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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by savehk, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. savehk Member

    Please concern about our situation.
    Police used tear gas, rubber bullet towards students and citizens.
    China Communist army is ready to start operation.
    about 20000 soldiers of china will come once announced emergency situation by the HK gov't.
    Please concern!!!!!!
  2. savehk Member

    Please keep an eye on us!
    Students and citizens are in danger!!!
    police and govt is crazy!
  3. savehk Member

    Please concern!
  4. anon8109 Member

    The sad political reality is that Hong-Kong is tiny compared to China.

    The central government has shown that it will crack down hard and ruthlessly on any resistance anywhere in the country.

    Unless there is pressure coming from elsewhere, such as solidarity protests springing up in other parts of China, I don't see how this protest can succeed in the short term.

    An economic protest may be more effective than just street protests alone. The dockworker's strikes in Poland were effective because they put regular economic pressure on the Polish government for years.
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  5. rof Member

  6. praline Member

    They deserve the right to protest without fear of being killed.
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  7. praline Member

    I just saw a ticker under the live stream saying the police released Josh into his parents custody. Hopefully this is the case and will calm tempers.
  8. Sekee Member


  9. praline Member

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  10. praline Member

  11. praline Member

    This live streaming site is still up and running. Its hard to tell what is live and pre recorded as its all in chinese. However there is a chat box and those its mostly Chinese there is some English that pops up here and there for those who are interested.
    From the video everything looks calm right now but the violence goes in waves. Its 3-4am there so guessing they are napping and resting for the morning.

    China is calling for a media blackout so not sure how long these live streams will be running. There is video they show of Josh. He looks beat up but ok.
  12. The Wrong Guy Member

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  13. praline Member

    A google translate from a reporter. PLA = peoples liberation army
    Not the best translator but you can get the general idea.

    Hong Kong protesters near the trap out of control, the police use of force escalation, but still failed to control the scene, protesters continued to increase, paralyzing traffic. It is reported that the Hong Kong garrison troops have secretly mobilized in Shenzhen, ready once the Hong Kong police could not clean up within 48 hours, the PLA will drive straight into Hong Kong to deal with demonstrators. Sources, the authorities request must be cleared within 48 hours, so as not to affect the arrangements for eleven activities. Therefore, if the Hong Kong Police before the deadline tomorrow yet to be cleared, the PLA will be dispatched.
  14. praline Member

    The original post:
  15. anon33 Member

    Hong Kong people obviously doesn't need much help from outside. They are running the show and all the rest of the world can do is to headline it, which they do. PLA is a threat, but probably that's the only way to stop the unrest, if only they can, using rubber or real bullets. Taiwan's recent student movement success is partly because it's pretty dense. You can take over govt office with ease if they are not prepared. Hong Kong is denser, and she is never built for unrest. Spreading the unrest means walking half a mile with plenty of buildings for cover. Residential buildings are also joined at the top at places like Mongkok. If the PLA marches in, people will be many times crazier than it is now, and the PLA have to use tanks and armour vehicles for cover, but you have daily trouble letting the small Japanese cars through.
  16. anon33 Member

  17. anon33 Member

    Pic from NYT. That's what I mean. It's trivial to block everyone in HK. Censorship is ineffective. Everybody wakes up and see that they cannot go to work, everybody. Smartphones and routers are everywhere.
  18. Sekee Member

    Protesters in Taiwan have demanded that all economic and political talks with China end immediately in a show of support for the democracy protests in Hong Kong.
    Demonstrators led by the prominent Taiwanese student activist Chen Weiting gathered outside an office building housing Hong Kong’s trade office in Taipei. Police surrounded the protesters and more officers prevented them entering the elevators of the building.
    More than 100 students sang songs and held up banners demanding an end to the police crackdown on the Hong Kong protests.
    They briefly threatened to occupy the trade office. but dispersed peacefully after calling on Taiwan’s president, Ma Ying-jeou, to condemn the situation in Hong Kong.
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  19. Sekee Member

    Schools were closed, banks were shuttered and bankers and lawyers were forced to take the subway as protesters chanting for democracy continued to occupy the centre of Hong Kong on Monday morning.
    Riot police armed with tear gas and teams of officers armed with rifles failed to disperse a crowd of tens of thousands who began streaming into central Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon.
    Instead, protesters camped overnight on Hong Kong island and in Kowloon, defying periodic tear gas and baton charges by the police and choosing to ignore rumours that the police would fire rubber bullets.
    By the time of the morning rush hour, eight-lane highways were deserted and more than 200 bus routes had to be diverted or suspended. Although the number of protesters began to thin out as some went to work, it is likely that the crowd will swell again during the day.
    One shopping centre near the government headquarters, the focus for the protests, flew its Chinese flag upside down in defiance. In Kowloon, protesters sang Cantonese rock anthems and chanted for the police to go on strike.
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  20. anon33 Member

