace the source. Before that they just copy the info and paste it as their own without bothering about the source, the excuse is that it's just too much trouble to copy and paste the link. So rumour is a problem. Not from the organizers but well some people just share sound recordings.
  32. anon33 Member

    I would think they don't possibly can have more press coverage. Today all the newspaper still have HK in a honourable mention as a reason for the stock decline. The blame game?

    Students doing their studies in the protest is probably not staged. The better grade you get, the better schools and then university you can get in. Probably not totally free but affordable. Distance is not a problem. By the time you get in and out of of the parking lot of a typical popular US high school, a HK student would have travelled from one corner of HK to the next, through mountains and seas, on surface or via tunnels. The current government C Y Leung is one such self made rich (?) guy.

    C Y Leung managed to get into a good free govt ran High School. (Named King's College, what do you expect.) You can't donate into that sort of things. If you cheat, somebody will find out in some 7 years. But Leung is a govt with NO university degree. His high school is sort of elite at the time if you count the number of students entering into the #1 university there. But he went to a polytechnic (at the time) instead. He or his family could have the insight to get him into the property business and give up university. But if he is good enough, an architecture degree from the university has a much higher esteem. He studied building surveying, a technical trade but then qualified to do property evaluation, which is big business there. The image is that he built a success evaluation company. But I don't know how rich he is, because he still bothers to become govt, which everybody would expect to be a nasty job. He tried to expand to Asia but obviously he failed because I don't think he ever have much business in Asia.

    BTY, the British, understandably, took the D word out of school. (If not exactly, it would be like teaching evolution in middle school in US.) This is a reason that 53% don't support the protest, and may be the reason that Leung would even want the govt's job under China. Then the last British govt. only talk about the D word. It's a good thing as the 17 year old leader is one of the post 1997 generation. King's College is not (?) on the list of 87 schools that walk out, but even Queen Elizabeth College is on the list. It's a bit funny now for the school names. But they decided not to change any names because of historical reasons.
  33. praline Member

    You bring up so many good points. One thing I am having a tough time doing is finding reliable and accurate information. Its hard to follow the "larger" sources as they are usually supporters of China's govt or at the very least are sponsors or have companies that approve of the govt. as sponsors. That leaves small media and places like FB ~ both of those can be filled with rumor and hearsay.

    Josh Wong was quoted as stating the movement will be going forward to "occupy buildings". I am waiting for this next step. The rest is a hurry up and wait game.

    I agree that the govt. was/is attempting to make the protestors sink and lose the support of the people. So far just the opposite has happened ~ everyday the support grows. People are NOT stupid. They know the ins and outs of sleazy officials. I don't think the public will be swayed as quickly as your saying. Hell they have cardinals and major religious leaders (not scientology though HA HA) they have Rock Stars and celebrities all standing there.

    At first I felt like you ~ this protest was more risk then it was worth. I am slowly changing my mind and seeing the global impact its making. China is scared. Their dirty laundry is hanging out for all the world to see and if they do anything about it they take the PR hit. The police action last weekend is a huge example of this. Everyone/country and group condemned the use of force on peaceful protestors. ouch.
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  34. anon33 Member

    You can hear the govt says the word "illegal" all the time. For them it's useful because HKer believe in the law system that the British left behind. Illegal protest is probably not a big deal and you have the jury to help you get light sentence if at all. If you incite violence causing injury and cause property damage, it's a different matter. For example, the organizers give out advice that if you go to the emergency room now, staff will ask you why you are injured and did you protest. You should refuse to answer because that is your right and their obligation is to treat everybody equally. And you should not lie. If it's due to improper police violence you can sue later. If you lie the evidence will tainted. This is in big contrast in China, that even if you post a picture that supports HK, you will be locked up in no time and Budda knows how long they will keep you.
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  35. Sekee Member


    Demonstrators have gathered outside the Chinese embassy in London to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.
    Organisers of the London protest said 3,000 people had gathered to show people in Hong Kong "they are not alone".
    Many carried umbrellas, the symbol of protests in the former British colony.
    Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Hong Kong after China said it would vet candidates for a leadership election in 2017.
    "We are out to tell people in Hong Kong you are not alone. There are many people standing together across the world," said Desmond Sham, one of the organisers.
    The PhD student from the Hong Kong Overseas Alliance added: "We are just one of the actions of global solidarity."
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  36. anon33 Member

    Yes, it's difficult to find reliable info. The south china morning post (SCMP) (use google) have a good live coverage. The students are either too busy themselves or they don't post negative information. But the SCMP journalists' commentary/opinion are shit. It's is true that "no good journalist left in HK". Nothing happened yet and numbers are shrinking.

    What - does it take a genius that Leung is playing ignore tech? They should consult WWP. The numbers are so few in the small hours in the last few days that the police just need to go to some sites and tell the remaining to go home. You can see that a lot of people only turn out in the evenings, off work and school. They won't last long. This could be the last evening that large numbers will turn up. Tomorrow is a working day.
  37. none given Member

  38. Sekee Member

    Thousands of demonstrators blocked roads and pavements outside the Chinese embassy in London last night as support for Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests spread around the world.
    Organisers said 3,000 people in London wanted to show citizens of the former colony ‘they are not alone’, as they fixed more demonstrations yesterday in 25 more cities including New York, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Paris, Toronto, Seoul, Taipei, Sydney and Melbourne.
    In the streets of central London and New York's bustling Times Square alike the protesters held yellow umbrellas, which have become the symbol of pro-decmocracy campaigners who used them to take cover first from sun and rain, then from tear gas.
    View attachment 1412209274247_Image_galleryImage_LONDON_ENGLAND_OC View attachment 1412209274247_Image_galleryImage_LONDON_ENGLAND_OC View attachment 1412209274247_Image_galleryImage_LONDON_ENGLAND_OC
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