    Riot police withdrawn. Occupy continued. Calm for now. I do not think the police chief will risk rubber bullets. It's too high a chance of hitting your own kids and your relatives. The flying tigers may be. But it will be like releasing the Rangers on occupy wall street. They are supposed to be heroes. PLA may be. Even the open squares are difficult to take back. They are built for maximum shopping experiences. Protest has already spread across the harbour. A million people can get in and out with ease. It's hard to take back. Watermelons are much more useful and longer range than bullets if you are on the vertical high ground. If the stock market can function and don't crash, let them occupy until they are worn down and go home is one perfect ending. Just fire the useless Governor cost nothing to the Chinese big guys, as long as they find a way to save face.
  21. praline Member

    Thanks for all the updates people. I fell asleep watching :confused:
    I make for a bad protest witness :rolleyes:

    The police are giving a press conference right now... in Chinese.
    What live cams that are still streaming show a pretty tame crowd. Some people with bull horns and cheering.

    I do not have a personal stake in this .. well I guess as a human I do.. As stated earlier I was really moved and will never forget watching those kids die in 1989. They were my age at the time and it boggled my teenage brain. This is different as they have their freedoms but they are being taken away.
    If our govt. decided to take our right for voting away from us I would think more then a few Americans would be upset.
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  22. praline Member

    No matter the politics ~ every person should have the right to protest their government without threat of death.
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  23. savehk Member

    Thanks for all of your help!
    Please continue keeping an eye on us!

    If any anon here, do help deface or
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  24. White Tara Global Moderator

    Savehk, you have our attention and support. I know your request comes from a good motivation but just to let you know wwp deals strictly with legal and peaceful protest actions only.
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  25. rof Member

    Yeah, dipshit.

    I'd rather deface you than go up against .cn
  26. fishypants Moderator

    Take as many photos and videos as you can.

    Post them here and on twitter, flickr, facebook, youtube.

    State that photos and video are licensed 'CC BY 4.0', free for commercial re-use. That makes them more likely to be used in the mainstream Western media, although it means that the photographer won't get paid for their use.

    Email them to:
    or secure upload: or upload here: or international MMS +44 7725 100100
    or secure upload:
    NYT Opinion video (say your statement to video camera and send the video to them):

    Secure upload to the New Yorker:

    Call AP Hong Kong on (852) 2802-4324 for email contact.

    CNN ireport (upload your photos/video):
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  27. anon33 Member

    It's up to it's people to save HK. The world can only watch and cheer, and you are already making headlines all over the world except not much on RT. I'm sure, say, the American people are with you, but that won't stop them from learning Mandarin as one of the most popular foreign language in high schools in some states.

    BTW, newspapers reported a very small number of PLA armour vehicles were spotted on HK streets last week. They will see that every tourist will see, that water cannons is no match for zip-lock bags with water in it from high above. Ironically, Chinese made umbrellas over there are made of quality steel, compact for work yet can withstand typhoon. Most of water supply and all watermelons are also from China.
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  28. rof Member

    It's Cantonese not Mandarin.
  29. Okay, to clarify, we want more people to know about the gov's action towards peaceful protesters. We knew that many press have reported what's happening here. However, we want you to support us by joining local marches or assembly and know more about this issue. Status feed is needed. Do help us, thanks.

    One more thing, most schools in the city had student's strike today.


  30. Many HKers are doing such things. Thank you for support.
  31. fishypants Moderator

  32. fishypants Moderator
  33. anon33 Member

    Although 30 mil can still write traditional, an unknown multiple of 60 mil (~=UK population) speaks Cantonese, but the language to learn is Mandarin (& simplified), the official language of over a billion.
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  34. fishypants Moderator

    Special guest appearance from Lieutenant John Pike:

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  35. anon33 Member

    US stock down 2% following Hang Seng. Occupy Wallstreet & Occupy London salutes you.
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  36. fishypants Moderator

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  37. praline Member

    I am not sure why I don't have a "like button" but guessing its because I am new. LOVE all the reports.

    Its important to remember that you may not agree with the politics but EVERYONE should have the right to protest their government without fear of death.
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

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